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Stem Cell Treatment for Fibromyaligia in Delhi, India

Stem Cell Treatment Fibromyaligia

Fibromyalgia Syndrome is also acknowledged as FM or FMS. Fibromyalgia is technically categorized as a musculoskeletal disorder, but the condition is now also being documented as an issue related to the central nervous system. Symptoms for FM are inclusive of stiff painful joints, chronic fatigue, and amplified sensitivity to pain. It also demonstrates symptoms on specific points on a person’s chest, arms, legs or back. Other common symptoms consist of random migraines, irritable bowel syndrome and sleep disorders which are often the common theme amid those suffering from Fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia stem cell treatment is befitting treatment. It is assumed that virtually 4% percent of the world’s population might be suffering from fibromyalgia syndrome, but even with all our improvements in medicine, there is still no clear reason for the syndrome and the condition is sometime very problematic to diagnose clinically. Stem cell treatment for Fibromyalgia in India is readily available and provides the right treatment for the disease.

Fibromyalgia clinical trials and research has shown to reveal that maximum victims display having pain in certain regions, while others may experience total body discomposure including pain in muscles and tendons. Stem cell hospital for Fibromyalgia in India incorporate correct procedure and technology. Other symptoms of Fibromyalgia Include:

  • Memory troubles.
  • Sleep disruptions
  • Sleep apnea
  • Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)
  • Systemic lupus erythematous
  • Bruxism (teeth grinding)

Inflammatory bowel diseases such as ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease – IBD

Stem cells are considered as the building blocks of life owing to their astounding creative and natural propensity to regenerate the bodies in case of injuries. They are principally the bodies’ drugstore. The regeneration centers offer an effective treatment protocol for Fibromyalgia and Chronic fatigue disorders. Our treatment is an exceptional one since our protocol introduces a series of multi-stage therapeutic injections which are enriched in Mesenchymal stem cells to the patient’s body for a much targeted regeneration therapy. During ailments, our bodies release a naturally present protein which is called the SDF-1. This protein guides the exact movement of other cells surrounding the cells to help quicken the healing process. This “homing” function aids the newly introduced stem cells in your body to travel to the stem cells are normally harvested from the peripheral blood, cord blood, placenta, bone marrow or adipose fat. The cells are then processed and stretched in our single system GMP approved Class 5 Biomedical clean rooms where our microbiologists formulate the unique therapeutic dosages of stem cells. The prepared MSC enriched stem cells and PRP are re-injected in numerous stages to encourage speedy healing of the formerly impaired cells.

  1. Is a Stem Cell Procedure the same as PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)?

No. PRP is concentrating platelets in the blood, not stem cell therapy.

  1. Do Mesenchymal cells stay localized to the injection site? Is there any risk of them traveling throughout the body?

MSC’s do stay localized to the injection place, proven by multiple studies. This is likely related to the fact that they usually do not flow in the blood stream like other adult stem cell types and are chiefly found resident in the tissues they serve.

  1. What complications have been confronted with the procedures?

Using the pertinent guidelines for complications reporting, our complications till date have been in the mild to moderate grouping and rare. This means that either the complication (like brief swelling) required no medical treatment (mild), or if it did necessitate medical treatment, the treatment was fairly simple and could be easily carried out (moderate-like a patient who failed the process who eventually decided to get the knee replacement that he or she was planning before the process).

  1. Why can’t I be on certain medicines during the procedure?

There are some prerequisites to the procedure, the first one being, discarding certain sorts of medicines. These are discarded since they hold the power to negatively sway the stem cells. Furthermore, we usually see that many prescription medicines lessen the stem cell number.

  1. How painful is the process for implanting stem cells?

Implanting stem cells is quiet a painful procedure, in some cases it is as heavy as taking a shot.

  1. When can I expect to feel better and see the results?

The results should become obvious over the course of 1-3 months, but at times the duration can stretch upto as long as 6-9 months.

  1. When can I return to normal activity?

This depends on the kind of procedure undertaken. However, all of our techniques are designed to promote as much early activity as possible.

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