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At Stem Cell Care India, 100% of the partakers have had no negative effects because of any of the processes implemented in this protocol. This is attributable to the following reasons:

  • Suitable facilities for this process.
  • Treatments are carried out in a clean room with all features of a sterile operating room.
  • Entrance to this zone necessitates clean transfers permitting the process to be free of external contamination.
  • Stem Cell Care India always extracts the stem cells for the process straight from the same individual (autologous).
  • This practice circumvents complications of Graft-Versus-Host-Disease and many other ancillary effects.
  • Our clinic does not manipulate the cells.
  • Other companies have had issues of growing tumors and infections owing to manipulation of the stem cells—this happens when culturing stem cells constituents and manipulating them so as to get purified stem cells.
  • There is no manipulation, culture or considerable time between the harvesting and transfusion.
  • At Stem Cell Care India, embryonic stem cells are not used, circumventing the ethical problems that they involve.
  • From moment of collection, until they are infused, our stem cells always remain in a bolted system, even during activation.
  • The future clinical use of embryonic stem cells is still indeterminate since they have an augmented effect, unrestrained differentiation and fast-tracked growth, which could engender tumors.
  • These characteristics give stem cells of bone marrow a much more auspicious future for regenerative medicine.
  • In our experience, the worst-case situation is when our protocol does not have any effect on the patient.
  • It may not renew tissue for some individuals but we assure that it will NOT have any detrimental effect.
  • The protocol is safe for your health.
  • Participants at Stem Cell Care India can rest guaranteed that because embryonic stem cells are not used, there is no risk of engendering tumors.

Nevertheless, the fact that it is not detrimental is not adequate for Stem cell Care India; our key objective is to improve your medical condition as well as your quality of life.