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Gene Therapy

What is Gene Therapy?

Gene Therapy, also called Gene Transfer Therapy, is a process in which normal genes are introduced into a person’s genome which has been affected or underwent some sort of mutation or modification with the aim to restore their primary condition, i.e., the healthy state. Gene Therapy is a new therapeutic modality that has been found to be highly beneficial and is being used to treat many diseases by replacing the infected genes of the disease. An observation of the results of gene treatment in recent patients, we can conclude that this is an effective supportive treatment that helped a lot in improving the patient’s condition.

We Offer

At Stem Cell Care India, we offer Gene Therapy for a variety of conditions that helps patients to recover at a rapid rate from their genetic condition. We have achieved high success rates, and our procedures are extremely safe. For any queries or to know more information about Gene Therapy for Genetic Conditions in Delhi, India, book a free consultation.

How does gene therapy work?

The primary function of gene therapy includes replacing or inactivation the genes that are responsible for causing a disease. In many cases, gene therapy could also be used to introduce new genes that are capable of fighting against a specific condition into the body. With gene therapy, doctors can help deliver a healthy copy of a gene to cells inside the body. Gene therapy is the replacement of mutated genes with healthy ones by delivering a gene through viral vectors. This may replace a damaged or deactivated gene or introduce new genes for patients who are suffering from genetic disorders.

Viral Vectors act like a carrier, transporting healthy genes into cells. Most carriers are modified viruses that do not cause illness; there are also certain types of bacteria and circular DNA molecules called plasmids. Additional methods to pack and deliver genetic material such as nanoparticles, lipid-containing packets of enzymes (liposomes), and electric currents are all actively being researched. 

What are the benefits of gene therapy?

Gene Therapy can be a viable option for increasing the regeneration of the disease for which no other reliable treatment is unavailable. The number of injections required for treating most of the conditions is comparatively low and costs a lot less than the conventional alternatives while also having long-term effects, for example, the conditions treated once by gene therapy are gone for life. One of the major benefits of gene therapy is also that the removal of problematic genes from the body of future parents also removes any chances of their future baby being afflicted by the same condition. Moreover, as time progresses and the technology gets advanced, gene therapy is becoming more effective and safe.

Conditions that the Gene Therapy can treat

Parkinson’s Disease                                         Muscular Dystrophy                                       Kidney Problems

Eye Diseases                                              Neurodegenerative Diseases                             Immune deficiencies

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