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Stem Cell Care India is the reliable source for universal medical choices, connecting patients to top healthcare facilities overseas. SCCI’s state-of- the-art, easy to use, information-rich web-based system helps you to research and arrange your medical care including vital travel and accommodation, all at one place. We offer first-class services for patients at chief internationally accredited hospitals in all of the chief cities in India. The cost of surgical care at our ever burgeoning network of affiliated organizations is normally a fraction of the cost of care in the U.S. with equal or superior outcomes. Over two hundred medical, dental and cosmetic medical methods are available in numerous categories. The savings are up to 80% from typical USA prices.

Medical tourism is the act of traveling in a foreign nation to get medical, dental and cosmetic care. Medical tourism is also called as Medical Travel, Health Tourism, Health Travel and Medical Value Travel. Extensively lower costs for superlative practice care are normally the chief inspiration although some medical tourists go in a foreign country for immediate availability of procedures and unobtainable treatments. Patients often take advantage of the opportunity to vacation and tour in an affordable way in the country they are visiting.

Note: All medical process info presented here has been acquired from publicly available medical resources and is here for reference purposes only. Stem Cell Care India does not claim to be a medical professional and does not offer any assistance on any problems linking with medical treatment.