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Postoperative care

The stem cell therapy does not damagingly affect patients in any way. Generally, the patients are permitted to leave after few hours after the completion of the stem cell treatment. A 24-hour patient hotline number is there for any inquiries after their discharge. The concerned physicians or surgeons of the clinic also stay in contact with their corresponding patients through telephone or email. By doing this, they can get the precise feedback about their progress and also suggest further recovery if required. Say for example, in case of a diabetic patient, after hearing about the patient’s present symptoms, the concerned doctor can recommend the needed dosage of insulin.

Treatment disclaimer

It is an imperative fact to comprehend that stem cell treatment in every prospect has the ability to diminish symptoms of numerousdiseases. It also has the aptitude of ceasing several degenerative procedures, but one should also know that this treatment may not work for all kinds of patients. StemCellCareIndia does not have the right of forecasting or warranting the success of this treatment.

In harmony to the current condition of a patient, the medical team of StemCellCareIndia might propose the stem cell transplantation or may even withdraw the treatment under abnormal situations. However, in any case, the approval of the patient is a must. Keeping the patient’s current health condition and unforeseen health hazards in mind, the medical staff might propose an alternative stem cell transplantation process. In exceptional situations, they may entirely cancel the treatment.

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