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Exosome Therapy

As the field of translational medicine continues to develop, more improvements in drug delivery systems have been developed. The main purpose of these advancements is to increase the potential effectiveness and therapeutic value of a therapeutic product by increasing its ability to connect with specific vital cells or tissues that have received an initial dosage. This requires overcoming some limitations in existing methods as they relate to improving drug delivery systems, which include nano-based polymeric substances resulting from development. To overcome this, various modalities are been tested. One of them is exosomes, which act as a potential portal for cell-free drug delivery systems. Exosomes are a specific kind of extracellular vesicle that’s active in intercellular signaling, protein production, and lipid metabolism. They help maintain cell homeostasis and disease pathobiology. Exosomes are present in both cellular and non-cellular sources such as plasma, urine, and other cells/tissues/body fluids.

Exosomes interact with target cells through the surface receptor molecules on the recipient cell and their ligands inside exosomes, and then they merge within these target recipient cells through micropinocytosis and phagocytosis. Advancing technologies in modern medicine have made it possible for researchers to obtain MSC exosomes, as these cells are capable of regenerating almost any part of the human body. Various studies have proven the efficiency, safety, and therapeutic potential of these exosomes in treating a number of cancers, neurodegenerative, cardiovascular, and orthopedic diseases. Exosome therapy is a viable option for most patients who want to try regenerative medicine due to its low cost and high effectiveness.

What is Exosome Therapy?

Currently, the medical sector is at its peak, and therefore various experimental therapies are available in the market. Being derived from stem cells, exosomes are used in various types of therapies. These uses are all due to their anti-inflammatory potential as they have already shown to be capable of inducing high amounts of cytokines that can give relief to patients. But there are clinics that are capable of using the exosomes to their best capabilities and injecting them into the body with the aim of regenerating the lost tissues or healing any sort of diseases in the concerned area.

These streamlined treatments are even more affordable and easily accessible than stem cell therapy itself due to the ease of the storage of exosomes, as they are more stable and long-lasting while frozen. Secondly, when injected, no significant cell loss is observed, which just goes on to prove the efficacy of this therapy further. A patient undergoing this therapy usually only requires 1-3 injections, but they could also need multiple injections in order to experience relief if they have a severe condition.

Once injected into the targeted area, exosomes use miRNA to program nearby cells and aid in optimal healing. This process can take several weeks, but it functions as a chain reaction as your body’s cells begin to regulate and repair inflamed tissue or muscles or heal broken bones. Over the next few months, most patients experience improvements in their areas of concern.

Stem Cells vs. Exosomes: What are the differences?

The exosomes used for stem cell therapy originate from the stem cells themselves. These may seem like they perform similar functions as the stem cells, but they are pretty different. Stem Cells, on the one hand, have the ability to transform into any required cells and stimulate the body’s immune response.

On the other hand, the exosomes contain messenger RNA, genetic information, and proteins. They are only concentrated on sending the signals to the regenerative cells already present in the body so as to initiate their migration to the infected area and start the process of healing. Due to the presence of messenger RNA, exosomes also help the cells by inserting the missing cell information and could trigger an anti-inflammatory response.

Exosomes that are especially from stem cells have been found to have even more powerful effects, and patients who suffer from various diseases like degenerative conditions have shown a great benefit from exosome therapy in Delhi, India.

What Are the Benefits of Exosome Therapy?

As time progressed and research became more advanced, there have been reports that exosomes could serve as an effective treatment for certain diseases. For example, one patient reported feeling less inflammation from their chronic illness after undergoing exosome therapy which has led scientists to hypothesize that they may also play a role in regulating disease progression.

Exosome therapy is being looked at for people who suffer from Lyme disease. This type of treatment may break the inflammatory cycle and help the body heal itself. Exosome therapy might be less risky than live stem cell transplants due to the fact that exosomes can’t replicate or transform into harmful cells.

There are other diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, which may also benefit from exosome therapy. Symptoms of this disease include a gradual death of certain cells which can lead to symptoms such as tremors or memory problems. Exosomes have regenerative genetic material and deliver protein and lipid cellular building blocks, which could potentially help restore healthy cells, thus reducing or even reversing symptoms entirely.

Which Conditions Can Be Improved using Exosome Therapy?

Exosome therapy, which is also commonly known as extracellular vesicle (EV) therapy, can help with a number of common issues. This experimental treatment is injected directly into the joints or damaged areas to help manage arthritis pain, tendonitis, and diabetic neuropathy symptoms. Exosome therapy in Delhi, India, may also be used to strengthen cartilage and bone growth, accelerate healing in fractured or torn areas, and even reverse hair loss.

IV can also be used to deliver this therapy. If this is the case, the patient gains even more general anti-aging benefits than expected. While this also improves mobility and decreases the pain in the patient’s everyday life. Some other benefits of exosome therapy are healthier skin, stronger bones, and better muscles. There are also protective agents that were discovered in the patient’s post-exosome therapy, which can be helpful in various anti-aging or similar injuries. Exosome therapy has also been seen to have positive effects on various autoimmune, neurodegenerative and musculoskeletal conditions.

How many times does a patient need Exosome Injection?

The frequency or quantity of the injections to be administrated is completely based on the severity of the patient’s condition and the goal of the exosome therapy. For example, if a patient has an injury and looking for a regenerative solution, only 1-2 injections but, if a patient has any progressive condition, the patient will therefore be advised to receive a periodic exosome treatment in Delhi, India. These occasional injections will eventually lower the ill effects of the condition and restore the quality of the patient’s life.

In cases like those of aging-related conditions or skin issues, exosome therapy for aging has been found to be very effective and proven to reintroduce the patient’s younger self and increase the body’s overall activity, glow, and functionality.


How long will it take until patients can see results?

As the exosomes are injected directly into the affected area, they immediately begin to take regenerative actions but, these effects could not be felt or seen promptly by the patients. They can but be surely felt and seen as time passes. In general, the patient can feel the effects of the treatment anywhere from 8 weeks to 3 months of exosome administration. Anywhere after 3 months is the point when most patients develop complete confidence in treatment effects.

It is also important to note that the time mentioned above does not denote the maximum time in which the treatment is effective, rather, it is the time in which the initial effects of treatment could be observed. The treatment itself stays active for a long time beyond that and, in many cases, has also shown to be effective even after a year from the administration.

Who qualifies for Exosome Treatments?

Exosome therapy is a safe and effective treatment for adults who want to look and feel younger. It is a process that helps the body develop its own new cells, minimizing the effects of aging, illness, or injury. Studies have shown exosome therapy can help skin appear more youthful and elastic, boost metabolism, increase energy levels, strengthen the immune system and enhance mental function in individuals!

Exosome therapy is also an effective option for treating many injuries. These exosomes, when coming in contact with the cells surrounding your body’s infected area, they initiate a signal which can reach the regenerative cells within the body and alert them to come to the afflicted spot, therefore initiating faster regeneration. They do not provide instant results but are faster than most of the alternatives available and do not have any negative reaction linked to them as they primarily assist the body in carrying out its task of healing effectively.

This treatment is designed to assist in the body’s natural regeneration of tissue. Therefore, the therapy may not be the most ideal choice for patients with serious medical conditions or severe injuries who require surgical interventions to complete a successful healing process completely and satisfactorily. In some cases, however, this therapy can be coupled with one of our other regenerative medicine treatments, like platelet-rich plasma therapy, to allow for greater versatility and wide-ranging results.

Still, wondering whether you’re the ideal candidate for exosome therapy? Our skilled medical professionals can help you evaluate your specific concerns and determine if exosome therapy is right for you during the free consultation session.

What is the procedure of Exosome Therapy?

If you are considering exosome therapy in the leading exosome clinic in India, Stem Cell Care India, you must be aware of the process of therapy. This will give you a sense of relief and help you better prepare your body and mind for the same. Proper knowledge about the procedure also helps the patient understand how the treatment to be performed on them will bring a change in their quality of life.

The process of exosome therapy generally concerns 5 major phases, in which the effective participation of both the patient and the clinic is important. Read more on these phases as follows:


In this phase, our doctors will analyze your condition to ensure we give you the best treatment possible. During your consultation, they will ask whether there are any other alternatives you’ve already tried. They will also ask whether there are any pain medications that may interfere with our procedure and if you’re currently on any medications at all. If so, make sure you mention medicine even related to any other condition you’re taking as well, so that they could be replaced with a safe alternative that won’t interfere in the exosome therapy. It will be our focus to get a proper idea about what’s bothering you before making a final decision about which procedure is best suited for your needs.

If our experts suggest the exosome therapy, you will then be provided with all the further information relating to the treatment, including its procedure, requirements, and working. Following this, you will also be guided on the preparation which you would have to do for the treatment while also being provided with an estimate for the treatment.


Due to the minimally-invasive nature and zero-downtime recovery of exosome therapy, it is considered to be among the most convenient and easy to prepare treatments for patients. But, until the date of your exosome injection, we would advise that If you have a condition that obstructs your body’s physical movement or motion and are currently in physical therapy sessions to help recover mobility, continue those sessions to promote further healing and movement in the affected area!

We also recommend that you stay as active as possible because even a bit of movement can assist in improving the mobility of the body and helping it stay healthy and mobile before exosome therapy begins. Our doctor will also provide additional instructions regarding the preparation period before your first treatment. Additionally, they will also provide you with a list of paperwork that you have to carry with you during the therapy for a smoother experience.


On 1st day of the treatment, the primary duty of the patients is to complete all the paperwork. Following this, our doctors will brief you on the treatment, including answering any queries you might have in relation to our procedure, safety, results, etc. After you have settled and all your queries have been satisfactorily answered, we will begin with the treatment.

If the exosomes are being injected into your body using an IV (Intravenous), you can relax as the process might take any amount of time, less than an hour. On the other hand, if you are receiving exosomes using the target injections, you will be injected with some numbing agents that will help to keep you calm during the procedure, and then the exosomes will be injected into the targeted area. This type of procedure only takes a few minutes to complete.


Post completion of the treatment, our doctors will guide you on the next stage of therapy. This is the stage where the exosomes injected into your body will start to take effect, and therefore, you will be primarily advised not to put too much pressure on your body and take it easy for a while. Secondly, you will be advised to go through some supportive therapies, which will boost your healing potential and promote the overall effects of the therapy.

These supportive therapies are uniquely recommended keeping the overall need of your body in mind, and therefore are meant to give you a better quality of life in the end. Further, the doctors may also mention to you the need for you to be patient as the exosome therapy takes some time, and even if you don’t feel at the beginning that the therapy is showing any effects, eventually, the effects will begin to be more noticeable and therefore easy for you to spot or feel.

The effects of the treatment could be anything related to the improvement of your condition and reduction of the symptoms of your problem. You will also be able to experience effects such as increased mobility, relief from pain, less discomfort, regeneration, etc. Majority of the patients till date have said that the treatment was very helpful in the betterment of their condition.


Exosome therapy is one of the regenerative therapies, the effects of which last for an extended period of time at the site of injection. They are also aimed to promote the overall quality of the patient’s life and remove any side effects the patient’s body might have suffered from during the past treatments, injuries, or diseases. This therapy can also promote mental well-being and provide individuals with the necessary energy to enjoy life to its fullest. But, there are also some rare chances in which the exosomes injected into your body could cause a few minute side effects such as dizziness, headache, etc.; therefore, we advise each of our patients to take our advice as soon as possible if they face anything similar.

Also, we will follow up with the patients after a while has passed since the treatment and check up on their condition. During this follow-up, feel free to ask for any further advice/suggestions/questions that you may need our involvement in. We will also ask patients for feedback on their experience while in our care and whether they would like to suggest any improvements in our procedures.

Have any further queries about exosome therapy, or are you interested in undergoing exosome treatment in Delhi, India? Book a free consultation session with our experts today!!

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