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Umbilical Cord Tissue Collection

Stem Cell Treatment in India and parts of world accepts donation of stem cells from the women of Panama which are deemed fit and healthy to donate. We have a whole process which needs to be adhered to, this involves signature at the consent form, filling out the form with a detailed questionnaire, along with providing a blood sample which is tested further for any complications. The mothers’ blood along with the cord’s blood is administered under extensive testing which is done for HIV, STD’s, hepatitis, etc. Once an assurance is acquired that the cords are free from any and all kinds of infectious diseases and is 100% safe for use, we take the process further and utilize the tissue to help extract the stem cells.

All the donated cords are actually the by-products of normal, healthy births. Every cord is screened effectively and clearly for all sterility issues and to manage all the infectious diseases which fall under the International Blood Bank standards.

Bone Marrow Collection

For Spinal cord injuries, the patient’s own bone marrow is utilized and withdrawn into syringes, which are then inserted into the hip bone from the back. The procedure takes an experienced hematologist and anesthesiologist who operated upon the patient administering him under light general anesthesia. The bone marrow collection usually takes about 1.5 hours.

Our spinal cord injury protocol uses stem cells from both umbilical cord tissue and the patient’s own bone marrow. It is the only protocol that employs stem cells from the patient’s own bone marrow.

Most patients have affirmed that the bone marrow collection is very much safe and patients don’t feel much pain during or post the procedure completion.