Dr. Chandra Mathankar Punjab, India Spondylosis of Spine, Diabetes and Varous other Complication

Abdurrahim Chan Chesty – Bangladesh – CKD Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy

A Khaja Mohan From Hyderabad, Telangana Came Delhi Spinal Cord Injury

Seema from Rajasthan came Delhi for Muscular Dystrophy

Dr. Pascal Joackim (Neuro Surgeon) Came from Tanzania for Motor Neurone Disorder (MND)

Brett Clark came from Australia to India for Rosacea treatment by Stem Cell Therapy

Mr. Mariadhass Barnabas I Tamilnandu India I Spinal cord Injury & Motor Neurone Disease I by Stem Cell Therapy

89 Years Old Man, Mr. Reginald Came to Stem Cell Care India for Macular Degeneration Treatment by Stem Cell Therapy

Macular Degeneration Treatment

Miss Oluwatomiwa Ruth Akinniran from Nigeria Came for Developmental Delay Treatment by Stem cell Therapy

Mr. Maik Froster from Sweden Came to India to Stem Cell Therapy for Spinal Muscular Atrophy – Stem Cell Care India

Professor Nicholas Came from Ghana – Africa for Vision Loss – Stem Cell Care India

Somnath Roy From Kolkata Came to Stem Cell Care India for Orthopedic Disorder

Mr Paul Sherlock from UAE came to India for Optic Nerve Treatment

71 years old Mrs. Janis, Patient From UK came to India for Diabetes Type 2 treatment

Pari Shukla Ghaziabad Tuberous Sclerosis With Seizure Disorder

Mr. Hussain, 4 years old child FROM Saudi Arabia came To INDIA FOR Diabetes Type 1Treatment

Brett Clark came from Australia to India for Rosacea treatment


Jd Evains Came From USA to India for Ankylosing Spondylitis Treatment – at Hospital

Shaorpa Konyak From Nagaland for Cerebral Palsy Treatment

Mr. Simon from England came to India for Orthopaedic and Erectile dysfunction treatment to Stem Cell Care India

Maya Tiwari – Optic Nerve Patient From Madhya Pradesh – India

Joseph Ngavi Spinal Cord Injury Patient from South Africa

Zinhle Polymositis Muscular Dystrophy From South Africa

Azimullah Mohammad Nasir from Afghanistan came to India for Brain Stroke Disease