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SCCI is a stem cell therapy center situated in the New Delhi, India. We are registered under government of India. We presently treat a multiplicity of disorders including autoimmune & degenerative conditions, wear & tear & age related soreness. We target to offer quality cellular therapy and also attentive pre and post treatment care to patients. Our associates are able to offer a progressive treatment that is unobtainable in India.

Outstanding Results

We have treated a lot of patients with stem cell therapy over the years with soaring success rate. See our patient reviews.

Safe & Regulated

Our crew of experts works diligently to offer a safe, regenerative experience. Our center is effusively accredited by the Government.

Cord Tissue-Derived Mesenchymal Cells

We source our cells from our partner A fully registered, cGMP compliant, ISO 9001, and ISO 13485 certified laboratory in India.

Easily Accessible

We are situated in New Delhi. We are professional, hospitable& forward thinking.

Why Partner with SCCI?

The SCCI doctors’ referral network is designed to help you offer a sought therapy that is inaccessible in India. As doctors, we are in a never lasting effort to seek out the most effective approaches of treating ailments for our patients. For some patients, old-style procedures are not adequate to offer the respite they need. We will bridge that gap between traditional and regenerative medicine.

1. Fully authorized& registered
2. Over decade of experience
3. Sourced from a completely ISO 9001 certified lab in the India
4. Contemporary clinic
5. Safe, suitable location
6. Patient logistics coverage
7. Cross promotional backing
8. Fully approved
9. Advanced cell feasibility testing

Improve Life. Make an Enquiry.

If you have any queries related to stem cell treatments, let us know via phone or email. Our healthcare experts will be happy to provide you with an effective treatment solution.