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    Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Disease in Delhi, India


    When the liver loses the ability to repair itself after a serious damage, it becomes a life threatening condition. A liver transplant is the only treatment currently available. This multi-functional organ plays a vital role in the proper functioning of the body. It helps in digestion, making amino acids, blood clotting factors for healing, increasing the red blood cell growth, fat, blood sugar control, cholesterol transport and the removal of waste, especially toxic substances and the metabolism of medications into their active ingredients.

    Liver disease is the fifth largest killer in the world. Stem cell Treatment for Liver Disease can be a potential cure. This is considered the last resort to keep a person alive when the liver is damaged. Things can still go wrong and the body may reject a new liver. Fatty liver disease is very common and might not seem as a big problem. Some people may not be even aware that they are affected by the disease. It can be origin of bigger problems such as cirrhosis of the liver. This can lead to liver cancer and liver failure. It should be looked on as an issue that should be addressed as soon as possible.

    Alcoholism may be the reason for liver damage. Excessive alcohol consumption can cause liver damage, but it is only one of the  causes over 100 forms of liver diseases. Alcoholic hepatitis is often found in alcoholics but can also be found in people who are not regular consumers of alcohol. The fact is that it is very hard to predict how the liver is going to react to alcohol, and if alcohol is the problem the situation is often reversed for those who stop drinking. You can get the best stem cell treatment for liver disease in Delhi, India at StemCellCareIndia.

    When liver failure occurs, following are the most common signs.

    • Fatigue
    • Frequent infections
    • Confusion
    • Redness of the palms
    • Yellowing of the skin (jaundice)
    • Itching
    • Swelling from fluid buildup in the legs (edema)
    • Weight loss and muscle wasting
    • Small red spots and tiny lines on the skin called spider angiomas
    • Bruising easily and having heavy nosebleeds

    Some of the common diseases associated with liver failure are:

    • Hepatitis,
    • Cirrhosis
    • Liver Failure
    • Liver Cancer
    • Ascites
    • Gall Stones
    • Hemochromatosis
    • Primary Biliary Cirrhosis

    Several subtypes of liver disease are infections, genetic disorders, obesity, and alcoholism. Scarring and more severe problems may result from the liver disease over time. Early intervention can improve the healing process and avoid liver failure. Some of the most common liver diseases with under their subtypes are mentioned below:


    Various infections can result in liver inflammations and other problems as follows:

    • Hepatitis A: Patients obtain it via consuming anything contaminated with faecal matter. You may not even suffer any discomfort. This typically goes out itself after six months with no long-term implications.
    • Hepatitis B: This is a more complicated disease that is obtained through contact with someone else, usually unprotected sex or using a second-hand needle (i.e. one used by someone else) for medications. If this condition lasts more than 6 months, it could develop into a severe problem such as liver cancer.
    • Hepatitis C: It is a complicated condition that could be obtained from the introduction of someone else’s blood either through second-hand needles or HIV. The symptoms of this condition are very unpredictable and could show even after years of infection.

    Immune System Problems

    Immune System assists the body in fighting off harmful and unnecessary organisms, but what if it mistakes the body part as the same? Here’s the list of such liver conditions:

    • Autoimmune Hepatitis: This is an attack that results in inflammation of the liver, often found in girls. This condition if not treated can lead to severe disorders or even liver failure.
    • Primary Biliary Cholangitis: This condition is also more common in girls and is focused on the tubes called bile ducts. When these tubes are injured, the bile will form up in the liver and result in its scarring.
    • Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis: This condition Is more likely to affect men in comparison to women and it is related to scarring of your bile ducts, after the obstruction of which, it becomes harder for the liver to work and hence gives rise to liver cancer.

    Cancer and Tumors

    Well, cancer in the liver is most likely due to being spread from some other part of the body, but in some cases, cancer can also originate in one’s liver as follows:

    • Liver Cancer: Also called by doctors with the name, Hepatocellular Carcinoma, lung cancer is a condition that is more common in girls and African-Americans. It can originate if one has hepatitis or drinks too much.
    • Bile Duct Cancer: This is the condition when cancer strikes the tubes that carry bile, a chemical that helps digestion. This type of cancer is rare and usually affects people over 50 years of age.
    • Liver Cell Adenoma: It is the tumor, commonly found in the women that intake birth control pills and has a small chance of developing into cancer.

    Genetic Conditions

    Multiple genital conditions could also play a vital role in the introduction of liver problems in our body. These conditions though pretty rare could be critical to the patient’s well-being, hence it is advisory to take immediate actions post their discovery:

    • Hemochromatosis: This condition is caused by excessive storage of iron in the body which generally builds up the organs and can give rise to severe implications such as liver disease, heart disease, or diabetes.
    • Hyperoxaluria: This condition is the result of one’s urine having excessive contents of oxalate. This condition can result in kidney stones or failure and then further continue to affect other organs as well.
    • Wilson’s disease: This condition first appears between the age of 6 & 35 and can result in the collection of copper in one’s organs. This condition is not limited to the liver and also causes other nerve and psychiatric problems.
    • Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency: This condition involves a chemical that your liver makes to resist infections but, if the recipe is somehow disrupted, it can give a rise to liver diseases.

    Other Conditions

    There are several other conditions such as excessive drinking, drug overdose, acute liver failure, Cirrhosis, and Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease that can result in a number of liver implications. These conditions are also one of the common conditions to be found in the patients and if early and proper actions are taken against them, there is a good probability that patients will be able to overcome the situation.

    • Alcohol
    • Hepatitis B, hepatitis C
    • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

    As per evaluation of the medical history and symptoms, the doctor may suggest blood and imaging test. A liver biopsy may also be advised.

    Blood tests to check liver function

    • Partial thromboplastic time or Prothrombin time/INR. These tests measure blood-clotting factors that are produced in the liver.
    • Albumin and total serum protein. Albumin is a type of protein. Liver disease can cause a decrease in protein levels in the blood.
    • Bilirubin test for checking the level of bilirubin. This is produced when the liver breaks down hemoglobin. High bilirubin causes jaundice.

    Blood tests to check inflammation.

    There are also tests to check your liver enzymes and liver inflammation.

    • Aspartate aminotransferase (AST), alanine aminotransferase (ALT), and lactate dehydrogenase (LDH). An increased level of these enzymes may mean injury to the liver and the death of the liver cells.
    • Gamma-glutamyl transpeptidase (GGT). An increased level can arise due to alcohol consumption or diseases of the bile ducts.

    Alkaline phosphatase (ALP). An increased ALP level may mean blockage of bile ducts.

    Latest researches have revealed that MSCs can help restore Myelin of nervous system, improving symptoms and prolonging lives. Steroids and other disease modifying drugs cannot cover all the symptoms and are aimed to manage only specific symptoms. Again, the concern of critical side effects of drugs is also there. With MSC treatment, there is no such concern.

    Implantation Of Stem Cells: The stem cell implantation can be done in the following ways.

    •  Intravenous administration
    •  Intrathecal (lumber puncture)
    •  Intramuscular
    •  Intraarterial
    •  Subcutaneous
    •  Liberation angioplasty
    •  Surgical administration for stroke
    1. What is fatty liver?

    Fatty liver is the excessive deposition of fat droplets within the living substance of liver cells, which can more and more be amid pathology. It’s the common downside, worrisome 90-100% of serious drinkers. This is often to this point renowned to be the most important cause related to the condition that if unattended for an extended amount of your time might create to palpably enlarged liver with death.


    1. What amount of alcohol ought to I limit safely to avoid liver damage?

    Any quantity of alcohol will turn out injurious to the liver, but the final thumb rule for Associate in Nursing, otherwise healthy person will be 3-4 drinks on a daily basis for men and 1-2 drinks per day for ladies, since men metabolize and square measure ready to clear alcohol terribly expeditiously than girls thanks to body size, body fat and sure enzymes.  However, if a private has Associate in nursing underlying liver conditions like hepatitis B or C or liver injury, the liver will be terribly sensitive to alcohol, and in that case the sole safe dose of alcohol is zero.


    1. What is the liver cirrhosis?

    The liver disease is characterized by widespread destruction and degeneration of liver tissue typically marked with a rise in fibrotic animal tissue. The liver has invariably been in the very tendency to regenerate on its own, however, thanks to regular degeneration and regeneration method, it forms structural nodules resulting in permanent alteration of its structure and performance, thanks to the scarring and raised formation of the animal tissue. If unattended for an extended amount of your time, its continuous gangrene and pathology might cause progressive destruction with finish stage disease.


    1. Does our liver provide any reasonably warning signals?

    Our liver is generally a silent organ, suffering taciturnly for an extended amount of your time, however, if you suddenly suffer from abdomen pain or upset stomach, you wish to go to the doctor. Except for that, explosive exhaustion, unhealthy abdomen, sickness and glassy eyes with red and aristocrat vessels below the eyes square measure the dreadful signals after you got to visit the doctor.


    1. Can the oral medications or contraceptive pills cause injury to the liver?

    Yes, medication that contains steroids and their future use will be harmful to the liver. Similarly, contraception pills with high level of steroids may be dangerous and therefore ought to be avoided.


    1. Can liver injury be reversed?

    Yes, to some extent, liver may be a regenerative organ, liver cells regenerate minor injuries on its own, however, their efficiency is proscribed to cope up with the most important injury and therefore it’s invariably sensible to go to the doctor if you notice the warning signals of any kind of liver injury.


    1. Is the adult autologous stem cells medical care Associate in Nursing solely alternative?

    At present somatic cell treatment will be offered from a spread of sources like fetal membrane blood, tissue Mesenchymal cells, autologous sources etc. to reverse the injury related to the disorder, but the foremost safe amongst them will be Associate in Nursing autologous, pertaining to the fact that the body’s own cells are used. There square measure least possibilities of immune rejection and alternative infection. To boot these sources square measure pronto out, there among you and you wish not got to sit up for the correct match. This successively saves heap of your time and complications.

    1. Can I expect my liver back to traditional forthwith once stem cells treatment?

    Since the stem cells treatment for Liver in India is progressing speedily, on a daily basis it comes up with the new discoveries but, presently patients are reported to induce improved metabolism, improved stamina, minor complaints are resolved like pain, constipation, vomiting. To boot, no cases are reportable to be broken. Instead of holding up and ignoring the situation, you must take control of it and invariably choose a befitting stem cell treatment liver hospital in India. However, one must keep in mind that the liver will have some hold ups and not work like how it use to work naturally.

    Liver disorder patients treated with stem cell treatment for Liver Disease typically observe improvements in the following areas:

    • Enhanced liver function and related symptoms
    • Lethargy
    • Tiredness
    • Ascites
    • Vertical bleeding
    • Hepatic coma
    1. Mesenchymal Stem Cells segregate into parenchymal hepatocytes to improve the liver function. It is assessed that approximately 2-3 × 1010 healthy parenchymal hepatocytes are required to maintain the normal functioning of an adult liver. In severe fibrotic or cirrhotic livers, the quantity of hepatocytes is considerably reduced. Trans-differentiation of donor MSCs to become parenchymal hepatocytes has been recurrently demonstrated.
    2. MSCs avert the liver from undergoing fibrogenesis by secreting a multiplicity of cytokines such as HGF, interleukin (IL)-6 and -10 and.

    MSCs might dissolve fibrosis directly. There was an evidence signifying that MSCs were able to create the matrix metalloproteinase (MMPs), an enzyme adept of degrading the extracellular matrix, which assuages hepatic cirrhosis directly.

    We believe that there exists hope during all phases of life, and that patients deserve access to effective and safe treatments. We are independent with an in-house medical subdivision. We amalgamate the goodness of internationally recognized hospitals, pioneering treatments, with unique products and world class amenities that are integrative and effective to impart the most advantageous treatment outcomes for your specific health condition.

    The liver is one of the most significant and largest organs in one’s body. It is located on the right side of the stomach and is responsible for a number of critical bodily functions. If it undergoes any trauma or its working gets disrupted, that can lead to conditions such as Cirrhosis, Hep C, and Hep B. Presently, the conventional treatments for liver conditions are very inefficient and the outcome is unfavorable, but with the discovery of stem cell therapy as an effective alternative, this barrier has been broken and patients are at ease like never before.

    Stem Cell is known as an expensive aid, but this is due to the absence of any regulations to manage its price. In India, the condition seems to be totally different from other countries, due to the rapid advancements in the field of medication and the popularization of this revolutionary treatment, the completion is very high and hence the prices remain considerate.

    Stem Cell Care India is one of the leading stem cell clinics in India with international grade technology, handpicked expert team, and state-of-the-art facilities to provide maximum convenience to customers during their therapy. Our prices are also very considerate and we provide complete travel and accommodations to the patients that have no idea of the geography or don’t want to waste efforts in the arrangement of transport or accommodations. We also provide various other services like translation, guides, etc. but most significantly our prices of the treatment are decided based only on the below factors:

    • Type of condition and its influence.
    • Physical statistics of the patient.
    • Patient’s medical history and habits.
    • Required number of cells for the treatment.

    To all the people who are considering going for stem cell treatment, we suggest contacting our expert in advance for detailed counselling and query solving. We also suggest making sure that you carry all essential documents needed for treatment with your legal IDs without fail for a smooth procedure.

    It is normal for most people to feel a little nervous in the beginning when they have experienced no benefits from conventional treatments for liver problems, but it is possible to stimulate normal liver functioning and reduce scarring through stem cell therapy. As per our study, the success rate of the stem cell treatment can be defined by the following observances:

    • After the treatment, the liver functions of the patients were significantly improved.
    • It was also observed that the majority of the patients had a low viral load.
    • The progression of the liver condition in the patients post-treatment was found to be halted or delayed.
    • The inflammation in the majority of the patients was also found to be relieved by the stem cells.
    • Several patients that were administered the treatment also developed a boost in their stamina and were more active than before.

    At Stem Cell Care India, our top priority is to provide comprehensive and safe treatment for liver problems. By choosing stem cell treatment, we strive to help patients achieve lifelong improvements in their health as well as overall wellness with every client we serve. It is our primary objective to prevent further degeneration of liver damage.

    Stem cell treatment, according to our research and clinical data, is a great accomplishment in the field of regenerative medications. This therapy has had no harmful side effects and has yielded impressive results. Regardless of the fact that it is still being studied, many clinics use and rely on this drug because it is completely safe to use. This treatment, we feel, holds enormous promise and will surely unveil vital medicinal discoveries. The following are some of the key advantages of choosing stem cell treatment for your liver diseases:

    • Because the condition is treated in a targeted manner, the outcomes of this treatment are as successful as possible.
    • Stem cells can develop into the requisite cells and merge into the cellular circuitry, allowing for speedier outcomes.
    • Stem cells could also identify damaged cells for elimination, allowing the body to restore its function and eliminate the cause.
    • Stem Cell Treatment normally requires just a 3-day hospitalization after which patients may resume their routines while in the background the treatment continues to do its magic.
    • Stem Cell Therapy is an endogenous procedure and hence poses no risks to the patient’s safety.

    The majority of individuals who have been treated by us have seen a significant reduction in liver inflammation and better liver function, this is all thanks to our set of quality control guidelines that helps us to maintain the safety of the treatment to the highest while assuring the most effective results. These quality control standards are absolute and have been compiled for the best interest of the patients and keeping in mind the international quality guidelines. Some of the significant quality control standards at our facility are as follows:

    • Every batch of stem cells is to be checked for the presence of any infectious organisms to avoid contamination.
    • Stem Cell batches are checked at multiple phases and the media to be used for processing and treatment is to be disinfected from Gram bacteria or mycoplasma before use.
    • Every stem cell batch must go through endotoxin screening and be assured that the contents are below the specified limit to ensure safety.
    • After the final wash, the cells must be checked for any mutations, alterations, or presence of obstructive organisms for further quality control.
    • Every stem cell batch must come with a “Certificate of Analysis” that ensures its legitimacy and quality to relieve the patient of the procedure’s forthcoming effectivity.

    Depending on the diagnosis, specific lifestyle changes may assist in treating certain liver problems. As is often the case for heavier ailments that require medication or surgeries, advanced technology involving stem cells is now helping many patients suffering from liver damage to regain a new sense of hope to improve their quality of life.

    Stem cells have many properties. They can stimulate the immune system, they can differentiate into hepatocytes and they repair damaged tissue making them an ideal cure for treating liver disease. Their ability to have a lasting regenerative effect and the potential to act as a protective wall from any harmful conditions all while acting in an organic manner is remarkable and unprecedented – meaning that it’s not only effective but safe. With the continuous breakthroughs being made in stem cell-related fields, this has become the most reliable treatment for someone who suffers from liver disease. The results in past related to the cure of liver conditions from stem cell therapy have been extraordinary and the time of outcome is decreasing with every new advancement.

    • Bette W. Olson (Massachusetts): Stem Cell Treatment for liver disease is one of the best treatments for liver disease on the market. I had a great experience with it. The team of Stem Cell Care India is also very compassionate and approachable. They helped me in every way possible, I am grateful to them and would suggest them to everyone for good stem cell treatment.
    • Ilenia Calabresi (Lecco, Italy): I was skeptical about the treatment at first, but then I met a prior patient at the SCCI clinic and asked for the remarks. I had my doubts at first, but once I heard from him about the results of his treatment, I was convinced. I’m glad I took the treatment as it made my life 100 times better.
    • Nicole Barriere (Fort McMurray, Canada): I was diagnosed with liver disease a few years ago and was told I would need surgery. However, my insurance company would not cover it due to the high cost so I researched a few options. I found out about stem cell treatment and decided to try it. The results were good and it was much less painful than the surgery. I also liked the fact that it was totally safe, unlike other treatments I had found online. Thanks doctors for the treatment!

    Every patient gets an outsider authentication (broadly certify lab), for quality, amount of feasibility of cells.

    The Staff at Stem Cell Care, India will call you following one month, two months and a half year to see the improvement of the treatment. This encourages us refine our conventions to improve further. You can likewise require some other assistance on the off chance that required.

    A patient must understand that stem cell therapy is an experimental therapy that may fail to work at certain times, before undergoing this treatment procedure. Depending on the patient’s health condition a patient might be refused treatment or the proposed protocol might change at the time of procedure.

    At Stem Cell Care India, our primary goal is to provide the best technology available; safety of which has been proven across the world.

    As with any medical treatment, we make no guarantees or claims of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment. However, the results may vary from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body’s internal status is unique to each individual patient. Due to this fact, we cannot provide, infer or suggest that there is any certainty of a given outcome. Additionally, we do not use embryonic or fetal cells in any of our treatment process.

    Stem Cell Treatment for Liver Disease in India

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