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The process of stem cell therapy is initiated with a physical examination and an in-depth patient’s history at a stem cell therapy center. Stem cell therapy if required will be done under a strict procedure which involves conducting all the necessary and essential imaging and laboratory tests. There will then happen a discussion between the doctor and patient to understand the desires and the expected outcome, this will help the doctor decide what the best treatment would be for a particular condition. The stem cell extraction is the procedure which is minimally invasive, the doctor will gather a sample of the tissue from the patient’s body, and this procedure will be carried out at the stem cell treatment center. These cells will remain sterile, they will be administered back once the adult stem cells are extracted. The procedure undertaken for this task is Intravenous, Intrathecal, or Localized methods. The procedure of stem cell treatment is a safe one which involves no concern of cell rejection of any kind. Since, the tissue which are extracted come from the patient’s own body. In addition, to all the aspects the procedure of stem cell therapy is performed with an in-house team of experts on an outpatient basis.