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We have been unremittingly forming long-term and trustworthy relationships with top-most companies/brands all across the globe. The list of our alliance partners is very lengthy. Contact us to get the list of our Alliance Partners here.The alliance is a concerted network of healthcare systems, academic institutes and corporate partners from around the globe, which help the patients to get high quality treatment and medicines at cost-effective rates. Because of the alliance, our network hospitals get contemporary and technologically progressive devices.

We are allied with a number of applauded hospitals located in and around New Delhi, India. This alliance helps and gets our patients treated in topnotch hospitals. Maximum of the network hospitals, research centers and medical colleges are well fortified with newest technology and are home to the superlative healthcare specialists of the world. Ours highly experienced medical experts deliver care in hospitals specifically designed for the prerequisites of patients and built for maximum comfort and efficacy.

Hospitals and research centers in New Delhi, India are specialized in several transplants such as kidney transplants, heart transplant, liver transplants and the list goes on. Furthermore, the centers are also popular for cardiology and cardiac surgery, spine and neurosurgery, orthopedic surgery, medical and surgical oncology, deep brain stimulation for Parkinson’s disease, cosmetic surgery, obesity/bariatric surgery, management of high-risk pregnancies, bone marrow transplants, cochlear implants, ENT surgeries and neurological treatments.