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The life expectancy of people has considerably increased over the years. People are aware and more conscious about active life style, healthy eating habits and more.  In today’s age, looking good is a key element in maintaining one’s personality. It’s apparent, your physical and mental fitness reflects in your personality. In developed and developing countries, men and women are under pressure to maintain their youth.

A wide range of youth products are available in the markets these days for enhancing a person’s appearance. Your skin tells about your age and therefore, when it comes to facial skin care, instant results are expected.

Being fit does not only help look you best but also feel your best. It reduces the risk of many different types of diseases such as heart attack, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers.

It is important to understand how you can make yourself more active which can help you make a change. This information is very helpful in setting future fitness goals.

Start with small, short-term goals that you can reach very easily. It’s easier to remain glued to something new when you have early, regular successes.

Support from family and friends also matters. It can go a long way toward helping you find success in becoming more active. Don’t be afraid to tell them about your fitness goals and do not hesitate to ask for help.

If you’re worried about how more activity might affect your health, have a checkup before you start. Follow any your doctor’s advice before getting a smart start.

The symptoms of aging are quite visible.

Skin develops lesions such as benign tumors

Skin becomes rougher

Skin becomes more fragile due to flattening of the area where the epidermis and dermis (layer of skin under the epidermis) come together

Skin becomes more easily bruised due to thinner blood vessel walls

As aging occurs, skin becomes slack. The loss of the elastic tissue (elastin) in the skin causes the skin to hang loosely.

Skin becomes more transparent due to thinning of the epidermis (surface layer of the skin).


Usually, breathlessness even when not involved in strenuous activity is a sign of physically unfit. The definition of “strenuous activity” varies from person to person. Climbing the stairs shouldn’t leave you breathless. The same applies to carrying a light load, a short walk, or just normally winding around the house. If you feel short of breath during rest, seek medical attention immediately, as this indicates a bigger problem than just being unfit

When people are lethargic, less amount of oxygen is transported around the body causing tiredness and lethargy. The increase in blood flow can give you a much needed boost. Cardio and strength training exercise improve flexibility and prevent injuries. If you throw your shoulder out every time you carry shopping, it is a sign your muscles need beef up.

The doctor will usually diagnose age spots by looking at the patient’s skin. If the doctor identifies that a dark area isn’t an age spot, they may perform a biopsy. They will remove a small piece of skin and check it for cancer or other abnormalities.

Latest researches have revealed that MSCs can help repair and renew nerve cells, improving symptoms and prolonging lives. Steroids and other disease modifying drugs cannot cover all the symptoms and are aimed to manage only specific symptoms. Again, the concern of critical side effects of drugs is also there. With MSC treatment, there is no such concern.

In StemCellCareIndia, we use the unique technology of Mesenchymal stem cells extracted from Wharton’s jelly (WJ) for treating MS. WJ-MSCs offer cost-effective and pain-free collection method that may be cryogenically stored, and are extremely favourable for tissue engineering purpose. They might help in the three prominent ways – prevent damage, repair damage and develop new medicines. The treatment will take place in multiple steps comprising of:

  • Qualification for the treatment: Our experts will investigate your past medical history and symptoms to assess the severity of your condition. A series of tests will be performed to understand the stage of disease. As per the test results, our experts will counsel the patient for further process of the procedure.
  • Source Extraction: With guidance and approval from the physician, the source of extraction will be decided. In general, WJ-MSCs are the most potent allogenic sources available. Stem cells from a healthy person (the donor) are transferred to the patient’s body. A bone marrow donor is considered for allogenic stem cell transplantation. A scraping from the inside of the patient and his or her sibling’s cheek is tested to determine tissue type. An expert will examine to identity Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLAs). If the HLA on the donor cells are identical or similar, the transplant is more likely to be successful.
  • Laboratory Processing: The extracted samples will be sent to government approved cGMP laboratory for processing. The sample manipulation will take place in a state-of- art facility in compliance with the ISO and GMP standards and using the latest technologies. The client will receive a third party certificate from internationally accredited lab for quality purpose.
  • Stem Cell Implantation: Once the stem cells are ready to be implanted, the doctor will identify the most potent method of infusion based on the patient’s physical and mental well being.

Treatment Aftercare: The patients will be asked to visit the doctors for reclamation therapies such as physiotherapy, counselling, etc for speedy recovery.

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