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Stem Cell Treatment for Anti Aging in Delhi, India

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Some people begin showing signs of premature aging as early as their thirties. There are a wide range of beauty treatments available these days to help you make look younger, but the results of each treatment vary. Stem cell therapies have emerged as the new alternative therapy to treat premature aging. This procedure can help give a more revitalized appearance than you had in years. Stem cell treatment for anti-ageing in India is a befitting solution for the same.

In StemCellCareIndia, we offer anti-aging stem cell therapy. Allogenic Mesenchymal Stem Cells from the umbilical cord are used for treating the age spot, wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of aging.

wrinkles are a natural and surface as a part of the aging process. As people age their skin gets drier, thinner, as well as less elastic and very less able to protect the skin from damage. This may in turn lead to wrinkles and fine lines on the skin. Other causes that cause aging are – free radicals, loss of bone structure, loss of fat, glycation, stress, inflammation, and loss of volume.

Affected parts of body are:

  • Face
  • Stomach
  • Back of hands
  • Arms
  • Neck

If you see any of the following signs of aging or sun damage when you look in the mirror each day, then you should be concerned and consult an anti-aging stem cell therapy.

  • Dull skin
  • Loose skin
  • Brown spots or red spots
  • Fine lines & wrinkles
  • Acne scars
  • Small facial veins

The stem cell therapy for anti-aging therapy begins with a pre-consultation interview for the identification and sharing of treatment goals. During this consultation patients share their needs and concerns with the experts. The next phase starts with testing blood samples.

Metabolic tests, include the ones necessary to assess the condition of liver, blood count, kidney, cardiac markers, lipids, diabetes testing that only comes from blood serum analysis. We check your antioxidant status and bio markers of aging with specialized tests.

Latest researches have revealed that Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells can differentiate into nerve cells, neovascularise (formation of blood vessels) immunomodulate when injected into the affected area, thereby improving the symptoms and longevity. Steroids and other disease modifying the drugs cannot cover all the symptoms and are aimed at managing only specific symptoms. Again, the concern of critical side effects of drugs exists. With MSC treatment, there is no such concern.

In StemCellCareIndia, we use the unique technology of Mesenchymal stem cells extracted from Wharton’s jelly (WJ) for treating MS. WJ-MSCs offer cost-effective and pain-free collection method that may be cryogenically stored, and are extremely favorable for tissue engineering purpose. They might help in the three prominent ways – prevent damage, repair damage and develop new medicines. The treatment will take place in multiple steps comprising of the following.

  • Qualification for the treatment: Our experts will investigate your past medical history and symptoms to assess the severity of your condition. A series of tests will be performed to understand the stage of disease. As per the test results, our experts will counsel the patient for further process of the procedure.
  • Source Extraction: With guidance and approval from the physician, the source of extraction will be decided. In general, WJ-MSCs are the most potent allogenic sources available. Stem cells from a healthy person (the donor) are transferred to the patient’s body. A bone marrow donor is considered for allogenic stem cell transplantation. A scraping from the inside of the patient and his or her sibling’s cheek is tested to determine tissue type. An expert will examine to identity Human Leukocyte Antigens (HLAs). If the HLA on the donor cells are identical or similar, the transplant is more likely to be successful.
  • Laboratory Processing: The extracted samples will be sent to government approved cGMP laboratory for processing. The sample manipulation will take place in a state-of- art facility in compliance with the ISO and GMP standards and using the latest technologies. The client will receive a third party certificate from internationally accredited lab for quality purpose.
  • Stem Cell Implantation: Once the stem cells are ready to be implanted, the doctor will identify the most potent method of infusion based on the patient’s physical and mental well-being. The only limitation of allogenic stem cell treatment is that this procedure carries the risk of developing GVHD, whereby the patient’s body rejects the donor stem cells. Human leukocyte antigens (HLA) can help minimize the risk. In this procedure, the HLA of the patient and donor are matched as closely as possible.
  • Treatment Aftercare: The patients will be asked to visit the doctors for evaluation. You will be provided counselling for speedy recovery.

Implantation Of Stem Cells: The stem cell implantation can be done in the following ways.

  • Intravenous administration
  • Intrathecal (lumber puncture)
  • Intramuscular
  • Intraarterial
  • Subcutaneous
  • Liberation angioplasty
  • Surgical administration for stroke
  1. Why is it essential to opt for anti-ageing treatments?

The first time you gaze in the mirror and see those first signs of wrinkles, it can categorically have a dramatic effect on your life. Wrinkles, crumples and lines are not a comfortable sight and many decide on to take instantaneous measures to try to reduce their appearance. Some individuals start displaying signs of premature aging as early as their thirties. There are extensive arrays of beauty treatments available nowadays to help you look younger, but the outcomes of each treatment might be different. Stem cell therapies are a progressive and have been materialized as the new substitute therapy to treat untimely aging. This process can help give a more rejuvenated appearance than you had in years. Stem cell treatment for anti-aging in India is has become a boon for people in search of befitting anti-aging solution.

  1. What all are the dreadful signs of ageing?

If you see any of the following signs of aging or sun impairment when you look in the mirror each day, then you should be alarmed. Anti-aging therapy can widely reduce the effect of age. Here are some of the dreadful signs of ageing one must look out for:

  • Gloomy skin
  • Slack skin
  • Brown spots or red spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Acne blemishes
  • Small facial veins
  1. What about the diagnosis?

The anti-aging therapy begins with a pre-consultation discussion for the identification and sharing of treatment objectives. During this discussion, the patients share their prerequisites and apprehensions with the specialists. The subsequent phase starts with testing blood samples. Metabolic tests consist of those for liver, blood count, kidney, cardiac markers, lipids, diabetes testing only comes from blood serum examination. We check your antioxidant status and bio markers of aging with specified tests.

  1. How can the signs of ageing be reversed using stem cells?

It is an acknowledged fact that medical science has been assisting human race to live a better and healthier life since the existence of life on this planet earth. One such miracle of science is stem cell therapy. It makes older individuals look and act younger than they actually are. It is a method in which stem cells are vaccinated in the body of a matured person. These stem cells have two distinctive factors which are:

  • These cells are self-replicable
  • They can be separate in to diverse cells
  • These cells are self-renewable

In short, it can be said that these cells have the aptitude to develop and later split in to all kinds of cells in the body.

Every patient gets an outsider authentication (broadly certify lab), for quality, amount of feasibility of cells.

The Staff at Stem Cell Care, India will call you following one month, two months and a half year to see the improvement of the treatment. This encourages us refine our conventions to improve further. You can likewise require some other assistance on the off chance that required.

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