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Stem Cell Therapy for Male Infertility in India

Male Infertiity

The root cause that happens to be a point of concern related to the male infertility issues have still been a mystery. The regenerative medicine that is displayed in great potential. The new and improved methods are developing the sperms in a dish. Stem cell therapy for male infertility is hence, being tried and tested on different levels.

If statistics are to be believed then about 1 out of 8 couples face issues when trying to conceive. The abnormalities usually occur due to semen abnormalities present in the male partner. With advancements and medical prowess taking the world by a storm, there have now been some tests and treatment methodologies being tried by the best and reputed facilities. Male infertility stem cell therapy has emerged as one of the most highly compatible and effective treatment for the particular ailment.

The challenge that remains can now well overcome with the introduction and launch of some advanced techniques that have to be made available. In some new insights and tests and researches it has been observed that stem cell therapy for male infertility in India, has shown some significant and positive results.

Some of the most generic problems that are associated with stem cell therapy branch of medical sciences are:


Azoospermia is a condition that is well defined as the reduction or complete absence of sperms when a man ejaculates. It is amongst the most common and major issue in male infertility. Azoospermia is widely divided into three categories: pre-testicular, testicular, and post-testicular. Azoospermia is known to effect on an average about 1% of the male population and could be a major cause for about 20% of male infertility. Stem cell treatment for male infertility can be a treatment that helps cure the issue.

Erectile Dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is characterized with the inability to maintain or hold an erection for a longer duration. While Erectile Dysfunction patients can be treated with some highly durable and trusted medications that are available. Erectile dysfunction and other related male infertility issues can be treated using male infertility with stem cell therapy.

Stem Cell Therapy For Male Infertility in India

Male infertility is detected or in better words established on two major grounds, first being the semen analysis which is done entirely differently in course of different occasions. The semen analysis is then followed with a history of physical examination and investigation that includes various serums being used. The stem cell therapy for male infertility in Delhi is all about using multipotent stem cells which can be considered as an important and highly useful treatment in case of modality. Stem cell treatment is highly beneficial and effective for treatment of male infertility and repairing the inability and also works well in case of dysfunctioning of germ cells. During the process of spermatogenesis, varied cell tests takes place which is inclusive of germs as well. The infusion that takes place inside the testicular area is the place of concern and consideration with some appropriate micro environment inclusive of germ cells as well. Stem cell treatment for male infertility is amongst the most popular and trusted procedure when it comes to male infertility cure treatments.

Stem Cell Care India offers advanced and highly unique technologies that ensure the best is imparted to the patient. The viable and effective procedures are not only therapeutic but also highly accurate. The team of internationally trained and learned experts ensure that our treatment offered is one of the best in class. We are a research oriented company that is focused on regenerative medicine’s application. Technology delivered by us is not only safe and effective but also highly therapeutic with highest medical standards. Our vision is to offer the patients flocking to us from all the different parts of the world, a highly professional and one of a kind service that ensures the best and the most relevant treatment is offered to the patients. Stem Cell Care India extends variety of treatments that encompasses stem cell therapy for male infertility, stem cell treatment for Osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, Down syndrome as well as intellectual disabilities amongst various others.

There are issues that affect both man and the lady. These may include:

  • Abnormal sperm generation or capacity because of undescended gonads, hereditary deformities, medical issues, for example, diabetes, or diseases, for example, chlamydia, gonorrhea, mumps or HIV. Expanded veins in the testicles (varicocele) additionally can influence the nature of sperm.
  • Problems with the conveyance of sperm because of sexual issues, for example, untimely discharge; certain hereditary illnesses, for example, cystic fibrosis; basic issues, for example, a blockage in the gonad; or harm or damage to the conceptive organs.
  • Overexposure to certain natural variables, for example, pesticides and different synthetic concoctions, and radiation. Cigarette smoking, liquor, maryjane, anabolic steroids, and taking drugs to treat bacterial diseases, hypertension and misery likewise can influence ripeness. Visit presentation to warm, for example, in saunas or hot tubs, can raise internal heat level and may influence sperm generation.
  • Damage identified with disease and its treatment, including radiation or chemotherapy. Treatment for cancer can impair sperm production, sometimes severely.

The fundamental side effect of barrenness isn’t getting pregnant. There might be no different clear side effects. Now and again, a lady with fruitlessness may have sporadic or missing menstrual periods. Sometimes, a man with barrenness may have a few indications of hormonal issues, for example, changes in hair development or sexual capacity.

Most couples will in the long run consider, with or without treatment.

You most likely don’t have to see a specialist about fruitlessness except if you have been attempting routinely to get pregnant for at any rate one year. Ladies should chat with a specialist prior, be that as it may, on the off chance that they:

  • Are age 35 or more established and have been attempting to imagine for a half year or more
  • Are over age 40
  • Have unpredictable or missing periods
  • Have difficult periods
  • Have known richness issues
  • Have been determined to have endometriosis or pelvic provocative infection
  • Have had numerous premature deliveries
  • Have experienced treatment for malignant growth

Men should converse with a specialist in the event that they have:

  • A low sperm tally or different issues with sperm
  • A history of testicular, prostate or sexual issues
  • Undergone treatment for malignant growth
  • Small balls or growing in the scrotum
  • Others in your family with fruitlessness issues

Every patient gets an outsider authentication (broadly certify lab), for quality, amount of feasibility of cells.

The stem cell implantation can be done in the following ways.

  • Intravenous administration
  • Intrathecal (lumber puncture)
  • Intramuscular
  • Intraarterial
  • Subcutaneous
  • Liberation angioplasty
  • Surgical administration for stroke

The Staff at Stem Cell Care, India will call you following one month, two months and a half year to see the improvement of the treatment. This encourages us refine our conventions to improve further. You can likewise require some other assistance on the off chance that required.

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