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Spinal Cord Injury

What is the Spinal Cord Injury Walking track?

It is a modality that has been crafted in Stem Cell Care India to encourage functional improvements in patients with Spinal Cord injuries and disorders. Under this methodology, the patients are administered with various helpful techniques, and this therapy makes use of a number of the latest equipment designed to boost the recovery of the patients and help them get more comfortable with managing their condition. This training is performed by expert physiotherapists, and the comprehensive assessment of the patient’s condition allows for better customization of the procedure in order to produce optimum results.

We Offer

At Stem Cell Care India, we offer Spinal Cord Injury Walking track assistance that has been proven effective in a variety of spinal cord conditions and helped patients achieve better mobility or manage their condition more effectively. We have achieved high success rates, and our procedures are extremely safe. Our services are all-inclusive as we have skilled neurologists, physiatrists, occupational therapists, psychologists, speech therapists, and aquatic therapists all in one single facility. For any further queries or to know more information about the Spinal Cord Injury Walking track in Delhi, India, book a free consultation today.

Do you need Spinal Cord Injury Walking Track?

If you are a victim of a spinal cord injury and fed up with bed-rest or wheel-chair and dream of carrying out the activities of daily life more effectively and ambulation, you sure are in need of a spinal cord walking track. Patients with spinal cord injuries can use a specific type of therapy known as Kunming walking exercise to regain mobility and independence. It’s been proven to work through different stages in which a walker can initially learn to support their own weight again and then eventually move onward toward mobile stepping.

The main emphasis of the Kunming Movement program is on the body supporting itself vertically while also strengthening/activating muscles of the available limbs, abdominal muscles (which ultimately contribute to our control over movement), or core muscles in order to help the patient reach his or her goals. It’s no secret that this method has worked very well for those committed enough to try it. 

What is the importance of the Spinal Cord Injury Walking Track?

We facilitate neural plasticity and improve neural connectivity. At Stem Cell Care India, we help stimulate the injected stem cells and guide them to target damaged areas where the cells need to exert their actions. Neuro-rehabilitation stimulates nerve and supporting cell function in the brain and spinal cord through the release of growth factors, improved oxygenation, and increased blood supply. After the damaged neural pathways have been regenerated, goal-directed rehab helps them to develop connections and thus improve motor functions. This is how our leading Spinal Cord Injury Walking Track assistance in Delhi, India helps repair damaged areas of the spinal cord.

Conditions that can be treated by the Spinal Cord Injury Walking Track

  • Anterior cord syndrome,
  • Central cord syndrome,
  • Brown-Square Syndrome,
  • Complete Spinal Cord Injuries,
  • Other Immobility Issues.

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