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    Stem Cell Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis in Delhi, India

    international stem cell clinic

    Ankylosing Spondylitis is a type of arthritis that affects the spine. A rigid spine is the resultant of the spine’s bone growing or fusing together. The changes may be mild at first or severe leading to a stooped-over posture. Diagnosis and treatment of the disease at the initial stage may help control pain and stiffness, and also prevent significant deformity.

    It can occur at any age, however, strikes men in their teens and 20s. It is less common and generally milder in women. About 0.1% to 0.5% of the adult population is affected by Ankylosing Spondylitis. With advancements in the field of medicine, doctors now have a cure which is Ankylosing Spondylitis stem cell therapy.

    This inflammatory disease can cause some of the vertebrae in your spine to fuse together. This fusion makes the spine less flexible and can result in a hunched-forward posture. If ribs are affected, it may be difficult to breathe deeply. Stem cell treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis can pose as a cure to the trouble.

    Ankylosing spondylitis affects men more often than women. Signs and symptoms of Ankylosing spondylitis typically begin in early adulthood. Inflammation can also occur in other parts of your body — most commonly, your eyes.

    There is no cure for Ankylosing spondylitis, but treatments can reduce your pain and diminish your symptoms, one such treatment is Stem cell treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis in India.

    You must visit your doctor if you are suffering from lower back or buttocks pain that increased gradually little by little, and is now worse in the morning or awakens you from your sleep in the second half of the night — particularly if this pain perks up with exercise and worsens with rest. You must see an eye specialist (ophthalmologist) right away if you develop a painful red eye, severe light sensitivity or blurred vision.

    Do you Know about Ankylosing Spondylitis?

    Any things you do on a regular basis will improve your attitude.

    Making time for exercise every day, even though it’s just for a few minutes at a time. Many people who live near water suffer from Ankylosing Spondylitis.

    • Sustain a balanced weight to prevent the knees from getting too sore. A diet high in omega-3 fatty acids can be helpful. Look for patterns if you think those foods may affect how you feel.
    • It is forbidden to smoke. People who smoke tobacco also develop symptoms that intensify as they age.
    • Use relaxing methods like massage, meditation, therapy, and medication to alleviate stress.
    • Apply heat to sore knees and stiff muscles, and apply cold to inflamed areas.

    Ankylosing spondylitis has no known explicit reason, however hereditary elements appear to be included. Specifically, individuals who have a quality called HLA-B27 are at an incredibly expanded danger of creating ankylosing spondylitis. Nonetheless, just a few people with the quality build up the condition.

    The most common symptoms of Ankylosing Spondylitis are:

    • Pain and stiffness
    • Pain in ligaments and tendons
    • Loss of appetite
    • Eye inflammation
    • Fatigue

    It is important to note that the route of ankylosing spondylitis differs greatly from individual to individual, so too can the beginnings of symptoms. Although, symptoms usually begin to appear in late adulthood or early adulthood (ages 17-45), the symptoms can occur in children or much later.

    Usually, the first symptoms of AS are frequent pain and stiffness in the lower back and buttocks which develops over the course of time. Initially, discomfort may only be felt on one side, or alternate sides. The pain is usually dull and scattered, rather than restricted. This pain and stiffness is usually worse in the mornings and during the night, but may be better by a warm shower or light exercise. Also, in the early stages of AS, there may be mild fever, loss of appetite and general discomfort. It is important to note that back pain from ankylosing spondylitis is inflammatory in nature and not mechanical.

    The pain does not start in the lower back, but in a peripheral joint such as the hip, ankle, elbow, knee, heel or shoulder in few AS affected population. This pain is commonly caused by enteritis, which is the inflammation of the site where a ligament or tendon attaches to bone. Inflammation and pain in peripheral joints is more ordinary in juveniles with AS. This can be confusing since, without the pressing presence of back pain, AS may look like some other form of arthritis.

    The diagnosis of Ankylosing spondylitis is based on several factors, including:

    • Symptoms
    • Measurements of the chest when breathing
    • X-rays of the back and pelvis
    • Findings of a physical exam
    • Results of lab tests

    Latest researches have revealed that MSCs can help repair and renew nerve cells, improving symptoms and prolonging lives. Steroids and other disease modifying drugs cannot cover all the symptoms and are aimed to manage only specific symptoms. Again, the concern of critical side effects of drugs is also there. With MSC treatment, there is no such concern.

    Stem Cell Care India Treatment Procedure

    Stem Cell Care India has thus treated individuals easily to solve all their arthritic issues and problems of degeneration in order to achieve a greater quality of life and health.

    Our key priorities have always been to halt the progression of illnesses and to drastically reduce the quality of life. By providing “Autologous stem cells” from your own bone marrow/adipose tissue, we are still committed to delivering healthy patient patterns.

    Day 1-

    • Pick up from the Airport to the Hospital
    • Interaction between Dr and Patient, to clear all their doubts at that time
    • Admission procedure
    • Clinical examination & Lab test will be done prescribed by the doctor
    • Supportive Therapy

    Day 2-

    • Stem cell Procedure
    • Supportive therapies
    • Physiotherapy

    Day 3-

    • Supportive Therapy
    • Physiotherapy
    • Discharging formalities
    • Drop back to the Airport


    • For Admission, carry the identity card (Passport/ Pan Card / Driving License)
    • Carry the hard copy of Patient reports

    As the symptoms of AS develop slowly and tend to come and go, you’ll need to see your rheumatologist or GP for regular check-ups. Stem Cell Therapy is one treatment procedure that takes away the stress of regular doctor visits and ensures you feel better.

    They will ensure that the medication works correctly and will carry out medical evaluations to evaluate how the disease improves. Further collections of the same blood tests or X-rays you had at the time of your diagnosis which entail this.

    Implantation Of Stem Cells: The stem cell implantation can be done in the following ways.

    • Intravenous administration
    • Intrathecal (lumber puncture)
    • Intramuscular
    • Intraarterial
    • Subcutaneous
    • Liberation angioplasty
    • Surgical administration for stroke
    1. What is Inflammatory Spondylopathy?

    Spondylopathy is a bunch of disorder, involving several chronic joint problems. Although, disorders returning below this cluster have different pathophysiology, the generalized symptoms of all of them are identical. On a general note, symptoms related to the disorder, embrace stiffness within the joints and thereby restricting movements alongside the changes related to the postures.


    1. What are the assessments associated with AS?

    The assessments of AS are facilitated through the assistance of series of questionnaires that may help your doctor figure out the most effective treatment. From being able to provide you guidance to better manage your issue, you will also be assessed as mentioned below:

    The Bath Marie-Strumpell disease score measures the most symptoms of in and of itself as fatigue, back pain, morning stiffness. The score is recorded out of ten basis, a lot of the score is, worse are the symptoms.

    The spinal pain can even measure with regard to tub Marie-Strumpell disease score and will be  recorded on an individual basis.

    The Bath Ankylosing practical Index is scored as per what quantity and level of the disorder affects your ability to hold out day to day tasks.

    The work productivity and activity impairment score measures your ability to figure throughout the last week, be it in an exceedingly job or home.

    Additionally, different clinical assessments are done like spinal X rays, Specific blood tests  like hemoglobin, ESR and serum globulin.  Specific genetic tests may be done together with HLA-B27, RA, etc. The patient may be prescribed another imaging confirmations like imaging, X Ray, CT Scan, etc.

    Every patient gets an outsider authentication (broadly certify lab), for quality, amount of feasibility of cells.

    The Staff at Stem Cell Care, India will call you following one month, two months and a half year to see the improvement of the treatment. This encourages us refine our conventions to improve further. You can likewise require some other assistance on the off chance that required.

    Ankylosing spondylitis is an inflammatory condition which can affect the joints of the spine. AS is one of the most common types of joint inflammation in adults, although research has shown that prevalence rates are growing more rapidly in young adults than it does at older ages. There are various names for this condition. This form could also sometimes be referred to as SpA or spinal arthritis.

    Many people who have this form experience a variety of symptoms such as fatigue, fever, weight loss, blood-injury markers and swollen glands in addition to back pain which may worsen at night or after prolonged periods of sitting down. The name used for AS can vary from person to person but each name describes either a certain phase or stage from onset through deterioration. Knowing these different terms can help you better understand the condition and how it changes over time!

    Typically, there are two new classifications of Ankylosing Spondylitis, which are as follows:

    1. Nonradiographic axial spondyloarthritis (nr-axSpA): This is a milder variant of arthritis. The term ‘non-radiographic’ refers to something that cannot be seen clearly on an X-ray. If you have back pain and some of the other frequent symptoms, your doctor may perform an X-ray to determine what’s causing it. However, if there are no visible alterations to the sacroiliac joints, which link your spine and pelvis, it may be essential to utilise a more sensitive technology, such as MRI imaging, to discover these abnormalities.
    2. Radiographic axial spondyloarthritis: In this type, ankylosing spondylitis is in its early stages. Over time, the illness will progress and affect the sacroiliac joints and bone structure in the spine. This can be determined via X-rays since it causes visible changes in them.

    At Stem Cell Care India, the stem cells used are the ones derived from the adipose tissues of the Wharton’s Jelly and are also known as mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) to cure various injuries, diseases and defects. Stem cell therapy alone though is already an amazing modality, but in our facility, we mix it with various supportive therapies. This balanced mix and a multidisciplinary approach not only results in more efficient results but also assists in boosting the fitness level.

    Furthermore, since we use Allogeneic Stem Cells i.e. one obtained from the donator’s tissues, the safety of patients is further increased. Stem cell therapy offered by us is also minimally invasive and the leaves no visible marks. The stem cells are first administrated into the patients for the purpose of activating the regenerative response of the body.

    Stem cells also trigger a protein that is responsible for decreasing the inflammation and pain of the patients. Additionally, if there are some defective cells that need replacement, the stem cells will mark them and then transform them into the required cells for even faster recovery. Stems cells also augment wound healing and act as a protective layer against any infection in the future.

    MSCs are a fantastic example of non-hematopoietic stem cells as they have fewer ethical issues and provide various advantages. Accessibility, simplicity of harvesting, immunosuppressive effects, and multi-lineal differentiation capability are further benefits.

    Stem Cell Therapy in India has become a hot topic but it’s best to make sure you know who you’re choosing before getting any treatments done. There have been many people who administer this without training or low-quality processed batches. At Stem Cell Care India, we ensure that everything goes smoothly for you and so are capable of giving you the best service possible because of our strict Quality Control standards, Promises of Safety, and guidelines compliance.

    At Stem Cell Care India, we promise to give patients the most innovative and reliable stem cell treatments possible. Our staff is comprised of top-notch doctors from around the world, all with unparalleled expertise. We take pride in treating every patient as if they were our own family because at SCCI everyone deserves nothing less than excellent care.

    Our team knows exactly how important it is for you to feel secure when trusting us with your personal information; which is why we spend time assessing each person’s needs before suggesting anything further. No matter what type of procedure you are looking for – whether it be a treatment for a sports injury or Ankylosing Spondylitis – we want to find the perfect fit just for you!

    In our quest to be among India’s most prestigious stem cell firms, we understand the phenomenal potential that these cells bring about when it comes to curing a vast spectrum of conditions. Other companies provide the same service, but they lack the knowledge and expertise needed to provide quality treatments. It is in this gap that we seek to fill for interested patients.

    A fundamental principle at Stem Cell Care India is that what good would it do if clients were not able to receive efficient assistance from us on every aspect of their healing process? We strive to make sure there are no barriers between what people need and what we can afford – which means providing proper awareness so people know how to best prepare themselves for their treatment.

    We’re committed to staying up-to-date on safe practices and using international standards, all while meeting or exceeding internal requirements. This means that the expert we assign to you will be qualified for the job and looking out for your best interests.

    Stem cell therapy is one of the best forms of medicine available, but it can’t be used as easily because it has some setbacks. For example, stem cells are expensive and tough to get at times. Despite this major downside, we’re doing all we can so you’ll get your treatment without breaking the bank. Our treatments are so affordable that many people believe they must also be of bad quality. This couldn’t be further from the truth because we make sure to meet international standards.

    The factors that determine the classification of treatment while also being responsible for determining its cost at Stem Cell Care India are as follows:

    • The severity of the patient’s condition.
    • The patient’s medical history (including genetic conditions, if any).
    • The number of stem cells prescribed by the doctors to treat them.
    • Their physique (including weight, and age).

    Treatment efficiency and effectiveness are important, henceforth we believe nothing beats the spectacular results we’ve had time and time again – all you need to do is look at how happy our previous patients were with the treatments they received from us – because these are pretty much all you need to know about us! This is why we’re one of the most respected providers in our industry.

    Furthermore, it is recommended that every patient considering the administration of stem cells to cure their condition should register themselves for a free consultation with our therapy guides. This will help us assist and advise you on all the necessities that patients should carry, the processes they will go through, and what they can expect going forward.

    Ankylosing Spondylitis – a common form of arthritis that centers around the spine and pelvis and can make an individual feel as if they are breaking down. Typical symptoms involve relentless pain, stiffened muscles, and body fatigue; if not treated in time, could also lead to severe inflammation. Sadly though, there are no available conventional methods of curing this condition, while certain rehab therapies may be helpful they are not meant to use as the primary method rather they are to act as a support for other treatment modalities. One of these treatment modalities known as stem cell therapy has been proven to be amazingly effective, as it can not only stop the progression of disease but is also helpful in reversing the patient back to their initial condition.

    So far, we’ve noted the following benefits of the treatment in our highly advanced and affordable stem cell clinic in Delhi, India:

    • In the majority of the patients administrated with stem cell therapy, we have noticed a significant depletion in the joint stiffness.
    • Stem Cell Therapy in the majority of the patients has also displayed the ability to regulate the immune system.
    • Most Patients post stem cell therapy has shown development in their flexibility and better movement as compared to the prior.
    • With the amazing regenerative capabilities of stem cells, we have noticed that there has been great bone damage recovery and hastened bone formation.
    • Most of the patients also reported that after the stem cell therapy they were more capable of tolerating daily chores.

    Nowadays, conventional treatments are in abundance but even they can’t yet cure many health conditions. What really cures patients from these health complications is cutting-edge treatment using regenerative remedies. As the premier centre for stem cell treatments in Delhi, India providing leading orthopaedic healthcare, we rely on the latest treatment method of stem cell implantation because this innovative procedure uses master cells or stem cells harvested from Wharton’s Jelly to heal chronic conditions from their root.

    Now, these patients don’t anymore need to spend most of their time suffering chronic joint pain due or having an inability to utilize their muscles properly and make essential movements throughout the day, coupled with other metabolic disorders. Using regenerative cellular therapy could not only relieve chronic pain but also start a regenerative cycle wherein chronically sick people become healthy enough again – leading them back to mobility sooner than before.

    There are various other benefits to selecting Stem Cell Therapy as your perfect solution for Ankylosing Spondylitis some of them include:

    1. You don’t need to miss work for too long when it comes time for stem cell therapy since you’ll generally only need a 3-4 day hospitalization.
    2. Numerous studies have proven that these stem cells are effective and have been shown to have lasting regenerative and protective effects.
    3. We not only assist you with the stem cell therapy process itself but also help with travel and accommodations related to it so that you can have the best experience possible.
    4. The price of stem cell therapy is less when compared to the accumulated expenditure required for the traditional alternatives.
    5. Stem cell therapy can target the damaged cells for removal and eradicate this condition from its roots.

    We’ve talked a bit too much about the costs of stem cell therapy for Ankylosing Spondylitis since the cost of treatment determines its reach and accessibility to potential patients. However, there are just so many other things to worry about when considering Stem Cell Treatment at lower costs – as many stem cell clinics in India might just cut corners while sacrificing quality or safety because their main objective is usually lowering costs rather than making you feel safe during recovery.

    To ensure everyone knows how thorough our product is made and checked through before even reaching you – here are some rules that never get cut- corners taken in this case:

    • Stem cells are never sent to processing unless they have been checked for infectious microorganisms and show no signs of them.
    • Gram bacteria can lead to a variety of problems for patients. This is why we test them during multiple treatment stages so that you are safe from harm.
    • Not only cells, but gram-bacteria can also affect the media and therefore we also do extensive grams & mycoplasma screenings to make sure the stem cells are clean.
    • Endotoxins are only allowed in cells when they stay below the regulatory threshold.
    • After the final wash of stem cells, there is also a test for any mutations, alterations or presence of any harmful organism in cells to ascertain purity.
    • Further, our cells are accompanied by a “Certificate of Analysis” which could ensure the patients about the quality of the batch.

    There are no conventional treatment methods available for curing the condition of Ankylosing Spondylitis of its root. The available conventional methods can only stop the progression of the condition that too for a temporary period or worse (they’ll only be able to reduce the severity of symptoms of the condition). These conventional treatments involve rigorous consumption of drugs and painful surgeries having their own set of harmful side effects/risks. Hence, there was a need for a better all-in-one solution that will not only halt the progression of the disease but also reverse it.

    Recently, with a boom in the research related to regenerative therapies, the researchers have discovered a new way of harvesting Mesenchymal stem cells from Wharton’s jelly of the human umbilical cord. This has made the attainment of stem cells easier and as they are the master cells that can not only detect the infected cells and mark them for removal but also result in a decrease in inflammation, and pain relief and can transform into any cell type, integrating with the cellular web for faster recovery.

    Stem Cell Care India has made significant progress in improving the quality of life for countless people all over the world. Thousands have come to us for advanced treatments and experienced the amazing results of stem cell treatment.

    Andrew Hairston (Long Island, New York): I was suffering from Ankylosing Spondylitis and didn’t really know any good cure for my condition. My brother was surfing the web when he came across this treatment but he had his own concerns with choosing the best facility. He ultimately decided on Stem Cell Care India and I am thankful to him as the treatment was a smooth experience. I also would like to thank the doctors at this facility for their amazing services.

    Siddharth Chauhan (Rajasthan, India): Stem Cell Care India is an amazingly fantastic place to visit if you are suffering from something such as Ankylosing Spondylitis. I was recommended here by one of my cousins who had had a recent experience in visiting this clinic and told me they were incredible with making them feel comfortable while treating them which was so comforting knowing how much relief I would find once the process was over. Stem Cell Care India is actually cheaper than most places that I looked up-which makes sense given how well they took care of me. They explained everything beforehand before ever performing any procedures and always made sure it wouldn’t cause discomfort or pain for me. It’s honestly been hard but, because of them, I’m almost back to being healthy!

    Mia Butler (Tameside, Greater Manchester): The best treatment for me has been the one provided by Stem Cell Care India. I have nothing but praise for their team of professionals! They took the time to explain every detail of my condition to my satisfaction, and then I also got treated well after an intensive diagnosis process. The whole time spent at this centre felt like one big outing since all of them ensured we understood everything before it all happened – going through procedures too! The Doctor listened to me carefully and executed each step flawlessly without missing a beat. I am really thankful to the doctors of SCCI.

    A patient must understand that stem cell therapy is an experimental therapy that may fail to work at certain times, before undergoing this treatment procedure. Depending on the patient’s health condition a patient might be refused treatment or the proposed protocol might change at the time of procedure.

    At Stem Cell Care India, our primary goal is to provide the best technology available; safety of which has been proven across the world.

    As with any medical treatment, we make no guarantees or claims of cures are made as to the extent of the response to treatment. However, the results may vary from patient to patient, even with a similar diagnosis, as the body’s internal status is unique to each individual patient. Due to this fact, we cannot provide, infer or suggest that there is any certainty of a given outcome. Additionally, we do not use embryonic or fetal cells in any of our treatment process.

    Stem Cell Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis in India

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