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Stem Cell Therapy

    Stem Cell Treatment

    Md Moinuddin

    12 years ago my diabetes started. 3 years ago I suffered a leg fracture, after operation side effects started affecting my kidney. I took all the medicines possible, visited doctors, and consulted every doctor possible. Then I heard of Stem Cell Care India and visited this facility. It has been a satisfactory experience with professional doctors and expert supervision. I’m satisfied with the whole treatment procedure.

    Father of Kumari Kritika Saini

    July 2021, my daughter was diagnosed with Diabetes Type 1. She was on insulin for a long time. We struggled to see any improvement in her condition. Then, we heard of stem cell treatment and are now in the process of getting stem cell treatment. The experience so far has been satisfactory, I’m looking forward to better results in the future!

    Stem Cell Treatment

    Mr. Bhupinder Singh

    It all began a year ago, when my hand movement began to deteriorate. I had a hard time lifting and carrying out my usual tasks. Ayurveda, antibiotics, and other professionals and experts were involved in my therapy. Someone recommended Stem Cell Care India to me when I witnessed no progress. I have seen some progress, and I am hoping to see more in the future. I am quite happy with the treatment, and the employees are all very kind and helpful.

    Adamu Baba From Nigeria

    I had a history of diabetes mellitus and hypertension. In 2020, I had a stroke. It was very hectic, and at that time I look for stem cell treatment. As such the way, I came across Stem Cell Care India (SCCI) to take stem cell therapy. It was done successfully. At SSCI, all people are awesome. I’m happy, I came across them. Now, I’m fine and enjoying my life.

    Stem Cell Treatment