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Stem Cell Treatment for Feel Fit

Stem Cell Treatment for Feel Fit

The average life expectancy of the individuals has noticeably increased since 1978 to 2018 from 70 years to 80 years. This can be accredited to more inclination towards the active lifestyle, healthy eating habits accompanied by the medical and technological advancements.

In today’s era, looking good and eye-catching continues to be a prime trend in maintaining one’s persona. Some of the reasons why these trends exist are because of mature, baby boomer generations. Today’s younger generation consider that when you are fit bodily and mentally; you look better, feel fit and try to concede the nature and science with more meaning and appreciation. For that matter, as the populace in the developed countries age; females and males are increasingly under pressure to maintain their youth. With the dawn of retirement age, the interest for a lot of cosmeceutical products and their claimed aptitude to augment person’s appearance; upsurges naturally.

Youthful, radiant appearance of your skin is the chief indicator of your age. Thus, instantaneous outcomes are expected, when it comes to the facial skin care; from the principal manufacturer of cosmetic products. These anticipations are far beyond, only the prevention and appearance of wrinkles; but horde of other concerns such as skin texture, imperfect pigmentation, skin springiness, etc.

So as to withstand such a high expectations, treatment should not be superficial but should be operated at the cellular level. There are countless scientific studies that are authorizing the powerful applications of stem cells, as anti-ageing treatment modalities because of their numerous properties such as anti-inflammatory, capability to differentiate into other cells; all these properties are naturally designed to fight peripheral factors and are believed to replicate the same defensive activity on the skin. Researchers as well believe that reestablishing the skin’s natural function back, is the key to keep it in a healthy and young-looking state.

Conventional methods to delay ageing

Presently,a number of anti-ageing treatments are available, claiming to stop your biological clock to give you that fledgling look, which you may have experienced some 10-15 years back. Creams, surgeries, facials, hormones, supplements all can be encompassed in this current practice as anti-ageing treatments. However, do they essentially work is a matter of discussion. Ageing is right related to cellular activity. In other words, you age owing to cellular ageing and that is the reason it is wise to fix the problem of ageing at the root level.

Effective alternatives

Stem cells can be the next dynamic beauty ingredients available within you naturally. There are several well known reservoirs such as adipose tissue, present in your own body identified to have copious quota of stem cells. With the age and as we get older, we still want to have a fledgling appearance. For the same reason, we offer you a very fascinating product, involving your own fat stem cells enriched with the support of PRP. With this technology, the facial skin cells are restocked to allow easy refurbishing and renewal with the sculpted, clear face without fine line, crinkles, dark circles and pigments; to offer you a young look. Thus, the crucial objectives of the treatment with us are to comprehend the biology of ageing and to translate scientific perceptions into the practice.

“Look Fit” is specially designed, effective skin resurfacing treatment with in general natural ingredients available within you! The aim of our anti-ageing treatments is to examine the causative factor; whether genetic, biological or environmental that is impelling on the overall ageing process of the person. We also evaluate numerous risk factors with the patients to determine potentially extrinsic and intrinsic reasons, contributing to per-mature ageing of the individual. We have designed a unique treatment protocol that uses patient’s own PRP, which is essentially an element of blood, rich in its platelet content. These platelets can secrete growth factors and cytokines empowering quicker healing and regeneration of impaired cells. According to our protocol, we vaccinate fat stem cells activated with patient’s own PRP to encourage faster proliferation of resident skin cells, elimination of photo damaged cells and amplified production of collage; this can reestablish back the young look in you. Our top priority is therefore to offer very comprehensive, customized treatment pattern which is best suitable for the patients undergoing treatment, targeting their maximum outcomes.

At SCCI, in selecting the treatment strategy, we give special contemplation to the stages of damage and accordingly the purpose of the treatment will be planned. A system for assessment and treatment is made consequently. As a part of our treatment, patient’s outlying blood is withdrawn to make autologous plasma concentrate, exceedingly rich in platelets possessing numerous growth factors. The stem cells from one of the richest autologous sources of your own body such as Adipose Tissue will be mined and stirred with PRP; this mixture will be infused intermediately in the face to encourage skin tightness, elasticity and amended texture.

Stem cell processing method

Umbilical cord collection and preliminary testings

It is a common practice in India for mommies to voluntarily donate the umbilical cord blood from the birth of their fit full-term kids. Every mom who enters a hospital in India to give birth is spontaneously tested for all main sicknesses. Comprehensive family histories are also taken from each mother before donation. Only females who have been fully screened and found to be totally healthy are allowable to donate their umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood.

Second round of testing

The second step in the screening procedure happens in laboratory once the collected samples have been verified negatively for communicable ailments; it is then transported to our laboratories and officially becomes the property. From this phase, it is mandatory for each and every sample to be processed and provided to patients. The gathered sample starts a second round of testing and while following donor’s prerequisite also carries out testing for cytomegalovirus, micro-organisms (aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, fungi, etc.), survival rate, stem cell surface indicators and stem cell biological characteristics (colony forming aptitude, differential capability) in each step to safeguard the highest quality to its cell products.


The stem cells derived from each umbilical cord are sowed into a flask filled with culture medium. This medium does not have any animal products (such as fetal calf serum) but it is heightened with cell growth factors. The flasks are positioned in a sterilized, temperature and humidity controlled incubator. The stem cells are lengthened in the culture medium. Once the culturing is done, the culture mediums are splashed away and are harvested.


The cell products are then cryo-preserved and stored at a consistent -196 degree Celsius temperature with automatic supplement of liquid nitrogen using the exceedingly advanced Thermo genesis Bio Archive system. This technology permits for integrated control rate of freezing that absolutely avoids unexpected drops in temperature. Our cryo-preservation storage equipment is also fortified with 24h real-time control system and in any situation of power-failure or other emergency; a redundant fail-safe power supply guarantees that normal operation is implemented. Our vacuum protection system can uphold appropriate temperature for 20 days without supplement of liquid nitrogen.

Packing and transport

All consignments of stem cells undergo final testing. During this procedure, they are also tested for quantity and quality. Once the stem cells are reckoned safe, each unit is positioned into either a sterile vial or a sterile IV bag for future transplantation. All merchandises are separately cataloged and traced while in transit. Our cell transplants come to pass two to three days a week. All of our cells are processed on an as-needed basis. All of our cell products are treated and kept fresh, giving us the highest stem cell sustainability count and the maximum effectiveness.

Stem cell procedure

The doctors in our affiliated hospitals use several injection procedures to deliver stem cells. Contingent on each patient’s particular condition, one or multiple approaches of delivery will be used during a standard treatment sitting so as to maximize safety and effectiveness. It is imperative to remember that Stem Cell Care India protocols always highlight safety first and the injections approaches provided are slightly invasive but still a very concentrated on delivering the stem cells as close as possible from the injury location.

Follow up treatment

Post treatment, the patient will be asked to visit the surgeons for reclamation therapies such as Physiotherapy, patients counseling etc. for fast-tracked retrieval.

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