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What is Psychological Intervention?

Psychological interventions are the set of actions that are performed for the betterment of an individual’s actions/habits and to make them more comfortable with a certain circumstance. These interventions can ultimately bring about a change in the personality of the individual. Such modality is generally used for the treatment of any mental disorders and can also be combined with other therapeutic methods for even better results. Furthermore, this therapy is aimed not only at reducing the effects of the symptoms, but it is aimed towards curing the condition of its root.

Some of the services included in psychological interventions are testing and assessment of the condition, counseling, behavior therapy, etc. This, in turn, produces results like modifying the regular habits of the patient, helping them get comfortable with some situations, making their behavior more stable, etc.

We Offer

At Stem Cell Care India, we offer psychological interventions that have been designed to meet the unique needs of the patients. The therapy at the best psychological intervention clinic in Delhi, India, is all-inclusive and has been proven to be very effective in restoring patients to normal functionality. Our therapy is safe both for adults and adolescents and can also be used for relief in conditions such as depression, anxiety, panic disorder, schizophrenia, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Why undergo Psychological Intervention?

The brain’s neural networks are very malleable at the time of childhood, and if children undergo any unpleasant experience that their brain isn’t able to cope with or are suffering from any mental condition, therapy is essential in helping your child’s developing brain develop optimally. Psychotherapy also works by providing children with the tools they need for the fast, effective development of their individual psyche. Psychology is the key to encouraging your child to interpret themselves in relation to other people and encouraging them to engage with others through conversation. Therapy allows new neural networks to form, and it gives children a chance to practice these social skills until they become socially comfortable. 

What are the benefits of Psychological Intervention?

Psychological Intervention is like a ray of hope amid the dark life of the patient’s suffering from mental stress, anxiety, or any other affliction. This therapy has been used for a long time under various names and in different forms. In general, all of them have shown to be surprisingly efficient, given there was a proper understanding between both the patient and the doctor so that the treatment was modified to fulfill the needs of that patient’s psyche. Some benefits that were displayed by the treatment on patients were as follows:

  • They overcame the stress of their daily life.
  • They became more intimate with their partners and opened up to people close to them.
  • Patients were now more stable and could handle shocks of their life major changes like divorce or loss of job more reasonably.
  • Patients became aware of their unlikable or deplorable habits and were ready to make efforts to change them.
  • Many individuals gained a sense of understanding towards their medical conditions like cancer or other chronic diseases.
  • Even the victims of physical or sexual abuse who underwent this treatment were once again recovered from the shock and ready to relive their life.
  • There were many other benefits like reduction in the symptoms of patient’s mental disorders, regaining their confidence, overcoming sleep issues, etc.

Conditions that can be treated by the Psychological Intervention

  • Autism,
  • Cerebral Palsy,
  • Stroke,
  • Dementia,
  • Intellectual Disability,
  • Head Injury,
  • Other Mental Conditions.

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