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Adult Stem cells are the stem cells which are inherently present inside a person’s body. Every person is born with a stipulated amount of stem cells. The number of stem cells may be thought of as a “Bank account”, this is due to fact that people can withdraw their requirements of stem cells all through life.

The same way a bank account is not the same for all, the stem cells count is also not same for all. For instance, some people are born poor while others are born rich. With more finances you are able to enjoy better life. This points towards the fact that people enjoy healthy and long life despite not so healthy lifestyle, while others may not be able to enjoy any of it. To relate it with stem cells, the point that is highlighted here is that the stem cells are extravagant than others. This is because they have more to spend. Stem cell depletion rate is dependent upon environmental factor. However, it must be noted that under suitable circumstances the stem cells continually diminish with age.

Stem cells exist to repair damage in every body part. The stem cells can help heal treatment of broken bones, paper cut, chemical exposure, as well as radiological exposure, etc. For any illness of related condition, you can turn towards your trusted bank account. The bank account will help you never run out of stem cells. When your stem cell approaches the zero mark, it will become increasingly difficult to cease the activities whatsoever.

Using stem cells for healing is like trusting your ATM machine for cash withdrawal. The only factor that needs to be looked upon is how you lead your life, and what was the bank account you were born with, whether it was a large one or a small bank account of stem cells. You also have the option to save all your stem cells and never use at all. If you are one of the lucky ones blessed to be born with a large number of stem cells, then you can lead your life as you like, you may be able to smoke, drink and eat food, along with no exercise, and still lead a long life. Regardless of the count of stem cells, and how many you are ready to expand. There are still a few more which needs to be spent.

People born with low stem cell content, if lead an unhealthy lifestyle it is surely going to affect the quality and length of their life. This can be best understood as the Nature’s Law of Conservancy. This implies that lesser the stem cells in your account, the harder it is for the ATM machine to distribute the content. In this case, drinking alcohol, smoking, eating unhealthy can all affect the body of people visibly faster.

People who enjoy better and larger stem cells in the bank, are sure to enjoy better ATM experience which works efficiently and quickly. But in case the bank account goes empty, which usually happens in the latter years, the ATM machine doesn’t dispense the stem cells as readily as it would usually. This is merely because of the fact that division rate of the cells have considerably slowed down. Simply altering the time of cells multiplication from 24 hours to 72 hours. This looks like a small change, but it actually accounts to 90-day difference in the amount of time required to actually reach the critical mass of cells. The critical mass of cell which is essential to heal a wound well. Michael Andreeff, M.D., Ph.D., a professor in the Departments of Blood and Marrow Transplantation and Leukemia Cancer at M.D. Anderson, has described cancer as a “never healing wound”; the doubling of stem cells in a few cases may not be fast enough to heal the wound quickly or to catch up to the desired count. Cancer cases have significantly grown and is proven to be growing with increasing age. Genetic factors pose as a major reason for the occurrence of after childhood cancers. These pose as a trouble for overwhelming exposure to environmental damage. The incidence of cancer significantly shoots up around 40 years of age, and dramatically around the age of 50. It starts to then stoop down at the age of 65.

When the stem cells go deplete, and the reservoir go vacant. The only option then left is the option of stem cell therapy to revive the stem cells from an alternate source. Salamanders are a great source of stem cells with billions of stem cells present. Salamanders have an unlimited supply which makes them huge bank accounts. The count of stem cells is such that it can’t go deplete.

Under a microscope if you look at the blood of salamander, you will see the nucleation of red blood cells very clearly. RBCs of salamander is inclusive of nuclei, unlike that of humans, which don’t contain any nuclei. Every Red Blood Cell present in the salamander is fully functional stem cell. In contrast, if human RBCs are concerned, the RBCs fail to replicate themselves once have been shifted from the bone marrow. ATM machine of a salamander works for as long as he is alive. The machine works faster and generously distributes the stem cells throughout the body.

The ability to regenerate amongst humans is powerful although they don’t fall under the same category as a salamander. Yet, they offer powerful example of the possible applications and implications of the stem cells. Stem cell therapy has a lot of potential in the field of stem cells to bring in more stem cells for utilization.