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Travel Asssistance

Visas and customs- Every nation has its own visa and custom guidelines. It is the responsibility of the patient and attendants to conform to the protocols.

Ground transportation- We also offer backing in finding a shuttle, hiring a car or picking any other mode of transportation within the city.

  • Regional translators
  • Arabic
  • Persian
  • Iraqi
  • Bangladeshi
  • French
  • Russian (In-house translator)
  • Partner hotels/ guest houses

In an effort to make your stay comfy and safe, we try our best to make certain that you get access to the finest of facilities and accommodation. Once you agree to go in for your treatment, our service crew sends across the outstanding accommodation choices available to you. We also offer pick-up facility from the airport, railway station or even a bus stand to the guest house/hotel you have reserved. For those who might oblige extended stay for rehabilitative purposes, we have special hookups with hotels to allow annoyance-free extension.