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Vitiligo Stem Cell Treatment In India


Stem Cell Therapy for Vitiligo In India

A skin condition that is the reason behind pigmented skin is known as Vitiligo, some of these results in an irregular pattern which causes white patches on the skin. This condition affects people of all age group. It is a skin condition that causes major loss of skin color which is also known as pigmentation and form blotches on the skin. The severity as well as rate of the loss in color of the skin causes the condition of Vitiligo and makes it uncontrollable. It can highly cause some effect on parts of the body. It also has an effect on hair, as well as the internal parts of the mouth as well as even the eyes can get affected in this condition. Stem cell therapy for Vitiligo in India is carried out by the best and most reputed doctors as well as professionals.

Melanin is the major cause that affects the color of skin, hair, as well as the eyes. Vitiligo occurs in case the cells producing melanin dies or stop functioning. Vitiligo can affect people of all skin types and condition, but it can be more noticeable in people with darker or brown skin color. This condition is not life-threatening or contagious but It can be stressful or make you feel bad about yourself having this condition. Vitiligo stem cell transplantation in India may cause some improvement in the appearance of the affected skin but does not ensure an absolute cure of the disease.

Sign and Symptoms of Vitiligo:

The main sight and sign that affects a person with Vitiligo causes a loss of color (pigment) which produces some light or white colored patches on the skin. Generally, the loss of color and discoloration shows initial signs and appears on those areas that are sun-exposed, like the hands, feet, arms, face, and lips. Vitiligo stem cell treatment in India is carried out under expert supervision with the doctor’s team that is learned and very qualified.

Do You Know About Vitiligo?

Just one hand of the body, or a portion of it. The segmental system Vitiligo is considered segmental because it tends to affect and manifest at a young age, grows slowly for a year or two, and then disappears.

There are only a few areas of the body that can do this. This form of Vitiligo is described as localised (focal) Vitiligo.

It’s difficult to predict whether the disease will improve or when it will. Patches are less likely to form if you don’t take care of them. Pigment deficiency affects the majority of the face in the majority of cases. In the rarest of cases, the skin’s colour may be restored.

Consult a doctor if you notice parts of your skin, hair, or eyes are losing pigment. Vitiligo stem cell therapy in India is the most effective and reliable treatment for the condition. However, a successful cure would significantly aid in delaying or at the very least slowing down the overall discoloration process, allowing you to see your initial skin condition reverse and return.

The signs of Vitiligo Are As Follows:

Vitiligo stem cell treatment in Delhi is all about the best procedure and surgery offered by highly professionals.

  • Loss of color and pigmented Skin can cause whitening of the skin or also graying of the scalp hair, eyelashes, as well as eyebrows or beard. This usually strikes before the age of 35.
  • The Loss of pigments that happen to affect the cells and tissues which lines the interior of the mouth and nose. The mucus membrane happens to affect the body.
  • Pigment loss and change in color that happens to affect the inner layer which is retina of the eyeball.
  • Discolored patches which affect to happen and cause an impact around the armpits, rectum as well as navel area.

Vitiligo stem cell treatment in India can start to form and develop at any age. But, most often it happens to affect and appear prior to the age of 20, in case you have Vitiligo, the discolored patch that covers the body parts as follows:

The most common variant of Vitiligo, is called generalized Vitiligo, the patch which is discolored leads to and often progresses to similarly on the symmetrical and neighboring body parts.

Only a single side or a part of the body. The segmental Vitiligo is called segmental since, it tends to affect and appear at a young age, it gradually progresses for about a year or more, then stops.

One of only a few areas of your body. This type of Vitiligo is called localized (focal) Vitiligo.

It’s difficult to predict when and where your disease will progress. Sometimes the patches stop developing without any treatment. In most cases, pigment loss develops and eventually involves most of your skin. In the rarest case, the skin revives its color.


When to See a Doctor

Go visit a doctor if the areas of your skin, or hair or eyes start to lose pigment. Vitiligo stem cell treatment in India is the most reliable and trusted treatment possible for the condition. But the treatment would help to retard or atleast slower down the discoloring process and go back to the original skin condition.

In India, vitiligo stem cell therapy will start shaping and growing at any age. Although, most commonly, if you have Vitiligo, the discolored patch that protects the body parts is affected and occurs before the age of 20, as follows:

The most popular variant of Vitiligo is called generalized Vitiligo, the discolored patch that leads to the symmetrical and adjacent body parts and also progresses to them similarly. To diagnose the symptoms are more or less visible clearly. However, visiting a doctor and getting an expert suggestion wouldn’t hurt as well. Stem Cell Care India offers the best and the most trusted stem cell care. If your vision is to get the best help in terms of stem cell therapy then contact Stem Cell Care India.

What Would Vitiligo Patients Expect From Stem Cell Treatment?


A skin disease known as Vitiligo is the explanation for pigmented skin, some of which results in an unusual pattern that creates white spots on the skin. This disease impacts all age ranges of individuals. It is a skin disease that involves substantial loss of skin color, and is also known as skin pigmentation and blotches. The intensity and pace of skin color loss induces the Vitiligo disease and renders it uncontrollable. Any impacts on areas of the body can be very large. In this state, it also has an effect on hair, as well as the internal parts of the mouth and even the eyes may be affected. The best and most reputed physicians as well as specialists conduct stem cell therapy for Vitiligo in India.

How Stem Cell Therapy for Vitiligo works?

The main sight and symptom that effects a person with Vitiligo is a lack of colour (pigment) that produces some light or white coloured patches on the eyes. Initial signs of colour loss and discoloration usually appear in areas exposed to light, such as the hands, feet, ears, ears, and lips. Vitiligo stem cell therapy is carried out in India under expert supervision by a knowledgeable and well-trained team of scientists. Stem Cell Care India provides the most effective stem cell treatment for a variety of ailments. Vitiligo stem cell therapy is the most effective treatment for a disease that seems to be life-threatening or incurable.

What to Expect from Stem Cell Treatment for Vitiligo?

Melanin is a major element that defines the colour of your skin, hair, and eyes. When melanin-producing cells die or stop functioning, vitiligo develops. Vitiligo can affect people with all skin colours and conditions, but it is most common in people of darker or brown skin. While this illness is not life-threatening or contagious, it can be uncomfortable and make you feel bad for developing it. Vitiligo stem cell transplantation in India may enhance the appearance of the infected skin, although it does not guarantee that the disease will be fully cured.

VIP Treatment to Patients at Stem Cell Care India

  • The therapy sessions given to the patients at Stem Cell Care India occur in the VIP treatment room in the advanced clinic.
  • 24*7 supervision is maintained on the patients by the efficient medical team.
  • Stem Cell Care India highly recommends the patients stay for a minimum of 3 days in Hospital.

Day 1-

  • Pick up from the Airport to the Hospital
  • Interaction between Dr and Patient, to clear all their doubts at that time
  • Admission procedure
  • Clinical examination & Lab test will be done prescribed by the doctor
  • Supportive Therapy

Day 2-

  • Stem cell Procedure
  • Supportive therapies
  • Physiotherapy

Day 3-

  • Supportive Therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Discharging formalities
  • Drop back to the Airport


  • For Admission, carry the identity card (Passport/ Pan Card / Driving License)
  • Carry the hard copy of Patient reports

The following is the structure that is followed during the implantation stage:

  • Intravenous administration
  • Liberation angioplasty
  • Intrathecal (lumber puncture)
  • Intraarterial
  • Subcutaneous
  • Surgical administration for stroke
  • Intramuscular

The only cure is to stop spreading vitiligo. Vitiligo has no long-term treatment. Vitiligo treatment works better if it is started early on ( perhaps before 2 or 3 months after starting). We can safely treat most cases of vitiligo if the white spots are steadily developing. If skin parts with more hair have a better chance of curing vitiligo than skin parts with less hair, the pigments in the hair may transfer to the upper surface of the skin to repigment the skin. Vitiligo occurs when pigment-producing cells (melanocytes) die or cease producing melanin, the pigment that gives colour to the skin, hair, and eyes. The infected skin patches lighten or turn white. What induces these pigment cells to malfunction or die is uncertain. It may be due to:

  • An immune system disorder (autoimmune condition)
  • The family’s history (heredity)
  • A trigger event, such as tension, severe sunburn, or skin injury, such as chemical contact.

Mesenchymal stem cells have immunomodulatory and immunosuppressive properties. Mesenchymal stem cell therapy for vitiligo can help avoid more melanocyte disruption and slow disease progression.

Some treatments, such as surgery, can be used for additional control of dysfunctional vitiligo if stabilisation is possible. Mesenchyma is a form of mesenchymalal stem cells over a span of time often improve pigmentation.

The follow-up is the most critical step in which the doctors determine the patient’s health. The procedure with stem cell therapy for Vitiligo will not be done without follow-up. The patient needs to come to visit, according to the doctor’s advice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Causes Vitiligo to Develop?

When melanocytes avoid producing melanin, white patches appear on the body. Vitiligo can strike at any age, but it is most common in people between the ages of 20 and 30. It also begins on the parts of the body that are exposed to light and spreads across the body. Vitiligo is mostly caused by a loss of pigmentation. It can be seen in both males and females.


Is Vitiligo a Hereditary Disease?

Vitiligo can affect several individuals in the same household. About 30 to 40% of people with vitiligo still have a family member. There is a 5% probability that vitiligo will be passed on from mother to child. There is currently no good understanding of how and why vitiligo is genetic.


Is it possible to halt the progress of vitiligo?

Yes, we will prevent vitiligo from spreading if we get treated right away. Consult a dermatologist as soon as you find white patches on the body to prevent them from spreading.


Is Vitiligo Linked to Skin Cancer?

Vitiligo is caused by a loss of pigment in the skin. However, there is no scientific proof that vitiligo causes cancer. In certain cases, though, some that have skin cancer also have vitiligo. However, there is no proof that vitiligo causes cancer.


Vitiligo’s Myths and Reality

Myth: Those with dark skin are the only ones who get vitiligo. Fact: Vitiligo can affect people of any race, but it is more common in people with dark skin. Myth: Vitiligo is a form of skin cancer. Vitiligo is not a skin cancer and is not related to any other form of cancer. This occurs as a result of a lack of pigmentation. Myth: Vitiligo only affects people who are exposed to sunshine on the outside of their bodies.

Fact: Vitiligo affects not only the skin that is exposed to light, but also the whole body, including the arms, legs, and hands, which are not exposed to the sun. Myth: Vitiligo is caused by eating such food mixes. Vitiligo should not affect a person’s dietary habits. Myth: It’s contagious in Vitiligo. It will spread from one individual to another when they are physically connected. Vitiligo is a skin condition that is not contagious.


Is tension a source of vitiligo?

Stress will not activate vitiligo, but it will grow if melanocytes fail to absorb melanin. In certain circumstances, tension can help to strengthen vitiligo. If a person has vitiligo and is stressed, the white spots will extend over his body.


Is it true that bananas will help with vitiligo?

If the immune system is less active, the melanocytes are less likely to produce vitiligo-causing melanin. As a result, there isn’t a special vitiligo diet. Vitiligo is impossible to be cured by a single fruit or diet. Vitiligo can be avoided by eating a regular diet that contains a variety of fruits and vegetables.


Is it safe to drink milk if you have vitiligo?

Many people believe that milk causes vitiligo or that milk causes vitiligo in vitiligo patients. But it’s just a legend. Milk is good for the body’s immunity because it contains calcium and other nutrients. As a result, milk is an integral part of the diet for people with vitiligo.

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