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Stem Cell Care India is a first-class option when it comes to medical tourism. It makes sure to work on a commitment of quality and security, which are the central aspects of our mission and vision. Under the direction of the executive director, the office of clinical quality designs and leads safety and quality programmers in the hospital. We utterly attempt to accomplish highest levels of quality and safety by engaging doctors, nurses, therapists and other staff as well as corporation with the patient and their family members. A culture of perpetual quality improvement is nurtured and applauded to offer the patients a safe environment to get the highest quality care. The methodology used to accomplish this takes account of:

  • Identification, development and amalgamation of policies, processes and protocols
  • Maintenance of ethical medical and nursing practices
  • Practice of evidence-based treatment of the peak standard
  • Practice of safe medicine practices
  • Identification and prevention of errors
  • Performance review through well-defined key pointers
  • Respect and security of patient rights
  • Quantification and measurement of patient satisfaction
  • Strict hospital infection control procedures
  • Compliance with bio-medical waste management rules
  • Constructive dialogues with the patients and their relatives to embolden participation and compliance in the treatment process
  • Engagement of the patients and their relatives in safety
  • Effective use of resources
  • Cost-effectiveness in management
  • Antimicrobial stewardship programmers and monitoring antibiotic practice

We at the Stem Cell Care India are committed to the patient as well as the community at large, by delivering the most beneficial care every time while devoting ourselves to continuously improving the way we do things driven by embryonic data, benchmarks and optimum practices. Our success as an organization depends on the quality of care offered to each and every patient. Our expert team of doctors, nurses, therapists and staff is devoted to providing safe, quality and cost-effective care to all, maximizing potential and thus surpassing expectations.