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How and where is the therapy done?

You have taken the right decision of getting treatment done at StemCellCareIndia and so you will be informed about the time and date on which you have to meet our representative. Our representative will take you to the expert at the hospital for a thorough consultation after which you might undergo radiology and/or pathology tests if mandatory. Once the test outcomes are back, the specialist will discuss your treatment modalities in depth. You are cheered to ask as many queries as you want to; feel entirely confident not just about the treatment but also about the surgeon and the hospital. All the treatments will be done under the medical investigation of the most amazing healthcare specialists such as neurologists, anesthetists, neurosurgeons, cardiologists, orthopedic doctor, radiologists and pediatricians. The hospitals are of topmost standards and a devoted team of exceedinglyskilled physicians, patient counselors and nurses looks after the patients. Furthermore, we offer other facilities for our outstation patients like travel help, hotel booking, transport, visa support etc.

Inclusion Criteria

  • 18 years and older; If less than 18, parental sanction is needed
  • Patients without chronic ailment
  • Patient providing written agreement to receive treatment

Exclusion Criteria

  • Hemoglobinbelow or equal to 10
  • Patients with inherited blood disorders
  • Denial to offer signed informed agreement
  • Patient had medical surgery within six weeks before treatment initialization
  • Pregnant or breast feeding females
  • Severe cachexia and malnourishment
  • Patients with negotiated immunity
  • Positive serology for other communicableailments.

The whole medical process at SCCI involves 4 steps:

  • Gathering of Umbilical Cord Tissue & Maternal Blood
  • QC Testing (Infectious ailment screening + Sterility Testing)
  • Processing of Mesenchymal Stem Cell – P2 Final Product
  • Stem cell implantation
  • Post treatment care

Stem cell therapy is executedconsistent with the ideologies of good manufacturing practice together with the most cutting-edge technologies and the finest medical standards that are available. The hazards associated with the adult stem cell therapy are almost insignificant. The therapy embraces the use of patient’s own cells so the risk of rejection merely does not exist, which might be conceivable in case if a donor is used. Contingent upon the assessment the source of stem cells will be decided. It can either be bone marrow or adipose tissue. In some particular cases, we can offer stem cells gained from both the sources but the decision will exclusively be taken by the treating surgeon.

Quality standards

We run each client a Third Party Certificate (from a globally accredited lab) for the cell count and feasibility of the cells that we process from the allogeneic mesenchymal stem cell certificate of Analysis (COA).

Stem cell implantation

Stem cells can be implanted in following ways such as:

  • Intravenous Administration
  • Intrathecal Administration (Lumbar Puncture)
  • Intramuscular Administration
  • Intra-arterial Administration via catheter
  • Intravitreal Infusion
  • Retrobulbar Infusion of cells
  • Liberation Angioplasty for Multiple Sclerosis CCSVI
  • Intra-Dermal Administration

Postoperative care

The stem cell therapy does not damagingly affect patients in any way. Generally, the patients are permitted to leave after few hours after the completion of the stem cell treatment. A 24-hour patient hotline number is there for any inquiries after their discharge. The concerned physicians or surgeons of the clinic also stay in contact with their corresponding patients through telephone or email. By doing this, they can get the precise feedback about their progress and also suggest further recovery if required. Say for example, in case of a diabetic patient, after hearing about the patient’s present symptoms, the concerned doctor can recommend the needed dosage of insulin.

Treatment disclaimer

It is an imperative fact to comprehend that stem cell treatment in every prospect has the ability to diminish symptoms of numerous diseases. It also has the aptitude of ceasing several degenerative procedures, but one should also know that this treatment may not work for all kinds of patients. StemCellCareIndia does not have the right of forecasting or warranting the success of this treatment.

In harmony to the current condition of a patient, the medical team of StemCellCareIndia might propose the stem cell transplantation or may even withdraw the treatment under abnormal situations. However, in any case, the approval of the patient is a must. Keeping the patient’s current health condition and unforeseen health hazards in mind, the medical staff might propose an alternative stem cell transplantation process. In exceptional situations, they may entirely cancel the treatment.

Improve Life. Make an Enquiry.

If you have any queries related to stem cell treatments, let us know via phone or email. Our healthcare experts will be happy to provide you with an effective treatment solution.