Mohammed Usama Khan from Haryana – Spinal Cord Injury

I found about Stem Cell Care online, at the time I was struggling with immobility. I fell from a height of 70-75 feet in 2018 and have been immobile ever since. I came across stem cell treatment in 2020 and have witnessed visible improvements. The team took care of not only stem cell treatment but also the post-procedure, like, physiotherapy, electrical simulation, hydrotherapy. This is the second siting for my bone marrow stem cell transplant. The overall service quality is great, 24/7 nurse attendants present on duty, the quality of food is good, they take care of each patient well. I totally would recommend them to anyone searching for some lucrative treatment option.

Charlie Meloha’s from Australia Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

At the age of 2, Charlie Meloha’s life took a dramatic twist when he got into a diving mishap while swimming. He belongs to Australia. After the accident, he was left with a T12 Spinal Cord injury where he has entirely lost all voluntary movements in his lower limbs. Whilst in hunt of any treatment that could support him, Charlie heard about Stem Cell Care India’s stem cell treatment from his friend, who is also living with spinal cord injury and has received treatment with us before. As per his friend’s recommendation, Charlie decided to come to India. As a part of his treatment protocol, he had gone through stem cell treatment, regenerative cell injections via IV and Lumbar Puncture, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy. Following the treatment, he enjoyed massive improvement- from recuperating muscle mass, sensation, power and an improved control over his bladder.

Khaja Mohan from Telengana for Stem Cell Therapy of Spinal Cord Injury

Hi, I am Agaldiviti and my father is Khaja Mohan from Telengana. My father has been suffering from spinal cord injury since some years. We went to a lot of places for his treatment but all our efforts went in vain. He was not able to get healed as no doctor gave as a correct and suitable recommendation for his treatment. After trying a lot, we resorted to read about stem cell therapy via internet. After a lot of exploration we found out Stem Cell Care India. We took him to SCCI to get stem cell treatment. After undergoing the treatment, my father is feeling a lot more fine and better. We are very happy and contended with the treatment that has been given to us. The staff was very cooperative and we would recommend the name of Stem Cell Care India to all our near and dear ones. Thanks team a lot for curing my dad.

Patrik from Singapore Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Patrik is a 28 year old man. At the age of 14 he faced an accident and since then he has been on a wheel chair. He was detected with severe spinal cord injury. His parents brought her to India for the Stem Cell Treatment to help with his condition. He received the stem cell treatment for her Spinal Cord Injury via Stem Cell Care India. To him, ascertaining this treatment has given a hope again. He did not anticipate himself to be able to go through this condition, but now after the treatment he is recuperating amazingly. So as to maximize the utilization rate of these cells and elicit the use of the patient’s muscles, Patrik also had gone through sessions of rehabilitation and Physiotherapy. Following the treatment, he experienced more strength in the movements of his legs. Furthermore, he observes more sensation, an improved balance and also massive improvement in his core muscles.

Mr. Mariadhass Barnabas I Tamilnandu India I Spinal cord Injury & Motor Neurone Disease I by Stem Cell Therapy

Hi, my father’s name is Mr. Mariadhass Barnabas. We are from the state of Tamil Nadu. He was suffering from spinal cord injury and also motor neuron disease. He was also detected with multiple sclerosis disease some 4 years back. My father was in deep pain because of all of these problems. His life has been very tough. I, being his son, decided to do something to cure all his problems, I had heard about the stem cell therapy and its miraculous effects. So, I started searching on the internet and after a rigorous research, I found that Stem Cell Care India is the best place to get stem cell treatment. The stem cell surgery of my father at Sarvodya hospital went very good and we are just waiting for the improvements to show up as soon as possible. We are satisfied with the treatment and the staff of the hospital. The staff assisted us in a very cooperative and good manner. They offered us all the vital facilities and accommodation they arranged for was also very nice.

Tammy Came to India for Spinal Cord Treatment

We were driving home from my 23rd birthday party when the chauffeur took a curve too speedily and lost control over the car. The car twirled around, crushed and landed on its roof. I was sitting in the commuter’s seat and was not wearing a seatbelt. So, consequently, I flew out off the side window and landed on the blacktop with my spine and my head. My injuries were virtually lethal and I was in a coma for 2 days and have no reminiscence of the next 4-5 weeks after the accident. My head and lungs were incapacitated, my collarbone, pelvis and left leg were broken, my spleen had to be removed and the doctors at the initial hospital performed a few operations. Regrettably, the doctors made the final decision not to operate my spine, as they assumed that the cord had been cut altogether. 11 days later, after I was relocated to a specialty clinic in Hungary, the surgeons there saw that the cord was not cut, but simply pressed by a bone. This meant that, I would not have been paralyzed, had the decompression surgery taken place straightaway. My life had altered, I was in a wheelchair and I was in lots of pain, but I was enthusiastic to improve my situation and actually focused all of my energy on my physiotherapy program rather than anger and trepidation.

I received my first stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India in May 2011. The stem cells were introduced via lumbar puncture. The whole experience, from the first pick up at the airport, to the specialized medical treatment and responsive service and care, was very satisfying. I had been told that improvement could be anticipated within the next 6 months. After around 4 months, I began to feel that my muscles were getting exhausted when working out during physiotherapy. I saw it as a very optimistic sign that my brain received signals from a part of my body that was paralyzed and without sensation for the last 5 years! Ultimately my spasms have amplified and I steadily started to feel pain in my toes and complete legs, but most of all, I could feel that my legs were moving during physiotherapy.

Stepheny Came to India for the Treatment of Spinal Cord Injury

Like innumerable other girls, Stepheny dreamt of being a model and actress. However, unlike them, she was left wheelchair-bound after a voyage to India in 2005. The American of Indian-origin was hospitalized for months, where she glided in and out of coma whilst struggling for her life. The diagnosis was chronic transverse myelitis, an inflammatory ailment that results in spinal cord injury. Rather than abandoning her career ambitions, Stepheny was strong-minded to recuperate and underwent three rounds of stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India to recoup flexibility in her limbs. After five years of extensive treatment, Stepheny can now walk using a support and can perform everyday errands self-reliantly. Competing in a beauty pageant called Miss Wheelchair India last year was a step towards following her desires. The 22-year-old is presently an online blogger and is energetically auditioning for roles in the Bollywood industry.

Stepheny’s story is one powered by determination and catalyzed by revolutionary improvements in medicine. Stem cell treatment is one such procedure that has given hope to many folks with chronic disorders that were once considered fatal. Disorders such as ataxia, autism, cerebral palsy and muscular dystrophy are some of the many that can now be treated using stem cells. With StemCellCareIndia’s extensive history of offering stem cell banking and protocols, over thousands of patients worldwide have been given a new lease on life. The combination of stem cell treatment and extensive restoration therapy at the clinic has stemmed in noteworthy improvements in patients. For some, it means they have gained the aptitude to walk, speak, interact with others or even see again. For folks such as Stepheny, the sky can once again be the limit.

Farid Ahmad stem cell treatment for Spinal Cord

I am Farid Ahmad from Pakistan 49 years old person suffering from Spinal cord 2 years back and contacted to all the best possible Doctor in Pakistan but there is no relief and my brother contacted to StemCellCareIndia team for the same. Doctor are well experience in stem cell therapy and management coordination is very good from the date of inquiry to till the treatment done. I am very happy after the treatment.

Mathew Stem Cell Treatment for spinal cord

I am father of Mathew wade from South Africa, he was a healthy man 5 year ago and suddenly he got a series accident while traveling through car for some business visit and suffers from Spinal Cord injury. I was searching on internet for the treatment of spinal cord surgery in India and fond StemCellCareIndia while searching. SCCI Stem cell therapy team helped us to get the advantage of stem cell therapy and now I am very happy and can go anywhere without any help. Hospital are well equipped and Dr. are very knowledgeable.