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Limitations of Stem Cell Treatment

The uncertainties surrounding stem cell treatments still exists.

  • This research may pose unpleasant effects and negative interference with nature and other elements.
  • If the cell extraction is done from a donor, there are chances that the cells may be rejected by the patient’s body. It narrows down to the fact that the reaction to the stem cells by the patient’s body is unknown.
  • The desire to provide cure for the incurable disease may pave ways for evil plans to mature. Some individuals may use this knowledge for wrong reasons.
  • Adult stem cells are available in restricted quantities. Hence, the identification and isolation of stem cells in large numbers for therapeutic application may be difficult.

Despite the limitations and uncertainties, what we do know that thousands of patients worldwide have opted for stem cell therapies, and a majority of people have benefited from it. The best part of the treatment is that it does not have any negative impact on the symptoms or medical condition whatever.

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