Can Cerebral Palsy be Treated Effectively With Stem Cells?

Cerebral palsy is an ailment which hampers the physical movement. This specific disorder is seen in newborn which starts to affect the baby’s life in the first year and affects the body equilibrium, body posture after a while. There is no perpetual cure devised yet for cerebral palsy, but there are numerous treatments which aid in improving the body functionality of the patient suffering from this complaint. Cerebral palsy is an umbrella term for the effects of impairment to a developing brain by numerous causes. It is associated with an array of symptoms, including muscle weakness and movement difficulties. The mutilation to the brain generally befalls early on in its development, either in the baby during pregnancy or during the phase soon after birth.

Can Cerebral Palsy be Treated with Stem Cells?

Mesenchymal stem cells from umbilical cord are considered to be universal donor cells since they are not instantaneously recognized as foreign. The cells home to impaired tissue and are known to secrete molecules called trophic factors. Trophic factors from mesenchymal stem cells are identified to arouse repair of impaired nervous tissue in both the brain and the spinal cord. Some of these are neurotrophic factors that encourage neuronal growth, encourage new blood vessel growth, neurogenesis and astroglial activation, inspire synaptic connection and axonal remyelination, reduce programed cell death and also regulate microglial activation. Mesenchymal stem cells arouse brain repair after stroke and traumatic brain injury. For more information on cerebral palsy stem cell treatment in India, you can visit StemCellCareIndia.


Learn About the Future Hopes of Stem Cell Treatment

From a number of years, doctors have used stem cells of the skin for growing skin grafts, which are used for treating severe burns and maximum of the centers offering this type of treatment use this kind of Stem cell treatment for patients suffering from liver diseases that are life threatening. Research to improve this method is still on. Currently, this kind of stem cell therapy is considered very efficacious and safe. However, the scope of stem cell treatment for liver diseases in Delhi intensifying with clinical trials, where stem cells are used for redeveloping battered tissues of the bone, heart, liver and also to treat organ cancers and blood ailments.

Future hopes of the treatment

Some of the progressive research and trials on stem cell treatment aims to cure liver, skin as well as bone injuries and ailments from the cells of the linked organs. The scope of this treatment is still progressing and not all the treatment techniques have been acknowledged safe, but with targeted investigation and studies carried on with progressively more patients, these procedures will expectantly get the approval of regulatory authorities. In fact, stem cell treatment in India is also getting prevalent amid patients with severe burns and injuries of bone. Some of the progressive research and trials on stem cell treatment aims to cure corneal, skin as well as bone injuries and diseases using mesenchymal cells from the cells of the related organs.

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Autism Cure is Possible Now With Stem Cells!

The booming incidences of autism spectrum complaints in younger population can advocate the critical need for better treatment of kids with autism. Autism is an assemblage of disorder, principally distinguished by substantial irregularity in social proportions like communication, interaction, etc. The studies have recommended some of the common indications, such as but not restricted to hypoxia in certain regions of the brain and chronic inflammatory stimulation.

Autism is a neurological disorder, related with the debilitated cognitive functions of the brain. The ailment is known to be a developmental syndrome, universally associated with impaired brain cells; which are halting a communication between the brain and its reasoning functions. Because of this issue, autistic child has completely a different world. The kid develops a different insight to see, hear and interact with the folks around him. This can be considered as an all-time issue and can never be treated with conventional rehabilitative methodology. Some of the ordinarily reported complains about autistic kids can be listed as anger, nervous behavior, abridged social interactions, mood swings, loss of appetite, etc. Stem cells are known to be exclusive, predators capable of segregating into cells of any ancestry if directed accordingly. This property of stem cells can be used for treating multiplicity of degenerative diseases; autism spectrum complaint can be one of them. The studies have confirmed that mesenchymal stem cells present inside the human body, have the quality to segregate into cells of neurological origin.

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How Can You Make Your Kid Get Rid of Cerebral Palsy?

To even advocate there might be such a thing as a “cerebral palsy cure” only a handful of years ago would assuredly have summoned a hurricane of criticism and even condemnation from doctors, researchers and the media. But today, this is not believed as an impossible dream or something on the peripheral. Progresses in biomedical science, particularly with respect to the use mesenchymal stem cells, holds great capacity for turning the tables on some facets of cerebral palsy (CP) such as spasticity.

Cerebral palsy is one of those ailments which have been irredeemable since ages but now this chronic disease is repairable. In case your kid is a prey to this ailment, then stem cell therapy is there for your kid’s assistance. It is actually heart breaking to see a child unable to walk, inept to move like ordinary kids, even in some circumstances unable to talk or eat because of disorder identified as cerebral palsy. Since the introduction of this method, parents are now saving their broods’ umbilical cord at the time of the birth so that it can be used henceforth for the treatment. Every one of us knows that cells are the elementary building blocks of our bodies. Stem cells are also in us form the birth. These cells have two characteristics on the basis of which they can be distinguished from other categories of cells:

  • These cells can renovate themselves by growing into diverse types of new cells
  • They are able to replicate themselves on incessant basis

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Parkinson's Disease Treatment

All About Bone Marrow Transplant and Its Outcomes

Bone marrow transplant is a therapy that saves the lives of individuals suffering from lethal sicknesses such as cancer, but like all transplants, it is suffering from deficiency of donors. The role of the marrow is to yield all the formed components of the blood i.e. red blood cells (or erythrocytes), platelets (or thrombocytes) and white blood cells (or leucocytes). Usually, these cells are constantly rehabilitated via a stock of stem cells in the bone marrow, i.e., virgin cells which can evolve in all kinds of cell. This marrow is situated in the mid of long bones like the hummers in the arm and flat bones such as pelvic bone in the pelvis. It is very different from the spinal cord, which is portion of the nervous system sited in the channel formed by the heaping of the vertebrae.

Transplanting bone marrow: The hows and whys

A marrow transplant encompasses taking a sample of bone marrow from a donor and re-implanting it in a patient. Numerous ailments can be treated by this act. This is the situation of leukemia and lymphoma, since in these ailments; cancer cells attack the marrow and then avert it from functioning appropriately. This is also the case of aplasia in which bone marrow is no longer operative and no longer yields white blood and red blood cells. Finally, we can also make a transplant when a detrimental treatment destroys the bone marrow and consequently its cells.

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Stem Cells Can Promisingly Treat Muscular Dystrophy Disease!

Muscular dystrophy (MD) is a hereditary syndrome that causes feebleness in the muscles that consent your body to move. Patients that have MD have do not have the accurate information in their genes. This averts the body from making the appropriate proteins desirable for healthy muscles. Because muscular dystrophy is inherited, you have the problem at birth. You cannot catch it from another individual, so it is by no means transmissible.

The main problem with MD is that over time, it deteriorates the muscles. Because of this, kids, teens and grown-ups who have been detected with the disease will slowly lose their ability to do most of the things that we generally take for granted, such as walking around, standing or sitting up. The muscle complications can affect a baby or the signs might begin later in life and it is not rare for adults to develop the ailment.

Muscular Dystrophy is not just one syndrome. The term refers to a cluster of hereditary disorders that destroy the muscles and that differ from the age of commencement, the muscles that firstly attacked and the rate the ailment progresses. All of the kinds of muscular dystrophy have one common problem and that is the progressive feebleness and wasting of the body’s muscles.

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How Can Stem Cells Treat Osteoarthritis?

young woman runner hold her twisted ankle ** Note: Shallow depth of field

The most common category of arthritis is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is triggered by the untimely wearing-away of cartilage, the gristle that covers the ends of long bones. Osteoarthritis has a tendency for weight-bearing joints such as the neck, low back, hips and knees.

One of the regions that have gained scores of interest in topical years owing to its apparent augmented incidence and occurrence is osteoarthritis of the hip. Unlike osteoarthritis of the knee, there is very little association with obesity as far as the commencement of disease. However, once osteoarthritis has developed, deteriorating of symptoms happens with snowballing adiposity. There is also a link with prior trauma to the hip in addition to the presence of congenital aberrations that may incline the hip to early weakening. Amid these include a history of Legg-Calve-Perthes disease, hip dysplasia and any previous fracture. That being said, with the mounting number of baby-boomers, osteoarthritis of the hip is a substantial contributor to activity constraint.

Treatment, to date, has been chiefly symptomatic comprising analgesic and non-steroidal-anti-inflammatory drugs, glucocorticoid injections, massage, chiropractic and physical therapy. While surgical treatments are normally effective, they are irreparable and they do carry associated risks, some life-threatening. So, the exploration has been conducted to develop treatments that will be effective but also preserve the joint. One such methodology is the use of autologous stem cells. At StemCellCareIndia, It is the procedure which encompasses the use of autologous stem cells (a patient’s own stem cells) accompanied by autologous fat and growth factors has been moderately successful.

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liver disease treatment

How Can Stem Cells Prove to be Beneficial in the Treatment of Liver Diseases?

A problem with the liver is the fifth principal cause of death in this urbanized world. Although, human liver has a power of renewal; with the severe impairment to the liver, its aptitude to rejuvenate is lost. This loss of liver can invite various dangerous difficulties. The liver is the imperative organ of our body with multi functional qualities such as ingestion, sugar control, fat and cholesterol carrying accompanied by the toxic waste removal. It is also significant for metabolizing numerous drugs into active constituents. Thus, it is very tough for the body to cope with the functional impairment to liver. Numerous reasons of liver impairment can be viral attack such as Hepatitis, alcoholic liver infections such as fatty liver, liver cirrhosis, etc., primary liver cancers, primary Cholangitis as well as other autoimmune disorders.

stem cell therapy
Freshly, science of regenerative medicine has gained fabulous popularity in finding effective solutions for many life-threatening hitches such as liver damage. Stem cells are the young, master mind of body accountable for managing lost or impaired tissue specific cells. These stem cells are trustworthy owing to their aptitude to separate into variety of diverse cells upon signal activation. Human body has an earmarked quota of these mighty cells in each and every organ, which uphold the number of tissue specific cells undamaged by taking care of daily abrasion of the body. However, in an unhealthy condition, loss of cells is much more than their manufacturing, with the aid of resident stem cells and hence an external supply of stem cells is essential to empower the effect.

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Stem Cells Can Cure the Most Deadly Disease of All viz. Diabetes!

diabetes treatment

Diabetic stem cell research is breathing optimism into the pursuit for a cure, particularly for type 1 diabetes. Stem cell therapy for diabetes patient that reverses type 1 diabetes and then relieves type 2 diabetics as well might seem like a reverie. But approximately every day, there is some electrifying new thing researchers are reporting about this new type of cell. That is because all across the globe, scientists are reviewing them. But the controversy over the source of stem cells has dwarfed the subject. If you wish to know more about these cells, you can refer StemCellCareIndia.

What These Cells Are

Diabetic stem cell treatment for all of us may be far-flung, but it is a worthy idea to comprehend those cells themselves. As you know, every separate cell in your body has a specific job. Muscle cells pump blood in your heart and make you capable to walk. Nerve cells carry information to other body organs. A muscle cell cannot perform the function of a nerve cell. So, your cells cannot do anything other than what they are consigned to do. But, this was not always so. You began as a single cell that separated into many. At about five days old you were an embryo, and you were made up of some very distinctive cells. Over the next nine months those unspecialized cells would become tissues, organs, skin, hair and everything that makes up your body now.

How Can Stem Cells be Used to Cure Autism?


A life-changing human ailment, ASD or more universally known as Autism Spectrum Disorder, leaves one with an ineffectiveness that is demoralizing. Clinical studies on numerous family histories and twins have shown that some cases of ASD are hereditary. However, the majorities do not fall beneath this category and appears unexpectedly in young children sporadically or idiopathically. These days, stem cell Autism treatment in Delhi is gaining a lot of popularity. You can visit StemCellCareIndia to know more about this treatment.

Fundamentally, the therapy encompasses hosting new cells into parts of tissue that have been impaired. Since stem cells have the aptitude to self-renew this offers a potential to take unhealthy tissues and replace them. It is possible that the future might open the door for them to one day help in improving those individuals who have been identified with autism. Stem cells have the capability to develop into a diverse type of cell, occasionally to many diverse types. These exist in our bone marrow, our brain and below our skin. It is challenging to comprehend how they work and what they can do. Any parent considering taking their child for such treatment should first do a substantial research. Understanding this therapy necessitates more than simply understanding some terms, it needs an education in and of its own. Thus, this specific treatment for autism may have a phenomenal deal to offer in the future. Double-check that you comprehend everything: carcinogenic transformation, pluripotent stem cells, viral vectors, autologous embryonic stem cells and the rest.