Pradeep from Andhra Pradesh Came Delhi for Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

Having undergone a stroke, 48-year-old Pradeep from Andhra Pradesh could neither speak nor walk for the past five months. Detected in his own city, he was in instantaneous requirement for an appropriate treatment that would release him from the fetters of paralysis. Then, his son, in search for a comprehensive stroke stem cell treatment, contacted the team of Stem Cell Care India and they arrived here in Delhi. His son choose SCCI as the last alternative and hope for his father’s treatment and he does not regret that decision as his father is benefited out of the stem cell therapy given by the team of Stem Cell Care India. With all these healthy and positive lifetime experience at SCCI, he is going to recommend this facility in India to everybody seeking medical treatment for themselves or for their closed ones.

Jacob Came India for Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

28-year-old Jacob suffered from weakness on the right side of his body and also experienced trouble in speaking while he was coming back from office. A brain MRI scan at a nearby hospital displayed that he had an ishchemic stroke because of decreased blood supply. After a couple of surgeries and treatment sessions, he and his wife decided to fly donw to India for stroke stem cell treatment. The crew of SCCI has been very helpful to book appointments with the best doctors in India. They did not have to be terrified of anything. The SCCI team was very professional too. He says, “We did not envisage that our medical trip could be so hassle -free. I contemplate myself fortunate to have communicated with Stem Cell Care India. They are the right folks for anybody looking for taking up a treatment in India.” After the treatment, the patient has now recuperated his limb power, has presented significant progress in speech and is also safe from future strokes.

Taylor, 64 years Came to India from UK to Get Stroke Stem Cell Treatment

It happened in May 2003. I was on my way into my bedroom when I precipitously collapsed. Luckily, my wife comprehended that I had had a stroke and instantaneously called for the emergency doctor. I was examined at the hospital. It demonstrated my wife’s fears were correct. I was administered diverse drugs to try and stop the bleeding in my brain. Sometime around midnight, the bleeding eventually stopped. I had to remain in intensive care for three more days then I was shifted to the observation ward. After two more days, I was shifted to a regular ward. I had lost the capability to swallow and so I had to be tube-fed. I also had lost my capability to speak; I was only capable of some few, short words. Immediately after the stroke I could not sit. I felt dreadful and I had lost all hope that I would get better, particularly as I suffered from relentless headaches.

Then, I decided to go in for stem cell treatment in India. I went to Stem Cell Care India and there, after diagnosing me, they started with the treatment. Extraction of stem cells and injection of the stem cells was entirely without problems. Astonishingly, there were no headaches at all instantaneously after I woke up from the anesthetic. After some days I had another surprise. I was able to put part of my impaired foot on the ground and few days later I could put the entire foot down flat. The following six weeks showed further improvement. Talking became a lot easier. The words started to come back and my vocabulary widened speedily. Steadily, I found it easier to keep my balance and I was able to walk progressively. Regaining the capability to speak and walk aided me to return to my old life. I am relishing it so much and I am very appreciative. When I think back of the days in hospital when I thought my skirmish was in vain.

Marie Visited India for Getting Treatment of Her Stroke Problems

On August 20th, 2014, Marie experienced a cramp in her head and she fell to the ground. When she tried to stand up again, she had no feelings or sensations in her left arm and leg. She collapsed and an epileptic seizure followed. Marie stayed in the hospital for 5.5 months. In 2015, her doctors told her that only partial improvements were to be anticipated and that she had to learn to accept her life as it was. Marie began to look for substitute therapies and was informed by her family in 2015 end about different treatment options. She decided to go for stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India hospital.

It was recommended by the doctors at Stem Cell Care India that they should implement the stem cell treatment via minimum invasive surgery straight into her brain. On February 18th, 2016, Marie was treated. She accepted the processes very well, experiencing only some degree of side-effects. After the surgery, she felt exhausted and had a light headache. However, all side-effects were provisional and gone after 4 to 5 days. After only 4 days, Marie’s spasticity lessened. Her hands were more flexible and less rigid. After one week retrieval, Marie went back to school again; completely recovered from the surgery. After a couple of months, she noticed more improvements. Marie could use her elbow better and had improved fine motor utilities. Currently, she walks better; using her feet completely and not just her toes. Marie was recommended to start supplementary NCS therapy. NCS (Neuro Cell Stimulation Therapy) is a specialized rehabilitation program, particularly designed to complement stem cell therapy.

Junaid Khan from Afghanistan came to india for stem cell treatment of Stroke

I am Wasim Khan Son of Mr. Junaid who was suffering from Stroke from last 3 years. I am the student of Medical science and was aware the advantage of stem cell therapy but due to high cost of stem cell therapy did not contact any stem cell therapy. One day during the surfing of Internet facebook post the low cost stroke treatment in India. I sent the email to stem cell care India team for the further detail of stroke treatment through stem cell therapy. We received all the detail and cost was very affordable and we came in India for the treatment. Result have seen in the matter of 2 month now my father is not requires botox in his thigh, his speech has improved and now speaking a lot clearer.

Memon from USA came to india for stem cell treatment of Stroke

I am Memon from USA suffering from stroke from December 2010. I was living continuously fear and was difficult to me to phase my family. One day my wife friend told her about the treatment of stem cell therapy for stroke in India. She contacted to Stem cell care India and got the complete details in next 24 hours along with VISA Processing; in span of one month we reached India and get the treatment of stem cell therapy on 26th March 2016 via minimum invasive procedure in stem cell care India hospital.

I am extremely delight for caring me during the treatment of whole stem cell care India team specially Doctor who was treating and gave me my new life and i feed much better.