Nakup Kipa Came Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment of Osteoarthritis

Hi, I am Tani Kipa. I am brother of Nakup Kipa who is undergoing stem cell therapy in India. We are from
Arunachal Pradesh. Nikup’s problem started around thirty years back when he was in school. He started
facing some issues while riding his bicycle at that time. We were not aware much about the treatment,
so we gave him basic clinical treatment and he carried on with his life. When he was 20 in 2018 during
his service, he had to walk a lot because of the nature of his job as he used to visit different sites. He
then started experiencing some pain in his right hip. He then went through MRIs and other test and the
orthopedician detected him with osteoarthritis. The team of doctors suggested him to opt for total hip
replacement. We did a lot of research on various treatment choices and then came to know about stem
cell therapy. After a few consultations with the crew of SCCI, we decided to opt for stem cell treatment
via SCCI. We have come here and we were satisfied with the way they handled our case. Hope my
brother gets well soon and we are quite positive about it.

Poonam from Dubai Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Osteoarthritis

I am Poonam from Dubai. I had a complete ACL and meniscus tear. We decided to go through the stem cell treatment in India as it was one of the finest treatment options available for my condition and we gave them our sanction to fly down to India. An official greeted us at the airport and took us to the hospital. We met the surgeon who was to carry out the treatment. He was a sympathetic person and I was awestruck with the way he studied my case. He made us feel comfy. He cleared all our qualms and apprehensions before the treatment. Stem cells saved me from undergoing surgery and arthritis. I feel like I never had the ACL dithering. I can turn my knees and feel that I can do any kind of movement of workout with my legs. I have to say that I have been most enthralled by your overall professional methodology and the advantage that I have gotten from the injection in my knee.

Jennifer from England Came in for Stem Cell Treatment of Orthopedic

Jennifer has suffered from advanced osteoarthritis in both of her knees for last 9 years. She had tried several customary treatments options to try to alleviate the pain. Ms. Jennifer had until that time tried physical therapy, bracing, chiropractic treatments, massage, acupuncture and numerous other injections. Even in combination, these treatments were not adequate and her pain kept on increasing. As her pain and anxiety of falling augmented, she decided it was time to seek some additional treatment. She decided to go through stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. The stem cell process was like a cakewalk to her as compared to a knee replacement. Once the treatment got started, she felt a little bit uncomfortable but subsequently nothing painful happened. Her knee on the second day was 100% better than the first day when her treatment just started. The outcome has been extraordinary – beyond her wildest dreams. The pain has by now gone, her strength and flexibility has returned and also there is a boost in her confidence.

Chapel from Brazil Came in for Stem Cell Treatment of Orthopedic

Chapel from Brazil has always been active in sports and a workout fanatic. In 2010, a wear on his left knee had instigated the condition of ACL. Chapel has referred an orthopedic surgeon, who confirmed the diagnosis and suggested surgical intervention. He had a complete ACL and meniscus tear. Stem cell treatment at SCCI saved him from getting operation and arthritis. He feels like he never had the ACL torn. He says “I can bend my knees now and feel that I can do any kind of movement of workout with my legs. I have to say that I have been most awe-struck by your overall professional methodology and the advantage that I have gotten from the stem cell inoculation in my knee and also my shoulder.”

Simon from England Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopedic and Erectile Dysfunction

My name is Simon and I travelled from England to India regarding orthopedic and erectile dysfunction treatment. After undergoing the treatment at Stem Cell Care India, all I can say about the hospital is that it is highly professional hospital. I am very happy with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I found out that I am getting healed very speedily. I have all the praises for the staff of Stem Cell Care India. Furthermore, I am very happy with the services provided. The accommodation is very good and the staff is very friendly and approachable. The Stem Cell Care India is superb and it has got be rid of my problems for life. Thanks a lot team!

Somnath Roy from Kolkata Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Orthopedic Disorder

Hi, I am Somnath Roy from Kolkata. I belong to Delhi as I reside here. I had some cartilage issue that was making my life somehow very difficult. I had tried many treatment options but wasn’t getting much relief. Then, after exploring the internet, I got to know about Stem Cell Care India. I wrote to them about my problem and to my surprise, they replied in a very quick and prompt way. They recommended me to undergo stem cell treatment for my orthopedic disorder. I decided to undergo this treatment in a hope to get relief soon. After that, I had a discussion with Dr. Madhav who is from Mumbai and he told me that they have a procedure of bone marrow transplantation for my treatment. I consulted him and decided to undergo this specific treatment. Upon admittance on the hospital, my procedure started 6 am in the morning and it was a 2 hours process. They injected the stem cells from my bone marrow for the treatment of my cartilage. After that, I was discharged from the OT and they provided me with some multivitamin medicines. Post treatment, I am stable now. I got rid of my pain and I expect to recover fully in the coming 3 months. The doctors at Stem Cell Care India are very supportive and they even recommended me regular physiotherapy sessions.

Philip Came to India for the Treatment of Knee Arthritis via Stem Cell Treatment

I have been an active sportsperson all my life and recurrently relished water skiing, tennis, alpine skiing and jogging. I have suffered from periodic knees problems for the past 9 years. The first problem in my left knee appeared in 2001 with a knee-locking disease. An arthroscopy indicated that my femur’s condyle cartilage was impaired, so the treating doctor proceeded with debridement and some Pridie drilling. I was okay and devoid of pain for the next 5 years and I was able to sustain my pre-treatment activity levels. The post-treatment MRI indicated a distinct reduction of the subchondral edema. However, severe knee pain returned in 2013 and the MRI showed further worsening of the cartilage. In February 2014, I decided to continue with a mesenchymal cells treatment; a very convoluted and delicate surgery which lasted about 10 hours at Stem Cell Care India. During this process, mesenchymal cells from my own body were implanted.

The post-treatment MRI indicated a distinctive decrease of the subchondral edema. Before my stem cell treatment, I was neither able to walk nor drive a car without pain medicine. I instantaneously stopped taking the pain medicine after therapy and my pain lessened. I was able to run 50 meters a few weeks ago, which is an incredible progress for me. The staff at the clinic was very welcoming, resourceful and overall I quite relished the week. Overall, I am very pleased with the outcome so far. Equated to the more invasive, time-consuming, physically draining surgical options that were offered to me, stem cell therapy seems to be a minimally invasive, cost-effective process that has brought me admirable outcomes.

Mandy Visited India from Ireland for Her Treatment of Osteoarthritis

I live in Ireland. At age of about 27 years, I met with an accident and smashed my right ankle. The chief damage was to the talus, which was crushed. I also impaired my back. Firstly, I had the talus put together with 3 screws but discomfort was severe when walking. So four years later, I had the upper ankle joints bonded using some bone from my hip. This was ok, but steadily, walking became more challenging and I took up windsurfing as my only energetic sport. Over the years, the residual articulation in the foot became constrained and I impaired it numerous times windsurfing, predominantly 2 years ago, when a high-impact jump ensued in nearly permanent pain. Sleep typically required a half bottle of wine or at times more, but I continued to windsurf. Over the last 2 years, I never went through airports without supports and even on windsurfing trips I used crutches to get around when in the water.

Mr. Lobo a pro windsurfer told me about some person he knew who got stem cell treatment for a knee problem and so my husband investigated it. I went to a leading foot surgeon soon after the damage 2 years ago and he gave me no optimism of any improvement. So, as a substitute to amputation or completely fusing the ankle joints, I decided to try stem cell treatment. Overall, I am very, very satisfied with the result so far. I got in touch with Stem Cell Care India and went there in September 2010. The procedure took one week: tests day 1, umbilical cord stem cells extraction day 2, x-ray scans day 3, stem cell injection into joints day 5 and flight home day 6. On the morning after treatment, I found my incessant pain was completely gone. At this phase, I had been using crutches round-the-clock for the past 2 years; except around the house or workplace. Now, just 10 weeks later, I don’t need the crutches for any usual activity and while I used crutches for a recent flight, I didn’t feel that I actually needed them. I don’t have the pain any longer and while I still have a poor foot, I feel that it is as good as it was before my mishap 2 years ago.

Jamshed Ahmed Bangladesh came in India for Stem Cell Therapy of Osteoarthritis

I am the son Jamshed Ahmed 66 year old was suffering from osteoarthritis from last 5 years and day by day his condition is of his ankles worsened. He experienced pain during walking and bending, stiffness in the jip and knees. Now due to age i was not interested for any kind of the surgery. I was searching online about stem cell therapy for osteoarthritis conditioned and contacted to stem cell care India for more details about the treatment. We Came in India after getting complete details by SCCI and got the treatment Mesenchymal Stem Cells derived from wharton’s jelly of human umbilical cord and platelet rich Plasma (PRP). He received an injection of each of adequate cells through intra articular route. Now he is able to walk without any help and taking stairs have become less painful.

Humayun Ashraf from Pakistan came in India for Stem Cell Therapy of Psoriatic –Arthritis

Patient Humayun Ashraf 39 years old from Pakistan has been suffering from psoriatic – Arthiris and he had already taken so many treatments in Pakistan, USA. The patient had tried all the available treatment which is available in Pakistan. He decided to come in India for the stem cell therapy by the help of stemcellcareindia. He admitted 6th June 2016 in the hospital for the stem cell therapy and has given 4 injections by intravenous route. Currently Patient was able to walk without any help. Overall Improvement in the quality of life and further follow up is underway.