Meghan Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Eye Disorders

After being inept to walk liberally without bashing on objects and harming herself, Meghan was detected with serious eye disorders, a condition which fast-tracks the degeneration of the visual field. Patients with this condition experience snowballing loss of vision and might feel as if they are looking via a telescope because of the restricted range of visualization. Before arriving in India at SCCI, she was very exhausted owing to the job. Physically, she felt very overwrought and exhausted. Now after five days of treatment, she feels more comfortable and much superior. Before visiting Stem Cell Care India, Meghan’s vision was principally distorted; this stopped her from being able to see much. However, only five weeks after getting stem cell treatment for eye disorders from the facilities in India, her vision became stronger than before, permitting her to observe objects around her and be able to walk more self-reliantly.

Mary from Hungary Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Optic Nerve Atrophy

Mary from Hungary has suffered from visual damage all her life, but her diagnosis of optic nerve atrophy and other worsening conditions united with a lack of treatment options was very upsetting. That all changed when Mary and her husband saw Stem Cell Care India on the internet that further deepened their decision to travel to India for the upcoming stem cell treatment for curing this disease. Both husband and wide want to thank the team of SCCI, India for providing world-class treatment facilities. Post-treatment, Mary was able to experience better vision capabilities and her condition improved massively after that. The team of SCCI is very helpful and they helped Mary see the world again with a new positive outlook. Mary is really appreciative of the team.

Victoria Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Eye Disorders

After encountering a car accident in eighth grade, Victoria developed optic nerve atrophy (ONA), which instigated her vision to worsen over quite a lot of years to the point where she had to leave her much-loved job. She first started losing her vision superficially. This was a very slow and steady procedure. She was still able to partake routinely in sports and curriculums in high school. After high school, when she graduated, she had my first central vision loss. Then she decided to opt for stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. She feels much better in her vision after she went in for the treatment.

Kelly living in Texas Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Optic Nerve Atrophy

After encountering a bike accident in college, Kelly living in Texas developed Optic Nerve Atrophy (ONA), which triggered her vision to worsen over numerous years to the point where she had to quit from her job as well. ONA is a mild to severe impairment to the optic nerve that can unpleasantly affect central vision, peripheral vision and color vision. In Kelly’s case, she suffered head trauma in the accident and soon after experienced an eccentric sensation. Her vision damage was not abrupt, but advanced over time. She first began losing her visualization peripherally. This was a very sluggish and a steady process. She was still able to partake normally in sports and classes in high school. The outcome was an improvement in her visual insight, from being able to see zilch to being able to notice light. It was concluded that she suffered from ONA. Then, her family decided to take her to India for stem cell treatment. They came here via SCCI and now, after the treatment, she is relay doing well. There can be massive improvements seen in her vision.

Ms. Katy Came To India For Undergoing Stem Cell Therapy For Optic Nerve Atrophy

Ms. Katy from Africa, a 29 year old female patient is suffering from Optic Nerve Atrophy since past 1 year. The patient exhibited characteristic symptoms of the disease including loss of central vision and weakening peripheral vision. Her left eye was affected more than the right eye. Upon inspection, it was found that the vision in the left eye was 6/60 and in the right eye was 6/12. The patient had heard a lot about the stem cell therapy for optic nerve atrophy and she agreed to undergo Autologus Bone Marrow with Adipose Tissue Stem Cell transplant after she contacted Stem Cell Care Inda. It was decided that the cells will be uprooted Intravitreal and through Retrobulbar inoculation only in the left eye. It was also decided that any residual quantity of the cells will be injected via IV to the patient accompanied by growth factors. After the treatment was completed, she was free of her disease and was able to live a healthy life again. She is very grateful to the team of SCCI for all they have done for her.

Paul Sherlock from Great Britain Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Optic Nerve

Hi, I am Paul Sherlock from Great Britain. I came to India for getting the treatment of Optic Nerve problem. I was having the problem of anterior optic ischemic neuropathy which basically meant that my optic nerve got damaged and died and therefore, it didn’t function to its optimal level. All the doctors I consulted before told me clearly that there isn’t any fail-safe treatment for my problem. So, I looked through the internet and found about stem cell treatment. I found out about the Stem Cell Care India for the treatment. I was a great experience for me to come to India and get treatment at Stem Cell Care India. It has been very smooth sailing experience with this hospital by far. When I came to India, their staff picked me up from the airport. It is a big and quite noble hospital. I started the treatment within an hour of coming here. Stem cells were injected in my body and I got healed of my problem. I am thankful to the staff of Stem Cell Care India.

Andy from Africa Came to India for Treatment of Optic Nerve Dystrophy

Andy from Africa, a 28 year old female patient, is suffering from hereditary form of disease known asOptic Nerve Dystrophy. The patient exhibited typical symptoms of the ailment including loss of central vision and waning peripheral vision. Her right eye was affected more than the left eye. Upon checkup, it was found that the vision in the right eye was 6/60 and in the left eye was 6/12. The patient agreed to undergo mesenchymal stem cell treatment in India. It was decided that the cells will be transplanted Intravitreal and through Retrobulbar inoculation only in the right eye. It was also decided that any residual quantity of the cells will be given via IV to the patient accompanied by growth factors.Just about 170ML of Bone Marrow was extracted from the patient from the iliac crust and just about 200ML of it was extracted from the belly region in OT setting. Patient tolerated the processes well under local anesthesia and sedation.

Stem Cells were separated from the sources at Stem Cell Care India’sultra-modern lab and final volume of 4ML adipose tissue SVF and 6ML of bone marrow concentrate was conveyed back to hospital in sterile, temperature controlled method. Once in the hospital, 0.1ML of adipose stem cell solution was given Intravitreal in the right eye and residual solution was given via Retrobulbar injection. Bone Marrow concentrate accompanied by plasma growth factors were vaccinated via IV. Patient tolerated the techniques well without any grievances and was discharged the same night. Patient presented herself for follow up 48 hours after the process and local inspection revealed normal eye compression and no ostensible discomposure. Patient reported slight fogginess in vision which is to be anticipated. Patient was able to effortlessly pass the finger counting test and the vision stood at the same position where it was before the process. Patient presented herself for follow up 10 days post process. The mistiness in the vision was nearly gone and the patient was able to read the eye chart to the third line which she was not able to do before the process. Examination revealed steady eye pressure and perfection of vision to 6/24.

Mr. Janual Visited India for the Treatment of his Eye Disorders

About ten years ago, when my ophthalmologist told me that I had the earliest signs of Macular Degeneration, I knew what that meant and knew that I had to formulate myself for the possibility of the loss of the major share of my sight. I took the recommended vitamins and minerals, ate accordingly and did research to see if there was anything that could be done to preserve that valuable gift of sight.In the fall of 2009, in email conversations with my brother, I became cognizant of the likelihood of stem cell therapy. Research on the Internet produced numerous options. Consequently, in November 2009, my wife and I flew to the clinic where the implantation of stem cells from my own bone marrow was done. The removal of bone marrow was not at all painful, nor was the embedding of the resultant stem cells. I was very dreadful that I would not be able to bear such techniques, but it was not so. No fear, no aching. The following day my eyes were enflamed and bloodshot and I could see the world only through minute slits. I was concerned, but consolation was at hand and I was appreciative that my wife was with me even though I could have coped alone.

Mr. Hakeem Afghanistan came in India for Stem Cell Therapy

Mr. Hakeem 52 year’s male from Afghanistan was the patient of ONA from last 2 years. He was able to seen only 20% in his right eyes. He contacted to stemcellcareindia team to help.

SCCI marketing team sent the details in next 24 hours and now I am very happy for looked after myself with such love and care, I will never forget their kindness. Hello to Mr. Imjran (no pain, normal). A special thanks to Dr. with much love and best wishes for his future. And thank them from the bottom of my heart for their kindness and caring.

Paul from Australia came to india for stem cell treatment of optic nerve atrophy

Hi I am suffering from glaucoma and produced for the atrophy of the optic nerve by 60% and the cause of glaucoma Qatar containing Kurtizon this dreaded undergone the disease got the process of discharge fluid of the eye Monday and intraocular pressure enrolled and produced the process of glaucoma for White Water in the eye and underwent the process of cataract in the right eye was conducted the process of cataract in the left eye after because the ratio Cataract few use now 2 Tzim intraocular pressure and stable pressure drop but the vision was affected Is there treat me using stem cells for the treatment of optic nerve atrophy. StemcellcareIndia helped for the treatment of my conditioned and currently i am very better due to only the Mesenchymal stem cell therapy. Doctor injected my 4 doses of stem cell therapy including Intravenous, intrathecal injection and retrobulbar.

Thanks to help me the entire team of SCCI who helped to get the benefit of stem cell therapy.