Dhan devi Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

Dhan devi is 37 years in age and she had been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes. When she decided to opt for stem cell therapy at Stem Cell Care India, she was admitted in the hospital. She was given 5 injections of mesenchymal stem cells. All the injections were given by IV route. Total of 100 million cells were injected, each injection containing 25 million cells. Mrs. Dhandevi used to have pain in her whole body before the treatment. However, after treatment, she is quite happy and is able to get rid of the pain. She is able to live a happy and normal life. Before the treatment, her sugar level used to be 200 plus, but, after the treatment it dropped to 110. There is no swelling and inflammation in her feet now and also she is getting better in health. She is very happy with the team of the hospital.

Reshma Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 1

My name is Simon and I travelled from England to India regarding orthopedic and erectile dysfunction treatment. After undergoing the treatment at Stem Cell Care India, all I can say about the hospital is that it is highly professional hospital. I am very happy with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I found out that I am getting healed very speedily. I have all the praises for the staff of Stem Cell Care India. Furthermore, I am very happy with the services provided. The accommodation is very good and the staff is very friendly and approachable. The Stem Cell Care India is superb and it has got be rid of my problems for life. Thanks a lot team!

Hussain from Saudi Arabia Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 1

My grandson is 4.8 years old. His name is Hussain and we are from Saudi Arabia. Our life shattered when we came to know that he is suffering from diabetes Type 1 at such a tender and early age. We decided to opt for stem cell treatment so that he can get healed as soon as possible in a very safe and effective way. We admitted him in Stem Cell Care India for the treatment. After the treatment, my lil grandson is completely healed. The doctors at this hospital treated and operated him successfully. We are thankful to staff of Stem Cell Care India and we are very appreciative that they showed so much care and concern for us. Thanks everybody!

Mrs. Janis from UK Came to Delhi for Stem Cell Treatment for Diabetes Type 2

Hi, my friend Mrs. Janis is from UK. She is 71 years old. She was suffering from Diabetes Type 2 since many years. She was leading a very tough life due to this issue. I am her friend and I decided to accompany her for her stem cell treatment in India. She had decided to undergo stem cell treatment in India at Stem Cell Care India because of the low cost and high-quality treatment they assured of. After the treatment, she is pretty well now. We found the staff at Stem Cell Care India very friendly, supportive and kind. They are very good at speaking English as well. Overall, it was a very positive experience at Stem Cell Care India.

Mr. Jason Came to India from Auckland to Treat his Diabetes

Mr. Jason, 51 year old male, was suffering from unrestrained diabetes mellitus since past 15 years with featured diabetes neuropathy. He was encountering a problem with repeated urination, blurry vision, unbalanced sugar level in blood and extreme exhaustion. Moreover, the patient had a 9 years old history of hypertension and was on the medicines since then. He was struggling from the disease since past 20 years; he resolutely believed that by being austerely committed to the diet and nutritional reference; he could be able to cope up with the condition. However, he continued to be in ordeal as he could neither control his cravings nor could control his diabetes. Mr. Jason investigated a lot on the internet about diabetes and other existing problems he was suffering from. During one of his despairing searches, he came across Stem Cell Care India, providing stem cells based treatment for diabetes.

He is very happy that he could get help from StemCellCareIndia, which offered him stem cells treatment. It was like swiftly, you could find a piece of wood when you are fighting in the mid of the sea with treacherous storm! He wants to particularly point out that the treatment which was offered to him was a combinational methodology touching all the facets of diabetes related complications. With the assistance of adept team of experts and specialists, Mr. Jason had undergone professional examinations at our associated hospital. During inspections, his glycosylated hemoglobin (HbA1C) level was found to be 9.1%; signifying poorly controlled diabetes. Finally, as per the specialist’s suggestions, Mr. Jason had undergone stem cells infusions from his own mesenchymal cells. The entire treatment was a one day affair and our team was critically supporting Mr. Jason in the complete procedure and was discharged under acceptable condition.


Amrita Khurrana 09 Years old was ill. My child blood sugar level was high and she was doing urination frequently on a bed. It was diagnosed as Type 1 Diabetes. Doctor prescribed to give her insulin. But giving insulin to her was not a permanent solution. I was in search of a good treatment, and then i heard about Stem Cell Therapy. My child gone through Stem Cell Therapy after which intake of insulin slowly decreases and further stopped. Now his blood sugar level is also normal. We hearty thanks to STEM CELL CARE INDIA, NEW DELHI.

Mrs. Mariam Came to India for Finding a Solution for Her Diabetic Problem

I was first spotted with Type2 Diabetes in May 1990. For the following 18 years, I managed to keep my condition on a tight rein with diet, workout and tablets. My y HBA 1C readings were varying between 6 – 7.5. Steadily, the readings rose to 8+ for my 3 monthly HBA 1C. I tried increasing my activity, returning to the gym twice weekly in conjunction with my active lifestyle of walking, golf and physical toil on my agricultural property. The readings remained raised. I detected a drop in my blood sugar readings virtually instantaneously. I decided to do some investigation on the net and learnt that the Stem Cell Care India carried out stem cell transplantation in India. Comprehending that this was the way of the future and that there was a worthy chance that I might be a contender for this process, I made contact with this hospital. Arrangements were then made at the clinic in India for my stem cell extraction on June 13th 2011.

Well the June 13th soon came around for the stem cell extraction which was taken from my hip bone marrow, at this phase I admit to a feeling of minor uneasiness not knowing how things would go. This process was comparatively painless and only took approximately 20 minutes. Stem cells extracted were then processed with the finest quality to be transferred the following day by Angiography inoculation. This process went efficiently and was painless. I feel substantial improvement in my stamina level. I am cerebrally calm and feeling improved from within. Of course, I showed my commitment to the treatment; I followed all that was recommended by my doctors. Which I was doing earlier also, but this time my determinations got exhibited in my outcomes. After a health checkup, I was commented that by blood glucose metabolism is controlled and my HbA1C is now only 6.7%.

Mr Aiden Lucas, 62 yrs old , Diabetes Patient Story, Africa

Mr Aiden Lucas , 62 yrs old male was suffering from Diabetes mellitus since past 10 yrs which extended to affect blood vessels. His disease was featured with Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) and vascular diseases. He was facing weakness (flaccid paralysis), followed by increased muscle tone and spasticity. They may lose their gag reflex or ability to cough.

Regarding following all the restricted diet, medicine and exercise, he was not finding any improvement in himself. After then the patient was advised stem cell therapy by his doctor and he decided to come to India for his therapy.

Blood vessels are vital for the body and play a key role in diabetes helping to transport glucose and insulin. Blood vessels can be damaged by the effects of high blood glucose levels.

Peoples with diabetes face a greater risk of stoke which is also called cerebrovascular accident (CVA).Cerebrovascular disease refers to a group of conditions that affect the supply of blood to the brain, causing limited or no blood flow to the affected areas.

Patient was admitted for the umbilical cord tissue derived stem cell therapy along with a rehabilitation program. The mesenchymal stem cells derived from the umbilical cord tissue injected to the patient through intravenous (IV) injection in span of 5 days.

Details of the patient before and after treatment are shown below:-

Pre treatment diabetic complication


 Pre treatment  fasting glucose (g/L)


Post treatment fasting glucose (g/L)




Pre treatment HbA1C(%)


Post treatment HbA1C(%)
CVA, Vascular disease 130-220 89-142 8.7 6.5

Mohammad Salman Sheikh stem cell treatment for Diabetes Disorder

I was suffering from diabetes disorder from last 25 years have tried all the possible things to control my sugar level, from diet, exercise and medication. In July 2016 my close friend inform me about stem cell therapy for diabetic treatment. I contacted to stemcellcareindia to help me to get the advantage of stem cell therapy of my conditioned. They sent me all the detail in matter of 24 hours. Everything went smoothly and very soon i admitted in the hospital for the treatment.

The treatment started to take effect after one week, I could not believe it, my blood sugar shows lower reading and gradually reduced my medicine.