Shaorpa Konyak from Nagaland Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

My name is Simon and I travelled from England to India regarding orthopedic and erectile dysfunction treatment. After undergoing the treatment at Stem Cell Care India, all I can say about the hospital is that it is highly professional hospital. I am very happy with the treatment part. After undergoing the stem cell therapy, I found out that I am getting healed very speedily. I have all the praises for the staff of Stem Cell Care India. Furthermore, I am very happy with the services provided. The accommodation is very good and the staff is very friendly and approachable. The Stem Cell Care India is superb and it has got be rid of my problems for life. Thanks a lot team!

Sarala, 4 Years Old, Came to India for the Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Sarala is a 4 year old girl with an analysis of Ataxic Cerebral Palsy. She was born at 39 weeks because of a low fetal heart rate. We do not know what instigated the low fetal heart rate and we might never know. She appeared okay at birth but it became obvious over the next few months that there was something erroneous. She has microcephaly (small head boundary), trigonecephaly (her forward lobe is smaller in proportion to the rest of her brain occasioning in the metopoc sutures fusing prematurely), hypotonia (low muscle tone), apraxia, dysarthia and global developmental adjournments. She has been getting PT and OT services from about 7 months and speech from 16 months of age. She comprehends a great deal but her major trouble is motor planning and implementation and having her body do what she desires it to do. Only then, after many failed efforts, we planned to make her undergo stem cell treatment in India.

We found out about a hospital named Stem Cell Care India and were enthusiastic to learn that we would be able to securely remove stem cells from her own umbilical cord and re-inject into her spinal fluid. We felt comforted knowing that it was her own blood and that her body would not reject it, but we were of course concerned about whether her little body could handle the process and didn’t know what to anticipate. We booked the process when she was 23 months. The technique was very simple. Sarala went in for the first part, handled the anesthesia just okay and the process itself of extracting the bone marrow took no more than 30 minutes. After some hours, we went back to the hospital and had the second portion of the treatment in which they put her under and vaccinated the stem cells into her spinal fluid which also took not more than 15 minutes or so. She was completely fine and back to her normal happy self by that evening. We are very thankful to the team of experts at Stem Cell Care India.

Charlie, 12 Years old, Visited India from UK for Getting a Treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Charlie is 12 years old now. He was born prematurely but was healthy. Nevertheless, owing to an infection, he suffered from brain hypoxia (not sufficient oxygen) that caused a central nervous system lesion. This resulted in the under-development of his brain and consequently he had trouble accomplishing the physical and mental milestones at the same rate as a healthy kid. He had control of all his limbs but couldn’t walk independently. His eyesight was frail and his speech was restricted. He attended a school for kids with special needs. A visit to the doctor confirmed that Charlie had Cerebral Palsy. We heard about stem cell therapy from a colleague and found it encouraging. Upon reading further and after lots of discussion, we decided to go for stem cell treatment in India.

We came here and were welcomed by a friendly staff at Stem Cell Care India. Charlie underwent umbilical cord extraction after which the treated stem cells were vaccinated into spine via lumbar puncture. Some cells were even given intravenously. After 8 weeks of the treatment monitored by rigorous physiotherapy, we perceived a remarkable improvement in his eyesight. Even his immune system improved fabulously. We went back for treatment after 6 months. This occasioned in an improvement in his intellectual aptitude and his movement showed radical improvement. His grasp became better and he can now string words together. We are very grateful for this treatment. It has upgraded the quality of life for Charlie and we hope he gets better as time passes by.

Sameer Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Sameer is 10 years girl from Pakistan was diagnosed with cerebral palsy through Mesenchymal stem cell therapy which derived from human cord tissue. Sameer and his father traveled in India for stem cell therapy treatment after long discussion over a email and phone. Stemcellcareindia relationship manager helped them to provide all the detail for treatment of cerebral palsy. The treatment has showed positive results and now he can hold up upper half of his body. His grip became better. Sameer father said he is very happy and thankful for his child treatment.

Edina Abdala Son from Kenya came in India for stem cell treatment of Cerebral Palsy

Good evening sir, I am Edina Abdala from Kenya please I need information about stem cell therapy treatment. My Son is 2years and 3 months old. He doesn’t have perfect neck control, he cannot sit unsupported, he cannot walk or talk. He has not achieved any of his developmental milestones. He has severe jaundice three days after birth and blood transfusion was done twice, he’s been diagnosed of having cerebral palsy (dystonia) we have been going for physiotherapy, occupational and speech therapy still no result. Just saw your page now about stem cell treatment. I got the details very soon and came in India for stem cell therapy in Stem Cell Care India Hospital and after the 1 month of the treatment his control in his neck, he can walk and talk and slowly his development is started. I am very happy to get the treatment in India and specially the Doctor and all the supporting staff who helped me a lot during the treatment.

Neeta Arora Stem Cell Treatment for Cerebral Palsy

Neeta Arora is 5 years old child from UsA who was suffered cerebral palsy disorder during birth. She was mentally very sharp and alert, her main problem were inability of sit, stand, hold the neck and lack of speech.
Her father neurologist suggested stem cell therapy. They were in touch with the councilliors at stemcellcareindia over email and explained everything in details. We arrived in India on May 2016 for the therapy. Mesenchymal stem cell derived from cord tissue.
After 2 month of the therapy She is more alert mentally and now able to hold her neck and also able to speak clear.