Marley Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment.

Marley was analyzed with Ataxia in 2012 and he has been undergoing physiotherapy on a regular basis since then. Discontented with the outcomes, he investigated for a better treatment alternate for his case and found stem cell therapies in India quite effective. He decided to get the treatment via SCCI. Before treatment, his symptoms were poor balance, trouble in walking, an incapability to articulate her words and raise her voice and also decreasing muscle strength and energy. After a short stay in the hospital and a specialized all-inclusive treatment protocol, Marley was feeling back to his old self in such a small time span.

Loren came to India from UK for stem cell treatment for Ataxia

Just six months ago before undergoing adult stem cell therapy for ataxia via Stem Cell Care India, Loren was inept to stand or move around without restrictions and without any support. Moreover, she experienced loss of trunk control, speech impairments, double vision and eye control damage or nystagmus. Now, she is able to walk around self-reliantly without the need of assistance. Besides the progresses in walking and motor function, Loren has said that she has seen other advances in communication; swallowing, trunk control and her dual vision just 3 months post treatment.