Azhar Visited India for Getting Stem Cell Parkinson’s Disease Treatment

I am Azhar and some years ago, in 2001, I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. I began to notice tremors in my left hand and started to lose my pace and drag my left leg. Then, I was spotted with Parkinson’s disease at the age of 44. I had re-wedded one year earlier and was literarily caught in the middle of life. I was still a young man and often had to face strange responses from persons, who were not aware of my disease. I underwent a pallidotomy treatment almost a decade ago, which stopped the tremor in my right hand, but I lost my harmonization. I used to fall a lot before the pallidotomy, as I was tripping a lot. Despite this devastating diagnosis, I remained with a positive outlook all the time. Some 5-6 years back, I started being miserable and my right hand also started to have tremors. I got exhausted of taking so much medicine. By then, we began to research the internet about stem cell therapy and numerous clinics that are offering stem cells treatment in India. Only then, we came to know about the expertise of Stem Cell Care India.

I flew down to India and opted for stem cell treatment in this hospital. It was a rewarding experience. I had a smile on my face, had more expression, became chattier, and recovered my confidence. Prior to the treatment, I used to freeze often and was not able to move. After the stem cell treatment, I would no longer freeze. My handwriting has also improved. I felt much better after my stem cell therapy, my hopelessness improved and I just want to keep going now; like being unrestrained after having been tied down at length.

Mr. Thomas Jones from USA – Parkinson Patient Story

Mr. Thomas Jones 60 years old suffering from Parkinson Disease was not able to walk properly, rather he walks a little distance and falls down. As time passes, his voice getting crumbling due to which other person was unable to understand him.

His voice was not clear. After few weeks he got a severe constipation, day by day he was having problem in his own work which should be done by him.
Then, he took stem cell therapy which proved to be beneficial for him. Now after few month, he don’t fall during walking, he started speaking some of the word clearly.  He is very Thankful for stem cell care India.

Phil Came to India for Treatment of Parkinson’s Disease

Just about 7-8 years ago, the neurologist at the hospital where I went for a regular annual checkup analyzed me with Parkinson’s. I could experience insomnia at night, well that added my sleeping time in the afternoon. I had a problem focusing my eyes as well as attention and I had often been sick and suffered from frequent headaches. I was prescribed some antibiotic medicines. I worked as an accountant at a private bank and to make certain that I could keep working; I was referred to another hospital for possible brain surgery. The doctors decided that was too hazardous and I was then prescribed another course of medicines. The side-effects of the medicines were mutable but increasing. Since I wanted to work for few more years with as few limitations as possible, I rifled for another alternative treatment options and that is how I found mesenchymal stem cell therapy.

I decided to visit India for undergoing this therapy. I contacted the relationship manager of Stem Cell Care India, who was very prompt in response and extended a pleasant heartening reply to me. After a preliminary telephonic consultation, I flew down to the treatment centre with complete faith to undergo stem cells treatment. The treatment was in January this year, and I had been treated amazingly with very clear clarification and guidance about treatment that I was going through. My bone marrow and fat was gathered through local application of anesthesia and hence the procedure I found to be very controlled and organized. Initially, I was very cynical about the outcomes as well as adeptness of the treatment, however soon I could observe that there are some modifications in my body with the positive effects. My medicines have been more effective and I was able to walk, move and sleep better than before. My senses became more acute. At large, stem cells therapy can work miracles, if appropriate diet is being followed and appropriate exercising patterns are being executed.