Mr. Nadal Came to India for the Treatment of Chronic Obtrusive Pulmonary Disease

Mr. Nadal, 39 year old gentleman from South Africa had been struggling with Chronic Respiratory Failure and Central Sleep Apnea nearly his whole life. In his infancy, he felt he was just feeble when he was not able to partake in sports or do outdoor goings-on that boys his age would do, but hostile health episodes in initial 2000’s led to his analysis of Chronic Respiratory Failure. Doing any type of physically vigorous work was a challenge for Mr. Nadal and with time, his dependence on artificial oxygen grew to virtually 16+ hours a day. Incessant progression of the disease and finding no respite in his homeland forced him to do some exploration on alternative treatments available and that is when he read about stem cell therapy. Mr. Nadal and his wife did their investigation and finally zeroed in on Stem Cell Care India, a stem cell therapy clinic in India to get stem cell therapy done.

The couple reached Delhi and underwent a series of tests for his disorder at the StemCellCareIndia facilities. The attending surgeons clarified his condition to him and advocated him about stem cells which reinforced his conviction in the therapy. The surgeons got back to the drawing board with the patient and it was decided to use umbilical cord tissue derived Mesenchymal stem cells for his therapy. A total of 100 Million MSC’s were organized in the ultra-modern labs of the clinic and re-injected in the patient via IV and nebulization. The cells expectantly would focus on the lungs and begin the rejuvenation procedure of the lungs. The process was completed in one day and went without any adversarial effects for the patient. Mr. Nadal returned to SA 2 days after the process. He tells that since he got back from India, he has been feeling remarkable. Before coming for the treatment, he was on oxygen for 16+ hours a day now he is also able to monitor his oxygen levels during the day using the pulse oximeter that the surgeon prescribed. Virtually every day, I use the respiratory exerciser that he also recommended for the breathing exercises.

Mr. Patrick Came to India as His Dad was Suffering from COPD

My father lives in Brazil. He is retired now; however he was an engineer and was a businessperson in the export import trade market. He has thalassemia, a blood anemia and perhaps owing to it has developed the Pulmonary Hypertension. He perhaps has had it for several years, but it was only spotted in 2008. Before the stem cell treatment, my father could not even hike a couple of steps upstairs. Now, he can walk and has much more energy than before. His quality of life has upgraded considerably. Precisely, 3.5 months after the stem cell treatment, the compression of the right side of his heart dropped 22%, going from 73X20 mmHg to 57X15 mmHg, as measured by the ECG. This was an amazing improvement.

The Stem Cell Care India clinic is well fortified, the surgeons were very vigilant and professional and the staff did their best to make the patients fell at ease. I have been living in India for 6 years already and that made it much easier to support my father’s trip there. We exceedingly vouch for this treatment to other Pulmonary Hypertension patients, bearing in mind the significant improvement that he presented. His medical examinations are much better as well as his quality of life. We will be happy to exchange emails or phone calls with other patients. Others have done that for us and speaking to them assisted us to decide to get the stem cell treatment.