Ruksan from Pakistan Came to India to Cure Her Hair Loss Issues with Stem Cells

Mrs. Ruksan Sheikh, a 51-year-old, professional lecturer underwent stem cell treatment for hair loss using mesenchymal cells in India at Stem Cell Care India under the guidance of experienced and focused doctors on 5th June 2017. After receiving stem cells injected into the bald patches of her head, there were incredible perceptible improvements that were noticed by her and also by the people around her. After the treatment, she manages to recoup her self-confidence back! She is quite amazed with overall investigational techniques and at the end of the day is thankful for her decision to proceed with stem cells treatment to say by-bye to her hair loss issues for life.

The entire journey of her hair loss began with unexpected thinning of her valuable hair and ended up in meeting the specialized team of Stem Cell Care India. She feels very obliged to them for the assistance in recuperating her confidence back and refurbishing her gorgeous looks! While this was a lengthy, problematic and challenging period she had to go through; she is immensely thankful about their honest opinions during numerous phases of insecurity, fear, pain and untimely victory as well as happiness. She now expresses that she is totally agreeing that her decision was money well spent, as it was impacting her day to day life. Initially, she was very frightened about the procedure, but since she had committed and was determined to solve her problems related to hair loss; she didn’t turn back. While she was informed about minor pain and discomfort, she was ready for the same. However, the condition changed slowly and steadily, she started feeling better; although Ruksan had decided not to draw any conclusions in the midway, and she was being very calm, patient and optimistic throughout the period. Ruksan began to see positive modifications, within just some weeks after her stem cell treatment process! She still believes she is not finished seeing the final optimistic results though; she contemplates this procedure to be a success; and would certainly vouch for the same to others!

Jacob Flew Down to India for Treating His Hair Loss Concerns

I, Jacob Sally, was suffering from Alopecia Areata since 6-7 years. I was experiencing a sunken self-confidence because of bald head and also felt shame and humiliation in going for parties where there are lots of people around. I desperately desired to reinstate his frontal hairline back. In a very young age, he had lost majority of his hair from frontal and crown region of his scalp. Like many of the individuals, my strange hair loss was a cause of social embarrassment to me all the time.

In the initial phase, I tried to be my own doctor! I tried quite a lot of shampoos, supplements and alternative treatment alternatives of camouflage, which eventually made me unhappy with the upsurge in hair loss; this forced me to come to Stem Cell Care India and opt for the hair restoration with the application of mesenchymal stem cells. My friends would always poke fun at my landing strips on my frontal hair lines misreading my age. However, within just 3 months after my treatment in India, I have reclaimed some of the most astonishing outcomes. I think it worked for me, I am not finding any flaking of hair and feeling it fuller. It is not only me even individuals around me have noticed that! Thank you team Stem Cell Care India for such an incredible work.