Mondal Came To India From Nepal To Treat Osteopenia Via Stem Cells

I am Mondal, 44 years of age. I want to thank the team of SCCI. The entire staff is wonderful! Early this year, I was detected with Osteopenia and thought I it would not get better soon. However after referring with the crew of SCCI, they informed me that I was a good contender for stem cell therapy. I went through the process and went from hardly being able to walk with supports to walking contentedly and routinely within three weeks! I was back at work rapidly and just got back on the usual track of life recently.

Kelly Received Stem Cell Treatment In India For Osteopenia

I was suffering from Osteopenia from past 8 years. I went to India and received stem cell treatment to treat condition. Best decision I have ever made is to contact SCCI. Before stem cell treatment, I spent every single night crying in discomfort. I felt miserable for several years. I was planning my own demise before I reached 30 years of age. I am only 33 years old. Now, I was a given a new life because stem cells. Everybody around me knows that I am having better health condition now. It has been 3 months since treatment and I want to thank the team of SCCI.