Jamila from Pakistan Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Wounds

Jamila from Pakistan had a very peculiar problem in which she suffered from wounds frequently on different parts of her body. After an elongated research and communications with the crew of Stem Cell Care India, she decided to travel to India for her treatment at Stem Cell Care India and underwent Stem Cell Therapy for wounds. As we all know that the stem cells can be segregated into any kind of human body cells and after the transplantation, they multiply in the human hosting body and substitute the impaired body cells with new fresh healthy cells resulting in replenishing the impaired ones. 4 months after the stem cell treatment, Jamila’s condition was improved a lot. She wants to thank the doctors of SCCI for ytreati9ng her so well.

Linda From America Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Wounds

Linda is a 45 year-old American who suffered from wounds on her body and had been searching in vain for prospective medical treatment options. She have had wounds problem for around 2.5 years now. She found out about Stem Cell Care India and went for the stem cell treatment in October 2017 here. She feels great now after the treatment. The stem cell process was a walk in the park equated to other wound healing treatment that went futile on her. She was in and out in only a matter of few hours. She felt a little bit uncomfortable subsequently but nothing excruciating. Her wound healing capacity on the second day was 1000% better than the first day.

Mark Came to India for Stem Cell Wound Treatment

While folks might often hear about stem cell therapy for things such as blood cancers and autoimmune illnesses, stem cells can also play a role in wound healing. Senior citizens with cutaneous injuries might witness a slower development in the restoration of their wound​s because of abridged skin elasticity, slower collagen replacement and age-related ailments, particularly those that affect blood flow. This is what Mark was suffering from.

Consequently, doctors often search for techniques to accelerate the healing process and stem cell therapy certainly did the magic for Mark. These organisms kindle the formation of blood vessels and naturally fine-tune the amount of inflammation, as per a study. While studies these days cites the need for supplementary research into the identification and separation of the most therapeutic cells, as well as an effective delivery method for cell defense for this specific purpose, the outcomes of this analysis by Stem Cell Care India in case of Mark show promise. Doctors at StemCellCareIndia discuss stem cell therapy with patients only if it is a feasible treatment for the specific wound. If this is deemed to be the correct course of action, doctors clarify the process and its prospective risks and benefits. Medical specialists, no matter what kind of treatment they suggest, deliberates a senior’s nutritional status, support system, religious and ethical principles and psychological evaluation in their concluding decisions. Asking for the patient’s contribution and level of comfort with certain therapies is also a strong recommendation, as individuals might have many queries relating to their options for wound care.

Ryan Came to India for Wound Healing Stem Cell Treatment

It was just by chance that Ryan learned about Stem Cell Care India. He had been suffering a diabetic ulcer on the bottom heel of his left foot for six months and the treatment he had been getting had not been curative for the wound. Physicians suggested amputating Ryan’s foot. He jumped at the chance to have a discussion with doctors at Stem Cell Care India. There, the doctors saw that he suffered from osteomyelitis, a septicity of the bone that developed from the foot ulcer.  They suggested immediate surgery to confiscate the infected part of his bone, massive antibiotics to treat the infection, followed by stem cell therapy.  They introduced stem cell treatment for Ryan, which they implemented at the clinic. These specific stem cells, called the mesenchymal stem cell (MSC), have been found to upsurge wound healing, when applied together with a biomaterial made from collagen, and implanted into the wound. In addition to the stem cell treatment, nurses at the clinic cleaned Ryan’s wound and dressed and wrapped it for optimal healing.

The clinic has made huge difference in my treatment,” said Ryan. “The wound has histrionically improved. Thanks to StemCellCareIndia and the staff at the clinic, I am positive my foot can be saved.” When Ryan’s foot completely heals, he will use a specially ordered pair of shoes that will support his foot in a way that will not aggravate the former injured region.  He also will continue to see the doctor for regular foot check-ups.