Katie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment Of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia

Katie is a 4 year old kid and she traveled to India with her parents so as to get stem cell treatment for optic nerve hypoplasia. Katie was first treated with stem cells in April of 2018 via SCCI. After her first treatment she started to see light and distinguish colors. With both eyes, she was also able to read and identify the colors of a green sign some 30 feet away. These improvements are not the first for Katie, and the family is undoubtedly hoping they are not the last.

Belli Came To India For The Treatment Of Optic Nerve Hypoplasia Via Stem Cells

Belli lost her sight in a matter of weeks in 2014 because of a severe case of optic neuritis – inflammation of an optic nerve that causes gradually blurry vision as the nerve could no longer interconnect with the brain. Until recently, dark shadows were the solitary thing she could make out, and she used a stick and numerous technological devices to help her move around. After undergoing stem cell therapy at SCCI, in which stem cells extracted from bone marrow in her hip were injected into a diverse area in each eye, she progressively recuperated some of her sight. She can now read menus and street signs, get around without her stick, and have seen her husband’s face for the first time in 4 years.