Justin from Ireland Came India for Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy

Hello, I am Justin, 42 years from Ireland. I came to India for stem cell therapy for muscular dystrophy. One day, I observed having trouble in breathing and also began experiencing feebleness in my facial muscles affecting my communication. I also began feeling feebleness in my arms and legs. After visiting my local hospital, my physician urged me to go through lab tests and afterward I was detected with muscular dystrophy. My physician told me to go through stem cell treatment. But the hefty expenditures incurred for this treatment made me search for an economical treatment. I explored several websites of a medical group in Singapore, Thailand, India, etc. offering economical stem cell treatment. Inept to take the final decision, one of my friends suggested SCCI in India as his family member had visited India and had a brilliant experience with the excellence of service and attention while undergoing treatment in India. Once I arrived in India, The hospital staff was quite welcoming, caring and kindhearted. I underwent the stem cell treatment that was very successful. It has been a wonderful experience getting my treatment done via SCCI.

Pascal Joackim Came to India from Tanzania for Motor Neuron Disorder

Hi, I am Pascal Joackim and I came to Delhi from Tanzania. I am a doctor by profession. From the last 4-5 months, I was encountering symptoms of Motor Neuron Disorder. I was experiencing some very marked symptoms such as loss of balance, learning weakness, dragging of my limbs and sometimes I used to fall because of loss of balance. Also, I at times faced difficulty in reading and writing, particularly with my right hand. I used to play a lot before but after I experienced these symptoms, I could play anymore. I went to seek medical help in my own nation and there I was detected with motor neuron disease. The doctors there suggested me to come here to India for diagnosis confirmation and to seek any possible treatment for this. I came to Delhi as I have heard a lot about stem cell treatment and decided to undergo it. I referred the internet and got in touch with Stem Cell Care India. I explained all my symptoms and previous reports to the doctor. The staff explained all the process to me clearly. My treatment started soon with stem cells. The doctors are really nice and very knowledgeable. There was a new hope in me that I will get better soon. I was admitted to a very comfortable place in the hospital. After I got my treatment, I felt quite better than before. Thanks Team!

Seema Kumari Saini Came to Delhi from Jaipur, Rajasthan for Muscular Dystrophy Treatment

Hi, my name is Seema Kumari Saini. I came to Delhi from Jaipur, Rajasthan. I was suffering from muscular dystrophy since past 10-15 years. Initially, I was living a normal life without any impediments. However, as the time and years passed by, I started experiencing weakness and trouble in carrying out normal day-to-day activities. After the diagnosis, I came to know that I am suffering from muscular dystrophy. To treat this problem, I underwent every type of treatment i.e. Allopathy, Ayurvedic, etc. but nothing soothed my pain and suffering. These treatments gave me a relief of 1-2 months but again the disease starts showing its repercussions. Then we researched about stem cell treatment and got to know about Stem Cell Care India. After gathering all the information, we came to Delhi and SCCI’s team conducted some major tests of mine. Once the doctors got to know that my reports are normal, they started with my stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy. The stem cells injections were given to my on the spots where my muscles were very weak. After the injections, I am feeling very positive and relief. My treatment is still going to take 2-3 months more. The doctors here gave me a lot of hope and optimism that I can be in the best of my health very soon. My husband is also a great support to me. I am noticing a lot of improvement in my movement in fingers, thighs, feet, etc. I am satisfied with the treatment. Thanks Team!

Bent Mark from California Came India for Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy

I am Bent Mark from California and I was a victim of muscular dystrophy from past 5 years. I decided to opt for stem cell treatment via SCCI in India. Once I arrived here, the executive of SCCI sounded pretty welcoming and asked me to send my medical reports. He clarified to me about the whole process and what I should anticipate with this treatment. I also communicated with the doctor who clarified to me that the stem cell treatment targets to regenerate the impaired and missing muscles and help avert further complications. After conversing it with my family, I decided to fly opt for this treatment. After I underwent the treatment, I found that I am recovering fast. I am awestruck with the high-quality facilities and care I got here and would recommend you to anybody wanting an economical treatment in India.

Maik Froster from Sweden Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Muscular Atrophy

I am Maik Froster from Sweden. I was suffering from Muscular Atrophy problems in my arms from some years. This was making my life miserable and very tough. In an attempt to help me out, my wife started searching for some reliable treatment option for my problem. After some exploration, she found out about the stem cell treatment. Since this treatment was quite expensive in other nations, we got to know that there are many hospitals in India that offer affordable stem cell treatment for muscular atrophy. We chose StemCellCareIndia for getting the treatment. I felt really comfortable here with the staff. After the treatment, my problem has started healing and I am hoping that with time, it will get better. The staff and personnel of StemCellCareIndia are very kind and they communicate each and every detail of the treatment in a good way. After I woke up after the anesthesia during the treatment, they consoled me and told me everything is fine and made me relax and calm down. I totally adore the team of Stem Cell Care India and also the facilities here are very up to the mark.

Spike from US came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for muscular Dystrophy

Spike was indeed a challenging case as he had fibrosis tumors all over spine and body. Consequently, his spine was very feeble and an ambition of BM was a difficult task to achieve. Before coming for stem cell treatment in India, Spike was hastily losing muscle strength and instead was met with muscle pain. Luckily in 2014, a family friend mentioned about Stem Cell Care India that offers stem cell treatment for muscular dystrophy and other present incurable conditions. In Spike’s mother’s words, “We thought it was the ray of hope that we all desired. It was a hope for improvement, as until then there was no other substitute.” While there was apprehension over the experimental nature of the treatment, the optimisms that the condition would alleviate and stop moving ahead were greater. Their first treatment was in 2014 and after the flight to India; they found that after the first some days of familiarizing to the time difference, food, and culture, it was a very comfy and enjoyable stay with the hospital staff being very hospitable, amenable and helpful.

The family noted that the first improvements came after just one month after treatment and has gone even beyond their anticipations. The principal surprise was the improvement in Spike’s musculature or muscular definition, which is a rare improvement for muscular dystrophy patients, particularly when relying on traditional treatment approaches alone. Spike and his family would like to thank you for all the support they have had from hospital staff, everybody and they want to tell these folks that they are the best. The individuals who will come here for treatment will have all the support desirable to continue fighting and win. With the grace of God and everyone, we will always win.

Michael from Brazil Came to India for Getting Cured of Muscular Dystrophy

In April 2017, Michael underwent a comprehensive stem cell treatment for his muscular dystrophy, an ailment which has critically obstructed his quality of life since he was 12 he fell down and broke his leg while playing with friends. When he was 12, we went to play with friends and when Michael went to the toilet, he fell down and broke his leg. From then, he began to use the chair. His arms started to become weaker, had less power to pick things up, nurse himself, drink water and he had to start using a computer to write, since he couldn’t keep up with the schoolings and he had lots of struggle getting around.

Each year, it became more challenging for him to do his activities. In Brazil, there is no stem cell treatment, and his father, thinking of Michael’s welfare and getting better, brought him to India. As a result, He booked his treatment at Stem Cell Care India hospital. And to everybody’s surprise, Michael has had improvements with the power of his upper limb muscles, enhancements with his trunk, his balance and his self-confidence has improved enormously. He used to feel immense muscle pain, pain that, after the treatment, his family member don’t see any longer. During this year’s treatment, they have already noticed some improvements. He used to feel pain in his ribs and now this has alleviated and his father believes that after roughly six months, he will get more improvements with his muscles, more command in his hands and arms, to keep on doing everything that he has been able to do here, like being able to lock his wheelchair and other things that he was not able to do before and everybody hopes that he keeps improving. It is easy to see that Michael is happier and bubblier now.

Pakistani patient came to india for stem cell treatment for Muscular Dystrophy

I am Hyatt Khan Pakistan, contacted to stem cell care India team for muscular dystrophy after searching online about stem cell therapy. Management provide me all the detail in within 24 hours related to my treatment. We came in India in matters of 25 days because of the support of SCCI. They helped to get the visa to visit in India for my condition and SCCI staffed pick up me from Airport and Doctors was well educated and finally after the therapy i am doing most of my work without any support. I can do it my all work independently due to only SCCI efforts. Thanks and best wishes for your all organization.

Dileep Rana Stem Cell Therapy for Muscular Dystrophy

Dileep Rana was from Punjab suffering from muscular dystrophy it was very challenging case for the doctor. His spine was very week but due to stem cell therapy derived from mesenchymal stem cell cell which is safest and no adverse effect Doctor could help in this case. Now this patient is far better than 6 month back when he contacted to stem cell care India team for the treatment. Our parameter of stem cell therapy includes the quality and quantity of stem cell with various methods. We check the cells quality with different Positive and Negative CD Marker and for Mesenchymal stem cell.