Cathy Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment to Look Fit

Cathy, 53 years, came to India for stem cell treatment to look fit. She felt that this treatment gives excellent outcomes, is pain-free and there is no risk. These are the words that she would like to use to set forth her experience at Stem Cell Care India. She contacted SCCI team last October and one of the patient managers took her medical details about the treatment and after discoursing it with their crew of medical specialists, he contacted Cathy back and clarified her in details about the process and the treatment procedure accompanied by the costing and other essential particulars about the stem cell therapy and its consequence on the fitness process. They also shared their treated patient’s victory stories and case studies with Cathy which enhanced her confidence in getting the treatment at Stem Cell Care India. Her strength, her lifestyle and health have transformed expressively. She owes the outcomes and success of her stem cell therapy to look fit to the medical specialists and the whole crew of SCCI, India.

Mathew from Zurich Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment to Look Fit

I am Mathew from Zurich. I used to spend over 1000 – 1200 pounds once-a-month on anti-aging and fitness supplements and creams and numerous skin products and sundry massage therapies; however, I got no positive upshots out of it. Now as those days are past, expending a only a few amount of money on stem cell therapy once at Stem Cell Care India has already saved me heaps of money. The effect of the therapy on my emotional and mental state, stress, energy level and bodily wellbeing, is outstanding and even truthfully great. I am still getting the advantages out of the therapy and experiencing the enhancements in my body. Currently, I look and feel fresher and younger. I have an enormous amount of energy for work and other physical goings-on in everyday routine life. Thanks SCCI!

Henry Came to India for Looking Fit Again via Stem Cell Treatment

I was diagnosed with rheumatism several years ago and more than 17 years ago, my right ankle had to be bonded surgically. Since then, I have had an ulcerated ankle with severe pain. Throughout these years, 6 bone splitters broke out of the affected leg; the bone splitters poked excruciatingly into the ulcerous tissue and my foot was continuously swollen. No tangible diagnosis was ever made, it was attributed on my rheumatism and I was just given stronger painkillers and had to wear orthopedic boots, because the distorted ankle since and I walk on a tendon. My suffering can barely be described and the pain that I had to endure, regardless of the potent painkillers robbed me of any hopefulness. The leg was ulcerated up to the knee by this time. I could no longer ride a bike or drive. The hospital work that I had taken up after the death of my wife, which was very imperative to me, became progressively more challenging until finally I had to give it up totally. I could no longer partake in normal life, sat around feebly in my wheelchair, and just kept falling asleep, sedated from morphine and other medicine. Then, we heard about stem cell treatment. It sounded too good to be true, but it was our last optimism and there were no other alternatives. My liver and kidneys would not be able to handle the medicine much longer and my leg was close to bursting open. Today, we view it as a sign from God.

After this treatment, today, I am again involved in the hospital work that has given me so much power for over 13 years. I can drive and ride a bike again and I take my grandchildren to the park and can walk for hours. I need some light pain medicine only if I have been on my feet for more than 3-4 hours. My quality of life has improved enormously and I am relishing life again.

Angela Came to India for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia to Look Fit

Ms. Angela, a 35 years young female patient from Sweden contacted StemCellCareIndia for diagnoses and treatment for her ailment Fibromyalgia to look fit again. The doctors here analyzed her condition comprehensively and recommended that the reason of fibromyalgia might be multifactorial, and mechanical complications of the Central Nervous system or spine are presented as an element in producing fibromyalgia syndrome in this patient. This female patient from Sweden suffered from chronic extensive musculoskeletal pain which was reported in all four quadrants of the body as well as the lower back with the incidence of multiple myofascial tender points. It had been present for four years and in specific for at least one year. The pain was termed as continuous and dull, normally coming from the muscles and at times it was intense burning. It was quite often shoddier in the morning and muscle groups that are used repeatedly might have hurt more. The pain augmented with physical activity, cold or damp weather, nervousness and tension. She often woke up exhausted, even though she seemed to get abundant sleep. Besides that, she grumbled of chronic drowsiness, morning rigidity, sleep problems, serious headaches, constipation, numbness in the hands and feet, unhappiness and apprehension. The quality of life and diverse stages of psychosocial functions worsened owing to the symptoms. These made her doubtful about the bodily health.

Then, she planned to undergo stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India. Within a month post-treatment, she felt much better. She felt fresh after sleep and radically increased productivity of her work and the 50 % respite from chronic pain, headache and better quality of life. She herself wrote about her improvements to the clinic in 3 months post treatment.