Jacob was Suffering from Erectile Dysfunction, Came to India for a Treatment

Jacob, a resident of Norway, was suffering from the issue of erectile dysfunction and had to face a lot of embarrassment in front of his wife. His confidence level was also going down day by day. He had tried several medicines and solutions but all went in vain. Then, he planned to opt for stem cell treatment. In first-phase treatment sessions, he was able to have sex six months after the one-time treatment, without recourse to medications or penile implants. The optimistic outcome showed no signs of flagging during a succeeding year-long monitoring period. That is much better than taking a capsule every time you want to have intercourse. The outcomes were promising enough to satisfy the patient that he has been cured. To carry out the procedure, doctors at Stem Cell Care India removed fat cells from a patient’s belly via liposuction. The cells go through a brief treatment and arise as all-purpose stem cells, meaning they can transmute into almost any specialized cell in the body. The stem cells are then inoculated with a syringe into the penis, where they extemporaneously start to change in to nerve and muscle cells, as well as the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. The patient was under general anesthesia while all of this happened and Jacob got discharged from hospital the same day.

Jacob is very grateful to the clinic and feels that it has state-to-the art technologies and admirable human resource to lawfully apply stem cell therapies. Their goal is to offer the patients all the opportunities available to address their particular health needs so as to improve their quality of life.

Ali Came to India for the Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Ali was suffering from erectile dysfunction.  He underwent prostate surgery 3 years ago buy that was of no help. After the surgery, he planned to undergo stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India and was able to have intercourse again after undergoing a stem cell therapy using cells taken from his own abdomen. Six months after undergoing a one-time stem cell treatment, he was very happy and was able to have sex without the use of other medications or implants. Doctors used liposuction to collect fat from the patient’s abdomen, from which stem cells were taken out and then injected into the patient’s penis. The doctors at the clinic do not cultivate the cells or change them in any way.

The process was implemented under general anesthesia and Ali was discharged the same day. Once inoculated, the stem cells started to change into muscle and nerve cells, as well as the endothelial cells that line blood vessels. Within six months, Ali reported that he had recovered satisfactory erectile function to accomplish penetrative sex. There weren’t any substantial side effects. Stem cell treatment can cure erectile and has given Ali a new life of sexual pleasure and confidence. He had until that time seen no effect from old-style medical treatment and continued to have good erectile function after 12 months follow-up, signifying that this might be a long-standing solution. Six months after treatment, He had regained adequate erectile function to accomplish penetrative sexual activity. This improvement has been retained for one year, specifying that this treatment might yield long-term benefits. This method promises to be a long-standing solution for patients suffering from erectile dysfunction, who have not seen advantageous effects of old-style medication, such as PDE5 inhibitors (Viagra and Cialis), injections or penile implants.