Mrs. Jalluce from Japan Came Stem Cell Treatment of Brain Injury

My mother, Mrs. Jalluce from Japan was suffering from a traumatic brain injury. After several failed treatment attempts in our own nation, we decided to opt for stem cell treatment in India. At Stem Cell Care India, the crew not only offered stem cell therapy to my mother but also they provided physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and rehabilitation which enhanced the efficiency of the stem cells once they are administered into her. I am so contented with the help of the staff of SCCI and outcomes of the treatment provided by the whole team of SCCI, India that I have already vouched for their facility to my relatives and friends back in my home nation. The superlative part about them is that they offer first-rate superb stem cell treatment at a very cost-effective and low cost which can be even managed by the individual dealing with financial crisis. I really want to thank the whole team of treating my mother.

Messi Maukuko from Mauritius Came India for Stem Cell Treatment of Brain Injury

I am Messi Maukuko from Mauritius. I am 59 years old. I was detected with a brain tumor some time back. The tumor was 2.7 mm in size. I was recommended to get the tumor excision surgery done. I underwent that surgery in my country. However, it wasn’t much successful and I had to face harsh side-effects of the surgery. After this, I planned to opt for any alternate route. I had heard that the tumor can be resolved without any surgery with the help of stem cell treatment. Therefore, I decided to visit India for my treatment as I explored the net that here, the treatments are given with cutting-edge technology and reasonable prices. I contacted SCCI for this. After the treatment, I am very happy with the results. My condition improved a lot and my tumor is also removed completely now.

Miss Oluwatomiwa Ruth Akinniran I Nigeria I Developmental Delay, Treated by Stem cell Therapy

Hi, this is my niece Ms. Oluwatomiwa Ruth Akinniran from Nigeria. She has continuous fever and was unable to walk, eat and do regular activities. She was also unable to use her hands and her voice was also not much strong. She was not able to hear well and had to use a hearing aid device all the time. All this was a part of developmental delay. In order to treat all these issues that she was experiencing, we had tried a lot of options, but all went in vain. After this, we decided to opt for stem cell therapy in a hope that it might benefit her. We went online and after a vast research about stem cell therapy in India, we contacted Dr. Shahid and he gave us the assurance that my niece will get good treatment at is center. We then planned to go to Ghaziabad for the treatment and ever since we have arrived and met at the airport by the hospital manager, we were well seated and were well settled in the hotel. The treatment started immediately. This really impressed me that the treatment started without any delay. I simply adored the way the staff is so welcoming and supportive. Cleanliness is best maintained at the hospital. My niece is very comfortable here. The food was also very good. We had a very pleasant experience. With the treatment, we are hopeful that she gets well soon. Immediately after the stem cell fusion, she was immediately taken to a physiotherapist for healing. I am very satisfied with the treatment.

Peter Came to India for Brain Injury Treatment

Peter met with a bike accident on August 2nd, 2013, he was in coma and the CT showed he had a diffuse axonal injury, his right anterior bone and bilateral orbital floor fractured. The doctors cut into the trachea via the neck to save him. He got a nasal feeding tube and a subdural effusion’s suction. He woke up after 7 months, but he was insensible, he was not able to move his arms or legs, he also had rigidity. His relatives assisted him do rehabilitation activities repeatedly. He had the nasogastric feeding tube taken out 9 months later and was put on a semi-liquid diet. He had epileptic seizures and when they ensued, he would spread all four limbs, his head would jiggle and turn to one side, and his lower jaw would tremble too. The doctor analyzed him with epilepsy and prescribed Levetiracetam and Clonazepam to control the seizures 10 months year ago. He came to Stem Cell Care India and had stem cells treatment 6 months ago, after the treatment; his breathing was better and had less nystagmus. At times, he had it when he slept. The muscle tension was lower than before; he can now close his mouth. He took pills on a regular basis after he was discharged. The muscle tension was lower, the epileptic seizures stopped. He replied to stimulus (he could turn his upper limbs in front of his chest).He was able to chew the food. He desired a better life, so he came to this clinic again and he was analyzed with sequela of brain injury.

Peter was diagnosed with sequela of brain injury. He got 3 neural stem cell injections and 3 mesenchymal stem cell injections to overhaul his impaired nerves, nurture the neurons, stimulate the new cells in his body and improve his blood circulation. He also had physical rehabilitation drill. After 16 days of treatment, the degree of consciousness was higher than normal. The muscle tension was lower than before; the left knee had a reflexive rejoinder.

Katy Went Stem Cell Treatment for Brain Injury

Katy was born at her mother’s 27 weeks pregnancy. The weight was 1.56Kg at birth time. She stayed in incubator for numerous days. The breathing, heart rate and sucking touched normal level. The patient suffered from lung infection when she was 3 months old. She had the entire body turn purple and experienced breathing trouble. Her breathing and heartbeat stopped for 7 minutes. After cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the breathing and heart rate was reinstated to normal. After 15 weeks of treatment, her mother found out that the movement of Katy’s limb was different with other. There was no vigorous movement. The patient got MRI of head and it displayed the brain injury. She was spotted with cerebral palsy. She took Baclofen for 4 months. The gaits were atypical when the patient turns over, sit, stand or walk. The cerebral development was lagging behind unlike a normal baby.  The understanding was normal. The vocabulary was less, but she still could express her wish. From beginning of disease, the diet was normal. The sleep was usual. The defecation and urine routine were normal too.

After admission at Stem Cell Care India, Katy received pertinent examinations. The patient received treatment for nerve regeneration and to stimulate stem cells in vivo. The patient received treatment to improve the blood circulation so as to upsurge the blood supply to the impaired nerves and also to nurture the neurons. She also received treatment to improve her immunity. This was pooled with rehabilitation training. The muscle tone of both lower limbs has abridged to normal level. The internal spin of toes and slight tiptoe condition has been assuaged. The flexion of knees has been relieved. Both lower limbs can be stretched improvingly. Left knee joint can be flattened totally. Right knee can be straightened with slight help. The patient’s condition has upgraded.