JD Evains from USA Came to India for Stem Cell Treatment for Ankylosing Spondylitis

Hi, I am JD Evains from USA and I came to India for ankylosing spondylitis stem cell treatment. I am an oil and gas engineer. I was suffering from this ailment since quite some time i.e. about from 10 years. Basically, my hips and mid back was most affected and sometimes knees as well. I was getting very dejected. I also had some neck issues. I then decided to opt for stem cell treatment for my concerns. I opted for Stem Cell Care India in Delhi. After the treatment, I was quite happy and experienced a lot of relief from my pain. My joints, which earlier used to be quite painful, are now normal. The staff at this hospital is also very friendly and supportive. They didn’t let me feel that I am from a different country. I am thankful to Stem Cell Care India for such a positive dealing.

Mr. Abdul Came to India for the Treatment of Ankylosing Spondylitis

Mr. Abdul was suffering from acute ankylosing-spondylitis since past 12 years. Aching joints, constrained movements and stiffness in the body were his way of life. For your information, Mr. Abdul doesn’t have any family history of joint sicknesses. His symptoms began with abrupt onset of the back pain, which went on to be severe with the entire body aches, up to the range that he could barely walk or if he could, he began walking like an old man. Although the preliminary X-ray analysis showed nothing, might be because essentially it takes numerous years to exhibit changes related with the spine. Subsequently, he had to visit rheumatologists, who confirmed after almost 3 years that he is suffering from AS. His treatment routine involved diet plan, some oral medicines and constrained sports activities. However, as per Mr. Abdul’s observation, the medications were just anti-inflammatory and turned out to be palliatives. Furthermore, these medications welcomed other side-effects such as inflammation, bloating, headaches, etc. As a result, with the evolution of time, the symptoms got worse with more tauten and sore back and other medical side-effects. Although Abdul was very reluctant to let this chronic disease take over him, and urgently wanted some new treatment or contemporary medicine, which will help him to regain the life again. With hordes of research and comprehensive understanding of stem cells, he opted to be treated with stem cells under the supervision of Stem Cell Care India’s team.

Ever since, Mr. Abdul underwent treatment, he experienced fabulous improvement in his complications. During follow-up and pain management program, he recognized that there is no longer any rigidity, the pain was pretty tolerable and he could ultimately get out of bed and also at times could go for some floor workouts. Mr. Abdul is very positive and is grateful to the team of the clinic for all the support and amenities.

Ms. Jane Came to India for the Treatment of Joints Pain

Ms. Jane is a 36 year old female, she was presented with inflammation and pain of the joints which she has suffered for more than 9 years, the symptoms became more intensified 1 year ago. She was spotted with Ankylosing Spondylitis. She had taken steroids and antipyretic and analgesic medicine and she tried numerous varieties of physiotherapy but had no outcomes. Within the past 1 year, with the development of the sickness, more joints were affected and she frequently suffered from giddiness, weakness, ankylosis of the cervical vertebra, the joints in her fingers had fusiformis deformity, inflammation of the wrists. Ms. Jane had a very poor appetite as she had taken so many medicines for such a long period. Her mental status is frail and she felt tenderness and swelling in her chest, discomfort in her back and shoulders, intermetacarpal joints, ankle joints, right elbow and knee joints. There is restraint to the movement in her joints. She had to wear trousers and quilted knee-highs even in the heat of summer. Her life is very excruciating. Then, she decided to opt for stem cell treatment at Stem Cell Care India.

After her admission, the doctors gave her Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs) implantations, 3 times, in conjunction with the treatment to improve her internal environment, fine-tune her immune system, speed up the stem cells differentiation, etc. After treatment, the inflammation in her fingers was assuaged impressively and the soreness and inflammation symptoms of the joints, accompanied by her morning rigidity disappeared totally. Other symptoms improved significantly also. Now, she can do everyday housework andlive her life ordinarily.After treatment, the pain in her neck and waist were also assuaged, her stiffness had improved greatly, her spine could move more adaptably than before. Now, the patient had given up alcohol already, her quality of life had amendeda lot.