Jamie Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Jamie was exhibiting visible signs of SMD since the year 2009 and he was lastly diagnosed spinal muscular dystrophy in 2011. Despite physical therapy and medicines he was not very contented with the outcomes he had accomplished so far. He decided to settle on stem cell therapy in India via SCCI. After the treatment, he experienced lots of heath improvement. Following these improvements, they decided to go ahead with another round of cell therapy for muscular dystrophy treatment in India in 2013 September.

Mr. Nelson Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Nelson, 29 year old, who had been living with Spinal Muscular Dystrophy for all his life, was determined not to let the ailment take a toll on him. He was only a mere 4 years old when he was inadvertently discovered to have marks of muscular dystrophy, during a routine health inspection when his father stated to the doctor about his trouble in getting up when sitting on the floor and his propensity to often fall while running. The doctor recommended a muscle biopsy and the outcomes sent a wave of misery in the heart of his parents when it confirmed the analysis of spinal muscular dystrophy. His father then decided to take him to India for stem cell therapy and contacted SCCI. It has been 2 sessions of the treatment now and Nelson and his father are quite happy with his improving condition.