Cathy From Brazil Got Treated From Skin Burns Via Stem Cell Therapy

Cathy, 29 years old, was having skin burns ho her body, mainly on her thighs. When she was a kid, she was playing near the fireplace in her home and accidently, she fell off and the scorching charcoal fell on her thighs. Since then, she had been living with those burn marks. To get rid of them, she decided to contact Stem Cell Care India for her treatment via stem cells. She is really happy as her condition improved after this treatment.

John Mathew From California Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment For Skin Burns

In July 2014, John Mathew was at a party when somebody poured gasoline on a bonfire he was standing near to. In such a hurry and panicky situation, chaos was there and a major part of John‘s chest skin and back skin got burned due to that chaos. He tried undergoing a lot of surgeries and treatments but everything went in vain. After this, he decided to visit India for treatment of his skin burns via SCCI. To his surprise, all his burns and mars were healed after 3 sittings of stem cell therapy. He is very happy with the team of SCCI.