Clitia Came To India For Stem Cell Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Clitia is a patient who came from Germany for stem cell therapy for Osteoporosis. After a month of stem cell treatment, she has already observed a significant improvement. She decided to opt for the services of Stem Cell Care India for undergoing stem cell therapy in India. Around a week later, her knee started to feel improved. And numerous weeks later, her pain was vanished. Clitia is cheerful with her outcomes and her experience having stem cell surgery in India. She feels like she has been given a new life.

Lisa Came To India From US For Stem Cell Treatment Of Osteoporosis

Lisa is a 64 year old lady who had stem cell therapy for his knees and shoulder. She is now 1 month after her treatment and reports a 90% improvement. She really wants to thank the team of Stem Cell Care India for treating her so well. The experts here explained her all the procedure of stem cell therapy well and cleared all her doubts. After the treatment, she expresses her heartfelt gratitude towards the entire staff of SCCI. She is really contended to have received her treatment here in India.