Nimisha got treated from major skin abrasions via stem cell therapy

Nimisha from Assam came to Delhi for the treatment of major skin abrasions via stem cell therapy. She is really impressed by the way the team of SCCI handled her case. I am essentially pain-free; it is like night and day now. I can’t believe it that I am being treated. I really appreciate the way the team of Stem Cell Care India showed professionalism and treated me so well. Thank you.

Alex Came To India From Portland To Get Stem Cell Treatment

I am Alex. My age is 28 years and I have been suffering from major skin abrasions. I have had chronic pain for perhaps 6 years now, perhaps a bit more.  It has been really horrible. Getting used to pain is certainly not at all fun. It has affected everything in my life.  I feel real pain when I walk upstairs.  Walking lengthy distances is also a bad news and I can’t ride bike for too long as well. Then I underwent stem cell therapy and I experienced a lot of improvement. Thanks Stem Cell Care India team.