Mr. Cath Mark Came To India For Liver Disease Stem Cell Treatment

Mr. Cath Mark is yet another sufferer of liver cirrhosis as he was a very regular drinker. He accepted the science of regenerative medicine and trusted Stem Cell Care India to offer him stem cells treatment. The patient has had sternly progressed liver cirrhosis, which was confirmed via a liver biopsy, after his discussion with gastroenterologist. The patient had gone through three sittings of stem cells infusion via SCCI and found radical improvement in his pathological reports; approving his retrieval. He is very thankful to the team of SCCI.

Mr. Ali From Oman Came To India For Liver Disease Stem Cell Treatment.

Mr. Ali from Oman, 58 years old was suffering with liver cirrhosis. He underwent stem cells treatment with SCCI; as per the recommendation of his relative. The patient visited India, all the way from his residence in Oman. His pathological reports were noticeably indicating very low levels of hemoglobin 10.8, platelets 22000 and Albumin 3; which promptly reflect the possibility of liver failure. However, within 8 months of his stem cells infusion sittings, he is noticed to be recovered very pleasantly. His platelet counts have been augmented to 44000 and his albumin count has also enhanced to 4.6; thus displaying worthy recovery.

Mr. Mark Came To India For The Treatment Of His Liver Disease At Our Stem Cell Therapy Centre In India

Mr. Mark had been very regular drinker from past some years occasioning in his liver getting initial signs of degeneration. His surgeons had told him that he is might have a possibility of developing Cirrhosis soon and could eventually culminate in requiring a liver transplant in the future some years. Mr. Mark decided that he wants to try the treatment of lover via stem cell therapy and contacted SCCI stem cell therapy centre in India for further assistance. When he reached here, he had gone through some tests and lastly underwent stem cell therapy. Although he was recommended autologous bone marrow and adipose tissue stem cell therapy, but as his platelet levels were not up to the mark, it was decided that he will get mesenchymal stem cells treatment. A suitable amount of cells was vaccinated via IV in Mr. Mark. The procedure was carried out in May 2018 and a 3 month follow-up in August 2018 exhibits that the major indicators of Total Billrubin have reduced in the patient and indicators such as SGPT and Phosphate are well within standard range post treatment. Mr. Mark is very thankful to the team of SCCI for assisting him so well in his course of treatment.

Ziaul Haque from Pakistan came in India for stem cell treatment of Liver Failure

I am the father of Ziaul Haque was only 15 years old. One day he told me about not feeling good and we went in the hospital in Karachi – Pakistan and Doctor advised us for health check-up, we were shocked the reports of his conditions due to liver failure. We got the treatment in Pakistan 1 month but due to not improvement in his condition we decided to come in India for the treatment. I have contacted to stem cell care India team to help my son for his condition.

Doctor advised me to come in India for the treatment and we decided to come in India in within 1 month we reached due to visa assistance by SCCI. Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy helped me and give my son new life. I am very happy to visit in India for the treatment especially for the Doctor who helped me a lot during the treatment.

Shane William from Zimbabwe came in India for stem cell treatment of Liver Cirrhosis

I am Shane William from Zimbabwe was very healthy person five year back but due to addicted of alcohol suffering from Liver Cirrhosis from last 3 month. I am not very rich man who can afford the Liver Transplant. I sent a post on stem cell care India page (facebook) regarding the stem cell therapy for my condition. I was shocked for instant reply from them and we have shared email id and got the entire details of stem cell therapy. They have done the treatment in the hospital at very low cost.

Thanks a lot the entire team of stem cell care India to help us to get the benefit of stem cell therapy. Wish you all the best